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  1. Best value? get a 90 sea nymph gls put a brand new 90 hp and 10 hp kicker and deck it out with rod holders, riggers and electronics and every toy you want for under 30k
  2. My personal suggestion would buy an older hull and deck it out including a new motor
  3. Hi green A lot to unpack here You can flatline and have success in the colder months with surface diving baits. As the surface temp rises you will need to gain depth. 10 color lead and 300 copper can be your friend. I would suggest staying in 70-90 fow. If you have not gotten into vertacle jigging I would highly suggest it. Get yourself a drift sock and use it along with trolling motor on windy days. Theoretically with your setup you could use a bottom thumping rig with a heavy weight on a 3 way swivel
  4.    Thanks for your response to my post. My son and I have fished the lake hard with occasional success - mostly frustration. If you feel comfortable, would you please give me a shout at 607-239-0809 to answer a few questions about your trip. Our boat is still in the water at Finger Lakes Marina and I would love one more shot at the lakers. Our last trip was a boat ride. Thank you. Tony Moran    'Semper Fi'

  5. Trolled yesterday 3 ft off the bottom in 100 ft ish 16 lakers in a little over 3 hours. Average was about 6 lbs. Was epic. Ran 10 color.. 300 copper... 2 3 color lead and didn't move them on silver fish
  6. The co2 style life jackets are really not uncomfortable
  7. I have a 19.5 and you honestly really have to pick your days. No way would I be fishing in true 3's and still have fun. It's really hard to maintain speed and if the current calls for u to troll into the waves it's a non stop battle all day
  8. Attach main line to release Send it down x feet Attach this to main line Send it rest of the way Fish eats the cheater it slides all the way down to the main line lure
  9. I use berkeley trout worms under a float
  10. There was a MAJOR current for cayuga this weekend maybe all the fleas moved to one area
  11. interesting i was out this weekend with 10lb on my rigger rods and didnt see a one... was between long point and the plant
  12. Good information thank you gentlemen
  13. Cant say i have ever heard that
  14. I paid $1300 for my 19.5 footer. Its absolutely great. The place built it to cover my riggers and double enforced all the spots it rubbed on things like rod holders and windshield.
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