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  1. Wth x4 probe Looks like the temp on mine is shot... anybody selling one due to upgrade or anything?
  2. You get nothing!!!
  3. Is the wheel I'm a location it can spin? Aka below transom?
  4. This.... best luck today for me was east troll.. so much so if do a lap pick up lines run back west and reset
  5. Much different than jensons..... dreamweaver is a single braided piece of rubber
  6. I use dreamweaver and im happy
  7. i called and they were swamped.. waiting for a call back from them but all the pulaski shops are out
  8. oswego area.. wtb scotty 2116 counter 2 months and 3 trips in and my counter is toast already... anybody have a spare they would sell
  9. Answer to the flasher question is as far as you can reach with the net
  10. Def not for me but good luck
  11. I wouldn't run Dipsey near bottom.. Cayuga has sharp drop offs and if you wander in a bit they are going to catch bottom
  12. I do also believe a boat stopped must follow the proper rules of the road for 2 power driven boats as having the power off does not make you a NUC