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  1. 20-40 FOW right in front of the lighthouse in oZ
  2. bandrus1

    Cayuga fall fishing

    Fish were down 90 to 105 this weekend
  3. bandrus1

    Wanted Islander

    I have an 87 sea nymph... Bulletproof hull. I think that one listed is well worth a look. It is a heck of a deal. You can do a lot with other with 3k play money
  4. bandrus1

    when does steelhead stack up after salmon

    this post reads like I talk after a 12 pack
  5. or even had a look.... crazy.... these are the most affordable good performing boats out there
  6. I need an otterboat but idk if you are splitting... If so give me a price shipped to 13905
  7. I have one also that needs drag work with 10 colors of lead if someone wants to purchase
  8. bandrus1

    NK 28

  9. bandrus1

    NK 28

    a tried and true standby for sure
  10. bandrus1

    NK 28

    that is die hard... a staple by many brands
  11. bandrus1

    Humminbird depthfinder problem

    Not too sure.. mine needed it outta the box. The fact yours started doing it after a while maybe be a different issue
  12. bandrus1

    Humminbird depthfinder problem

    I was very frustrated with mine.. thought I installed the ducer wrong angle, wires were bad, all sorts of things.. tec support told me to download the latest software and install it.. bomm fixed.. I bet you that is your issue
  13. bandrus1

    Humminbird depthfinder problem

    Have u ran the most recent software upgrade... Mine was doing what yours was out of the box.. called and they said to run the software upgrade.. boom problem solved
  14. I had a rough day on Cayuga today.. almost like to much bait in the south end
  15. bandrus1

    Cayuga Cayuga 9/3

    Point is Cayuga is extremely easy fishing. You can catch fish at .9 mph at the ball to 4.1 at the ball... U can use just about any bait to catch fish. You can have your fav spoon but they will eat almost any spoon. There are very few substantial currents so no it isn't precision trolling like Ontario