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  1. Every color you could want and flash to boot. 100 + jig heads and 5 colors of powder paint! All unused and ready to tie up. 45$ shipped obo
  2. DoghouseII

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Here's a nice LL my wife landed on a 300 copper with a flasher/fly combo in July
  3. DoghouseII

    What's my boat worth?

    6 stripped
  4. DoghouseII

    Cayuga Cayuga 7/28

    17-26 in 4 hours....not bad for a couple of rookies...haha
  5. DoghouseII

    Rate this spoon box for a newbie

    Good start, need to fill that one plus a couple more
  6. DoghouseII

    Waves Up To 26ft Today

    Lighthouse windows needed washing!!
  7. DoghouseII

    So what type of fish is this?

    Mouth looks pretty dark but hard to tell in that pick. Young King takes my vote
  8. DoghouseII

    Charter License Classes

    I concur with bandrus1 and henrybud seatech is the way to go. Took mine last april and had the license by the first part of july. Good luck!!
  9. DoghouseII

    For Sale : USA strcraft 16 ft

    Not saying ur lying but I believe you have a malfunctioning electronic. Take a vid for sure but the GPS is off or something, light or not my 20 more horse makes up for that plus i have only a single console (also very light aluminum boat), so something is funny. I have verified my speed with the motor speedometer (tube/water pressure), fish finder paddle wheel at the back of the boat and GPS and im whithin 2-3mph reading difference on all of them. Ive had my boat with a 50 horse merc on it before i repowered it in 01, it could only get 28-30 top end with the 50.
  10. DoghouseII

    For Sale : USA strcraft 16 ft

    Better get ur speedometer fixed lol. No way that boat goes 48! I have a 16 foot sylvan with a 2001 90 horse yamaha with a 19 pitch prop that can max out at 44 with one person. I could see 35-38 max with a 70 horse of that age.