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  1. i love this show too but I wish it was in a bigger room... It ends up incredibly crowded early on
  2. bandrus1

    Sea Nymph GLS 220

    Wow she is a beauty. I'm partial to these rigs
  3. bandrus1

    for sale : usa Trolling Flies!

    Nice price Do you know the leader length
  4. bandrus1

    New Bill introduced in ny assembly

    multiple factually incorrect statements from the assemblyman
  5. bandrus1

    Smelt dipping

  6. bandrus1

    Craziest non target species catch on lake O

    drums well over 12 lbs brown fishing One day we literally could not keep the small mouth off our sticks brown trolling. They were biting the rigger spoons as soon as they hit the water to go back
  7. bandrus1

    No one replies on the ice forum ...

    Use the ice shanty site for more up to date conditions
  8. bandrus1

    Found ice fishing equipment Honeoye Lake

    Good man
  9. I think the guy posting is an idiot... He posted in my post the hardware store found one . He posted on the hardware store post I found one
  10. This was somebody's response
  11. I read chaumon hardware has one found on mud bay
  12. bandrus1

    Fishing line question

    Work fine but seems expensive