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  1. Who's ready??

    I knew that was coming Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Who's ready??

    would it be mean to say ready for spring fishing instead lol
  3. Muzzleloader question

    i have a TC omega i bought for the starter in line and i still using it . when i first starting shooting the gun i couldn't get no better than a 3 inch group . i was loading the gun with 100 grains of pyrodex and powerbelts cci 209 primers . i switch to 100 grains of triple 7 and hornagy sabots with the xtp bullets . the group got better but not where i wanted it to be . then for some reason i loaded it to max load 150 grains of triple 7 same round the gun became a tack driver . for years now that is what i load 150 grins of triple 7 and 250 gr hornady sst cci 209 primer . i like it so much that i hunt with gun all gun season . for hang fires i never had one . this is how i load the gun after a wet patch dry patch i use a bore butter patch with no breach plug in . clean breach plug so i can see light threw it . put some breach plug anti seize on it install . then a 150 grains of triple 7 and then put a little bore butter on the sst sabot . then seat the round not to crush the pellets ....
  4. Any idea what kinda minnow this is?

    was it found on the finger lakes , i'm thinking sculpin
  5. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    here in NY it's not required to wear orange and it should be . basic hunting safety course taught me to treat a gun as it always loaded to keep the muzzle pointed a safe direction at all times and to identify my target and beyond . these things keep me accident free for 42 years now THANK GOD . there was an accident shooting this year here in NY a lady was walking her dog on a trail and was shot and killed the hunter shot after sun set and now is up for manslaughter charges . he was so pump to take a deer he shot at movement after legal hours. what was the lady wearing i don't know . to many hunter don't follow the basic rules they were taught .
  6. 4 stroke kickers winterizing

    i had 2 stroke kicker a long time and last fall i bought a 8 hp tohatsu 4 stoke witch was seen running before i bought it of course . i put the motor on a stand hook up the ear muffs ran the motor to get it nice and warm . after warmed up i unplug the fuel line witch the gas was treated for storage . as the motor was running out of gas i sprayed engine fog threw the crab intake to it stop running .took of the muffs and took the plugs out and turn the kicker motor over for a couple minutes. sprayed engine fog in each cylinder turn over a bit and put new plugs in . change the engine oil and lower unit oil . covered it standing up right all was find came spring so did the same this year . i haven't done any thing with the thermostat in any of the kickers i have owned in 30 years for the winter storage . so i'm curious to see what a marine mechanic will say on this
  7. Cayuga 11/8

    i like the shakespeare tidewater roller tip rod. the braid ,wire dose n't fall off the roller tip my buddies penn rod falls between the roller and back plate a lot
  8. Bouncy out there

    sounds like an LOU all in thing
  9. When to put your boat in the water?

    Voltage regulator has been removed from my motor has an alternator now. As water being trapped in the bellows I lower the lower unit to its lowest position and I turn the motor over a few times that's all I've ever done how else can you get water out of the elbows Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. When to put your boat in the water?

    3.7 L ( 470 ) 1 plug in heat exchanger
  11. Dark water report 10/15.

    don't get a ride like that at Darien lake for 5 to 6 hours
  12. Salmon River Hatchery

    that was pretty cool mark
  13. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    The claim before the Sent from my XT1609 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    start time 6 am with over cast morning it will be dark . i launch at 6 am last weekend and was into fish be for i finish setting up set up time was 6 20 with work light on
  15. Cayuga Cayuga Lou All October 15th

    i looked also, saturday light winds . wind start around 12 am sunday 9 mph from s building to 20 mph ssw by noon . tv 3 weather said looking to be high wind warning with 50 mph winds . to bad we couldn't fish this event saturday ...