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  1. if you like them that much by all means eat as much as you can still taste like shyt to me !!!!!!!!!
  2. they said the same thing about the finger lakes lake trout . maybe that is how lake Superior got it name ,the lake trout are the best tasting fish in the Great Lakes .
  3. Cayuga

    Cayuga 2/24 Back at deans cove for some more lake trout pounding . started fishing just outside the cones in 40 fow and soon started hitting small and LL and bows . we trolled east to the shoals we spent the last 3 times out . i was running Gamblers rigs micro frog behind a green pro troll on a dipsy rod out 160 ft of wire . lost count how many lakers this set up took . the other dipsy was set up with a spiny two face and Iron Duke uv wild child fly out 250 ft of wire . witch was also productive , but the micro rig did better . the seth green rigs with mi stinger spoons in goby and copper back , frog , uv pink . std barney , and white and green dot took LL and lake trout the lead cores on boards didn't do well for us at all, took 1 LL after several changes . the wind kick in and made it hard to stay on the shoals i wanted to stay on and after a while i trolled back to the west side to finish up a grate day of fishing . just before deans was in sight in around 200 fow the dipsy with the micro set up took a ripping hit before i could get the rod from the holder it was over , when i got the flasher back in the micro was gone ( BUMMER ) seems the over hand knot was not very well tied .. we took no pics today release all fish as soon as possible .. the west wind push the weeds pods off the fishing grounds and a sight bit of fleas showed up on the braid lines of the seth green rods ..
  4. the link said 1 to 3 ft building 2 to 4 ft and most likely be 2 to 4 to start . sunday didn't look any better
  5. i refer 1/4 aluminum backing if you use wood use a hardwood and fender washers
  6. i am disappointed too ,been trying for two weeks to go to Olcott . with high west winds looks like Cayuga lake .
  7. Cayuga

    and the fishing was ?
  8. i am with your wife , there isn't a good way to cook lake trout .. the maple syrup sounds good over fish like LL
  9. Cayuga

    along with the debris . wack a the kicker prop twice with short pieces of sticks .
  10. Oil

    shell rotella 15 w 40 diesel is good oil been using it for years now . you said that you are doing a new install of a motor . is it a crate motor new from mercury? if so might need brake in oil / or mercury oil to keep from voiding warranty .
  11. no put the track on top of the gunnel and the backing plate under the gunnel the bolts go threw the tracks and the backing pate then use lock nuts
  12. by looking at your pics i would remove the step in pad from the gunnel and get a set of tracks and used 1/4 inch aluminum plate . they make a step in pads that fit into the tracks . when not being used for the down riggers
  13. Cayuga

    i was on the north end Saturday no fleas , weeds were a pain.
  14. lol
  15. i agree first time buying a panther motor bracket . the one that came on my boat is wood mounting pad but only rated for a two stroke . i tried to find a new wood mounting pad on the web but all i would find is plastic .as i said above we change things up, working good now.