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  1. The funny thing is the title didn't read What do you think my boats worth but you jack wagons who aren't buying anything feel the need to tell a guy what his boat is worth! Way to beat a guy up telling everyone how his boat is over priced! Boats are worth what anyone will pay for them.
  2. That's a deal! A new 196 set up like that is would be over 60k and it wouldn't catch any more fish than that one. I have the same boat and I would sell it for that! Good luck stick to your price!
  3. I will give them a call. My bass boat steers really easy in both conditions. What type of price did you guys pay?
  4. How do you get the correct helm? not sure what that means?
  5. I have a 2001 fish master 196. I was looking to put hydraulic steering on the boat. Right now my 150 just has cable steering. Not sure if anyone here has experience with that? What manufacturer is good? Thanks
  6. Where can you buy them? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  7. What I really like is how fast it jump up on top of the water. Really nice when it gets rough!
  8. my 150 Is the ticket. I have a inertia 17 on it and it will run 57 empty and 52 with 3 fat guys, gear and a load of salmon😂
  9. It is on Mercury saltwater it shuts down half of the cylinders under 2000 rpms so you can troll with the motor.
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