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  1. I fished over 25 fow all weekend bouncing boards off the docks and caught tons of Lakers eating gobies. 3 color lead straight back was also hot Also went out and jigged in morning when calm and hit them over 60 fow... Fish are all over in different modes
  2. I didn't fish deep. It when doing my turn I had big marks down 110 over 300
  3. Thank you for moving them. There is without a doubt a few in the south end that could be deadly
  4. Didn't take long. Pretty popular charter on lake o posting vids with ppl and staff with no masks this morning
  5. Yes sir let's make the whole community look good
  6. Can you post the official statement/ decoration?
  7. https://allamericanreviews.com/penn-reels/
  8. I think I'm taking starweld up on his offer. Thanks
  9. Let me see what the above poster has but if I pass on his I'll take it
  10. Before I order a new one anybody have one to unload?
  11. I'd think about t falls or Myers personally but that's based in Sunday's observation
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