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  1. Clarence section 40% off... like like 6 bucks a spin dr
  2. NorCal Captain seeks Great Lakes fishing technology

    Again bud, there a ton of captions who will teach you.. almost all the southern shore in april and may is good for browns inshore...... im not joking... let us know what airport you decide is best and we can tell you where to go... I run a 19 foot boat and can run 12 rods in spring hahahaha
  3. Who's ready??

    when ya going?
  4. Who's ready??

    anybody looking for a power auger and 2 man shelter? both brand new
  5. OK, Was It Just Me

    no probs here
  6. NorCal Captain seeks Great Lakes fishing technology

    I think you hit the nail on the head that there are MANY great people on lake Ontario. One thing that may help us is knowing where you plan on flying into. It can literally be like a like 3-4 hour drive along the shore of lake ontario in NY alone
  7. Squirrel Chucker

    Animal abuse
  8. Beginning of June Where To go for kings

    Im never fishing with you, hasnt been king there since the 50's
  9. 6 horse long shaft

    That was my nickname in college
  10. Eskimo quick flip 2... been used 1 time perfect condition comes with extras including cover, runners, and atv tow bar Eskimo Marko m43 NEW condition comes with ice and dirt diggers Binghamton ny willing to work to get it to ya.. $500 for both
  11. 28 flashers for $265

    Can't beat that lineup
  12. You can just saying all ya want. I have been on this site long enough and although it is hardly ever there are PLENTY of bad stories... it is 2017 if you Plan to purchase things online via private party and don't protect yourself nobody should feel sorry for you.
  13. Can't wait for ice!

    Eskimo 2 man flip over shelter with runners and cover... Eskimo mako m43 with ice and dirt auger..... each was used 1 time