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  1. could you call me about the cannon crank  5703597699 thanks ted

  2. Wanted

    Exactly... fed ex ups pay duty or canadian post to usps no fees... the guys up there checked all options for me
  3. Wanted

    Nice find... would have to check on shipping from there
  4. Wanted

    Final verdict... 620 each shipped to my door.. 2 riggers came to 1238.. call and deal with alex.. very good guy
  5. Andy... im in binghamton Ny. if you need help at any time PM me
  6. Wanted

    looks like 690 canadian plus $100 canadian shipping each so 790 canadian shipped..... so 602 usd each.... still cheaper but the deal is not getting any better
  7. Wanted

    I didn't buy the one in Stock I wanted to do some quick research on customs and duties... I didn't get a definitive answer but at most it will be 50 dollars so I think at very very worst it will be 600 usd to my door.... let me call when they open and buy the one in Stock and I will report back
  8. Wanted

    They only had 1 in stock.. I'm ordering 2 from them today also... they are going to love us lol
  9. Wanted

    No it is 690 canadian plus shipping.. trying to find out about duties
  10. Wanted

    wow just called them 531 usd
  11. Cayuga

    didnt see a single boat south of long point on sat
  12. Best price on Scotty 2116 HP Depthpower anybody have a lead on the bottom dollar price on the Scotty 2116 HP Depthpower
  13. have to bulk up line in summer due to fleas