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  1. Cuyuga lake impress me every time i go there form 50 to 60 fish in the morning to lower numbers of high quality LL and bows . nice report and awesome pics .
  2. i would burn the right ratio the motor should have . the plug looks lose or the plug casket is bad . or the plug threads on the head are worn might need a neela coil
  3. good point my lead from the ball been 60 to 80 feet
  4. i don't think your not that far off base . i have been fishing west side from deans north and south 90 to 200 foot 35 to 70 down getting mix bag of fish . speed 2.4 to 3.2 . pink tuxedo cold uv a mi stinger spoon been doing the job well.. lakers like it too tho LOL. when i hit bait pods i work the hell out of them then move on to the next bait pod . speeding up and down when seeing marks making zig zag turns ... Good Luck
  5. sounds like drag to tight
  6. just don't use them . 50 lb fluorocarbon from dipsy to flasher
  7. think be the same in the morning . time to tip a few and sleep in
  8. i think that is awesome , sure i will be by to buy ......
  9. Screwy Louie's in Fair Haven is a scotty repair center 315 947 6348 they just might have a counter in stock .
  10. i set out about 10 feet so the dipsy starts to dig in and pull away from the boat . making sure the spin doctor and fly get pass the rigger .( my rods are 10 ft so it helps with the longer rod to pass the rigger) then i set the in the holder , as Sk8man said let out slow with the drag . the most important thing is the person at the helm keeps the lines straight behind the boat and don't make any turns while while deploying the dipsy
  11. weekend again ,,,looks a little bumpy for loc derby weekend .
  12. i ended up with 6 shorts LL and 1 keeper witch i cleaned it up , just can't say no to a LL meal. i too had trouble staying way from the lakers , had a lest 5, 6 hit at 2.6 to 2.8 all small 3 to 5 lb . had one hit on the 40 down rigger witch was the probe that read 57 degs over 150 fow . i will try to do better next time out . will try different waters been working the same side to long ...
  13. Les hope things are ok with med situation . i enjoyed sending pics of the fish and texting you on the lake . after last night going back and forth , i said i go cayuga and show you. LOL . i too ended up in the emergency room i came home and was doing chores and ended with a dislocated shoulder .. i am good to go again little sore but ok . (take more than a bad shoulder to keep me form king fishing ) so i would like to say thanks for the cable crimps sleeves . but it looks like you need them more than i
  14. hard to tell the best of best how to , i will have to show you
  15. zig zag