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  1. Gambler Rigs and Hammerhead cowbells

    had to be a messy boat by end of day
  2. I sent a text and didn't get a reply
  3. Sure, thats happening a lot... the cortland story is not one of those
  4. maybe when it hits a little closer too home it will sink in oh wait
  5. I dont think you know who implemented that policy and who repealed it
  6. But I dont think it makes sense so you may need to explain what you are getting at
  7. what are you even talking about?
  8. Wishy washy politics like implementing a plan that said people who receive public disability for mental illness will be placed on the the gun registry? Too bad that was repealed
  9. I wonder what American citizens who were targeted in drone strikes think about that
  10. Trump says take the guns and worry about due process later
  11. HUGE news 2 cashiers at a national chain resign!!! Fox really stirring the pot on this one. Individuals under 21 can sell alcohol, guess they will rule out gas stations for their next career path
  12. What is on the back of the die hard with dots
  13. Walleye on Erie (from a kayak)

    Great footage!