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  1. what is everybody's obsession with making fishing a competition
  2. Paul What is the supposed benifit?
  3. Glad to have ya here... I run a sea nymph also and love it
  4. Our fish are different shaped than their Pacific coast twins
  5. enjoyed this very much
  6. Wow.. group of winners right there
  7. Sold / Closed

    Nice buy dang
  8. I in no way know but id guess 1/3 normal rate
  9. Ok thanks for the info guys... we shall see if I'm able to get any fishing in
  10. Yea the annual oyster fest is why we are going friends go every year and invited us.... not much of an event for a vegetarian so I wanna sneak off and cast a line and pray to get lucky
  11. ill be staying in eastham..... never been to this area and dont know a thing about saltfishing hahaha
  12. Hector.... PM me if you like.... not sure I will have the time for a full day charter but if stripers or blues are inshore it would be fun to try for them
  13. cape cod fishing I will be in Cape Cod 10/13-10/16... Anybody up in that area available for a short fishing trip of some sort? dont know a thing about the area
  14. My buddy texted me he hit a jumbo rainbow on a diver with a silver and blue nbk looking spoon