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  1. I'm all the way in Binghamton, would you meet hpart way in syracuse?
  2. This time of year my suggestion is Myers and north on either shore..
  3. saw a 26lber out of oz this week
  4. what were you trolling behind your dodger?
  5. bait regulations are good for all of us
  6. mid to late august
  7. L All smaller lake trout for me today
  8. nice one
  9. 37 posts in 2 years
  10. This is some of the most circular logic I have ever read. Sorry man not the same... also this was not a one time thing. Did you read the article? Installed underwater feeding systems.. this isn't dump a 50lb bag. This sounded like a fabricated feeding system, used for how long?
  11. Bottom line is you are defending the name of a pocher on an outdoor forum
  12. You are way way off base here.... and if read above is correct 8 fishing boats to his name x$2400 a weekend if all double booked then yea that's a weekend
  13. Not an expert but I think the Abu garcia ambassador is the go to jigging rig
  14. It's late April weather out there