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  1. I second the #5 mepps spinner baits, along the weed edges and over top of the weed beds in the bays has been very productive over the years. If you get a bunch of follows but no takers tip the spinner bait with a yellow or white mister twister, Yellow and pink mepps have been my go to colors, blue fox # 5 vibrex are a good option as well.
  2. Anything east never helps fishing, im just thankful its not a hard blow!
  3. My experience has taught me to never go back to Mercury outboards. I had a 50hp merc on my boat for 8years, had issues from day one and chased them till the day she puked. Repowered with a 90-hp 2stroke Yamaha and put 3 times as many hours over 18 years on that motor without a literal hiccup. I have also seen very good reliability out of bandrus1's ETEC. Yamaha or ETEC get my vote. Good luck with your choice!
  4. Every color you could want and flash to boot. 100 + jig heads and 5 colors of powder paint! All unused and ready to tie up. 45$ shipped obo
  5. Here's a nice LL my wife landed on a 300 copper with a flasher/fly combo in July
  6. 17-26 in 4 hours....not bad for a couple of rookies...haha
  7. Good start, need to fill that one plus a couple more
  8. Lighthouse windows needed washing!!
  9. Mouth looks pretty dark but hard to tell in that pick. Young King takes my vote
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