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  1. I have an Eagle Claw STARFIRE Model SF 212. 9 foot

    Are you still looking?

  2. Monday report: fished south of long point weeds were so so. Enough to be annoyed but not awful. Fleas required line cleaning every 30 mins with 25 lb main line
  3. ok was debating between the 2 of them thank you
  4. I have an older 19.5 foot aluminum with outboard........ in the very back, where the transom meets the splash area there is some separation that causes leaking. Normal calk will fix this for some period of time but my guess due to trailering, the calk will eventually fail and if im trolling with the waves and it splashes over the back she will leak. The transom seems fine it just flexing causing this. Should I try using 3M 5200 for a longer fix?
  5. I dont want the truth to get in the way but isnt this Federal?
  6. I have an 87 sea nymph fish and ski with a 2011 90 HP e-tec Could anybody suggest a transom saver to purchase? Do you need to know the trailer model?
  7. Fleas are absolutely awful right now so be ready
  8. as of right now there are few and most of them are high in the water column
  9. Need to add some of the larger luhr jensen doders... send me a pm or add some pics here if ya have some sitting in your garage
  10. If he is able to own or operate any hunting or fishing related business after this it will just prove that conservation at the federal level is a sham
  11. short leadcore weighted lines with spoons and stickbaits they can actually be found all over the water column.. I personally like to have riggers deep and junk lines high and just cover all the water from 80 feet up
  12. im slightly concerned with the lack of 10-13 inch salmon normally catch 5-10 a trip
  13. By South end I'm guessing you mean the flat before the ledge? In that case yea it was an abnormality slow year but as was stated it went from ice to warm quickly and right at prime time there was that heavy rain that turned it to mud Our trips recently in the Myers and t falls area have been ok but fish are all over the water . I caught a lake trout on a stick bait over 220 fow yesterday and in 80 fow marked a fish on bottom and 2 seconds later the 78 rigger popped so figured well that's a laker and it was a 23 inch salmon wtf
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