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  1. LOL peep peep , not really a fan
  2. my boat had points . every spring i put a new set points condenser and rotor to get it started for the season . if the boat sat any length of time back under cap to clean points to get it going again . I had enough with this crap i said put in the hot spark conversion kit in and haven't been under the distributor cap in 6 years now starts up after winter and starts easier then the point ever did . at the time i bought the hot spark kit it was like 50 bucks . save a bunch of time and headaches
  3. Canandaigua

    the incoming storm front got some guys a little intense these days les
  4. they been rebuilding them have to be close to being done.
  5. a good pre trip and post trip inspection goes a long way to catch hoses and belts lose this or that . do carry a tool bag to make small repairs on the water. as for parts extra fuel separator filter ,clamp or two roll of electrical tape , fuses . some down rigger parts . like the feeling of a kicker gives ya when heading out on the water for that just in case .
  6. i put an order in with Gambler last year the very next day it was in my mail box ,talk about fast
  7. under 21 foot boat , but always a good ideal any time
  8. LOL
  9. when FLT spoon came out i put in an order and received it with in a week . never ordered any more after hearing he was having trouble filling orders was glad i stayed a way . just got some hybrid lures they look amazing . the eyes are going to be killing his worm harness .
  10. with the low water levels i hope the bows get in and out with out getting beat up to bad .
  11. is your sonar / gps a internal antenna ? does it have good reception to pick up the satellites ? another thing it could be water conditions as the boat rocks back and forth the gps reads movement . just food for thought .
  12. x2( captain bungee look out he no steer so good )
  13. hell no , looking forward to the order on the way from you . i sent pro king an email once got no reply . will not buy a thing from them .
  14. last summer drought and the low snow pack keep the lakes low the canal system likes the lakes low for the spring floods. it depends on the spring rains now . the canal system can hold back water if they chose to do so