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  1. would that be east side of lake , deans was not bad Tuesday .
  2. do have a cooler to put all the fish in that you going to catch ?
  3. i just got done doing my boat with a 8 hose tohatus with a panther 10 inch bracket . i put a backing plate in too i used 12 x 12 x 1/4 aluminum plate. when i was on the water this weekend trying thing out . it was fine . ,, but when i hit the M FT button on the controls . that kicker motor dug in and pull hard on the trap . i say it drop an 1 1/2 inches down . when we took turns checking in out the movement was in the trap . it has to be pulling on the transom hard. i don't thing i be using the M F T button . my boat is a crestliner saber aluminum boat and i cant think how i could add more support than it is , making the transom thicker then the backing plate , sure not into that job
  4. Sampson is on seneca lake and the only upgrades they did to the marina is the maintenance man fix the leaking sink in the bathroom with duck tape . Drakwater pic speaks for it self hot fishing and high water . looks like 2 inches higher lake water and the dock will be under water .
  5. you too .. i also went to seneca to run the boat with the up new grades , then settled into fishing and did nothing ...
  6. i am doing the same on my end also . Les ( sk8man ) has very good point
  7. 3 way valve
  8. tohatus and mercury four stroke has the same engine . so you can use a mercury dealer to buy oil . synthetic blend S A E engine oil will work . I am starting out with 10 w 40 and switch to 25 w 40 when it warms up in my tohatus . the 8 hose tohatus doesn't have an oil filter another reason to change oil twice a year .
  9. seen in news sodus pt is filling sandbags and putting them along the shore line . and some thing about the new us / canada water levels .
  10. i have had the thermostat fail due to an over heat , i would replace the thermostat after you flush it .
  11. he must have had a set tournament pack from Gambler Rigs
  12. if don't mind waiting a bit you for the order to comes in , you can shop bay rats at wallmart on line and have free pick up .
  13. did you ck to see the gas tank vent is open ?
  14. nice job looks like good eating to me . think the cayuga over load will kick in now ?