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  1. Just a tip I have found I take a disposable heater (similar to hard warmers). They make them as body warmers with a sticky side, and I stick about 5 inches below my bellybutton on my underwear. You would be amazed how warm your feet stay if the blood is warmed up before it goes down your legs. I can stand in crotch deep water all day in winter with breathable waders
  2. Problem is they were never rated for heavy weights
  3. ...https://slickdeals.net/f/13505251-quick-dam-17-water-activated-flood-barrier-21-30-free-store-pickup?src=frontpage
  4. I'm still waiting on pics of lake Ontario charter pictures with 12+ steelhead as their creel It simply doesn't happen enough for this proposal to matter. It is simply lip service to trib guys
  5. I do not think this change will impact the steelhead population one bit.... show me a lake ontario charter with a 4 man limit of steelhead.... hardly if ever happens
  6. This is very informative. I was unaware the NYS Governor controlled lake Ontario levels
  7. I am missing one aspect. Do you basically start your troll, find desired depth and let it hit bottom and reel up a little and that's how much line you have out?
  8. Awesome job Pete, this is absolute top notch tutorial. I especially liked all the background. You have a real talent as an educator
  9. This is not to spread rumors and hear say but I read the entire incident involved a mishap with the anchor and anchor line
  10. Yes, they were covered or stored. There was a specific run of them that had this condensation issue that they resolved supposedly. Issue is you don't know how old new ones you are buying are
  11. I have had 2116's for 2 years and had to replace the electric counts that came stock with them. I had to replace them 3 weeks after install due to condensation build up in them. It is such a known issue that all I had to do was call Scotty and tell them and they sent me 2 free and I sent them the serial number of counters. My friend who is a regular charter has gone threw 12 on his 4 riggers in 5 years
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