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  1. Yea definitely something I think of do by the book Risk not worth reward
  2. USA 300ish police per 100k Canada 185 police per 100k probably has something to do with it
  3. This is honestly all that needs to be said.. With that said I would have flashed my lights and yelled you know they are there and know they are there. No way am I walking outside when I know someone is out there
  4. I have 250 rapalas in sizes 9 and under.. just about every size, style and color available.. will sell e tire lot for 950 plus actual shipping that is $3.80 each. Would be good for resale
  5. 2 posts on the site and bumps a 3.5 year old political thread. Admins .. ban
  6. Had there ever been discussion by organizers to find a larger location? Tables are sold out and the place gets packed like sardines. It's been probably 4 years since I have been and I'm sure it has only gotten more popular
  7. Hell slap lat and long on too for good measure
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