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  1. I have been looking for a year. The only thing I found was OEM. All the ones the Starcraft dealer found were just a little off from hitting the stringers. If you find something besides the 1000.00 Starcraft one I would like to know. Thanks
  2. Nice work! What bay is that?
  3. Fished out of fair haven this past Thursday got 5 straight out of the shoot 600’ of water. My dad was not feeling good so we didn’t fish Friday. Tried on Saturday morning but there were 5 footers went out about 300 yards and turned around. Today looks really good but I had to get home. Carbon 14 was good black green ladder back took a fish. Meat rig white paddle. Tried the green bam but no luck with that. All was deep 275 on wire and 90-120 on the riggers. There were more fish but I didn’t want to keep bringing them up in the warm water. We were done by 11 am.
  4. What’s the deal with the lamprey? Where did they come from?
  5. Anyone fish today? Heading out in the morning thinking of starting about 200 foot and head out. If the rain isn’t to bad.
  6. Nice report heading up next week..... What colors were the best?
  7. LOL When I first saw a carbon 14 I said that will never catch fish now I have 6 on the boat
  8. I'm heading up next month with the fam and hoping to get out every day. Amazing no one ever reports from Fair Haven. Thanks for your response.
  9. Any reports on salmon fishing around Fair Haven?
  10. Update...... Ok so we booked a trip and meet up at the launch. Jason was right on time. It was very windy that day about 20 mph. I thought we would be canceled but Jason said let's do it! Went out to the deep water but the wind was too strong. He said no problem we will find some fish. Took cover behind an island and started drifting. Boom we hooked up! Jason kept working hard. We worked with the wind and caught 25 nice perch by the end of the trip. With the high winds we were lucky to catch any. I would recommend Jason, very personable. I have suggested him to a couple of people and I'm looking forward to booking him again.
  11. I don’t have Facebook do you have their number? Thank you
  12. Anyone charter perch fishing in the finger lakes? Looking for walleye and perch trip. Thanks for the help.
  13. Ok stupid question but how do you keep your lines apart when you are running 100foot deep at 2.3mph Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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