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  1. North end reports have been pretty steady all spring
  2. last reports is messy
  3. there isnt a ton of canadian members on here
  4. for sale : usa

    Nice repower candidate
  5. Sliver black and orange stick John buster stinger spoon
  6. I was fishing that area last weekend and it's not as fun as you would think
  7. Looks about right
  8. The company says it's not a voltage issue, when I run the system check it says it is getting 12 volts Beats me, I'm going to do the software upgrade, then hook it to independent battery.... it neither works they are sending me a transducer to test
  9. 7 posts and no beer Where am i
  10. The good news is that I called cabelas and even though it was an as is unit because it was in their bargain bin they said they would not want to sell me a broken unit so if hummingbird finds a broke head or transducer and won't honor a replacement cabelas will work with me to make it right one way or another. I have always had great luck with them
  11. Well I'm going to wire this directly to a battery. It it does not work the head and transducer will be sent in for testing
  12. Appreciate it but I'm in Binghamton and fish Cayuga and oz
  13. my fish hawk is on the other side of the outboard and I asked fishhawk if they would interfere and they said no, and it does this even when every other electronic on the boat is off
  14. Hummingbird does not think it's a power issue. They said if that was the issue I would get more screen freezing and restarts not loss of depth... they asked me to check the software I'm running. They also asked if I had somebody local I could swap heads with and see if their head works on mine and mine on theirs to isolate if it is a head or transducer issue