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  1. will make a deal
  2. I am selling a lot of branded new nk glow spoons
  3. I wouldn't recommend it
  4. Only the rich control Washington Supports a multi billionaire as president Complains about people getting rich off others Supports a president that scamed thousands of people with his fake univeraity
  5. for sale : usa

    That's fine was just curious if we are looking at like 2-6 bucks or more
  6. for sale : usa

    I'm not asking for you to speak for him, but what is Nick getting on average a spoon
  7. bump... another member has a fish hawk td I want to buy... needs funds
  8. Can I take backup on the td... I'm in binghamton
  9. Think I can take my 18 footer out?
  10. which post frogger you didnt quote anything
  11. "And we will have a great wall"