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  1. go to your local nissan / tohatus dealer the plug has a magnetic end to pickup metal chips from oil
  2. i have a 470 in my boat the moe always has antifreeze in it . i run the pink stuff threw the heat exchanger then drain it . i figured if any thing left it wouldn't freeze . after seeing paps jars and reading he had a cracked motor never again . i will run 50/50 green stuff threw the heat exchanger . thanks for the imfor pap sure was the hard way to find out the pink stuff is junk
  3. i remember the first time i made delivery to the nuke plant . i pulled down the road where i seen a guard shack and was meet with guys with assault rifles . i knew right away i wasn't to be at this entrance . so if those guy with machine guns came out and meet the fishermen inside the buoys i am sure you get the drift then .
  4. Seneca

    if governor Cuomo vows not to stop illegal immigration / travel ban . federal funds will be with held for New York State . the money is going to come from some place the first thing to go will be funding for recreation state parks across the state . We the people , yeah right .
  5. the prop shop in sodus point on fitzhugh st . i used to deliver his welding gases . he know his stuff .
  6. seems like a lot of coin to me . i see it don't have a tiller arm . so you could not use it on a row boat or if wanted to sell it would cut down the people who would want it . i bought a three old four stroke with 30 hrs on it for 1250 last fall .
  7. when not with your charter you can try pine grove in port ontario for shore fishing . i used to cast from bank for northern pike and bass . bass wont be in season so check to see if catch and release is ok
  8. p/m sent
  9. would like to see Atlanta win . lady ka ka will turn a great american game into political B S . sad !
  10. any one try them as table fare ? only caught them threw the ice on oneida lake and i consider them to a garbage fish . i called a them a ling , didn't know them as burbot fish .
  11. Lake Effect Snow Dealing with cabin fever and internet lure shopping is getting old to me . here in the finger lakes at my home we got one big dumping of snow. the first week of deer hunting 30 plus inches and haven't had much cents. the east end of ontario been getting hit again this week . lets hear your stories and if any pics to share would be interesting to read or see
  12. put a stator plate in your kicker .
  13. will need a boat and trailer title . or if not titled a transferable registration for each . that is for new york not sure what other states are . if never been titled with a state would think a bill of sale from dealer would work . would have to go to the dmv and see. fill the dvm forms ,pay the taxes and fees and your sell the boat and trailer sign the title and a bill of sale will work.
  14. i get the ran around form my wife every time i buy my ny fishing/ hunting lic. any time i buy ammo a lure and gas for the boat . i bring home deer / fish and its all ways the same thing . yeah that cost thousands of dollars .
  15. if you can't get a hold of him Amish Outfitters has them in 3 sizes under spoon pads and storage , two day ship .