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  1. You are not going to convince somebody something is worth eating because it's sold in Asian markets hahahah
  2. I would go smaller like a 75 or 90 and add a kicker instead of going bigger
  3. You don't need bigger than 115
  4. Also if there is no motor on it may as well replace the transom before new one goes on
  5. Mine is 87 sea nymph fish ski... 2011 90 etec 37 mph with 4 people and loaded with gear You could get the boat and rig it top to bottom for under 20 k including new motor, batteries, riggers and electronics
  6. all the great lakes are at record highs... The Plan is impacting every one?
  7. We still going with it is the plan that is to blame?
  8. I will go with lifejackets, oars, and sea anchor 2/3 are not required
  9. Ray has gone full fox news tilt on us Poor ray
  10. Also for licence plate bracket
  11. We have covered that already
  12. I own a 1987 sea nymph fish and ski Put a brand new 2011 90 HP etec on it with new controls/ wiring/ battery new scotty 2116 new humminbird fishfinder new fish hawk new planner mast Basically everything on it is new and higher end and was in probbably 1/2 to 1/3 of what a 10-5 15 year old Lund would have been
  13. Just give me how many fow I'm in and my fish hawk and I'm happy
  14. Just give me how many fow I'm in and my fish hawk and I'm happy
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