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  1. No wonder are county is in such bad shape. No one has any idea how to finance! Pay the bank that's what they want you all to do. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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  3. Depends how old you are. If you can get a clean bill of health physical there is a way to do it and add to your wealth.
  4. Wanted

    Anyone Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Pro kicker Looking for a pro kicker xl 9.9 or 15. Would prefer a handle model. If you don't have one where are the discounted one at lol. Thanks For the help
  6. I have one Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Mercy said 89. I don't know. I have owned it for 10 years and i never ran it. It was a backup. Just had it in the shop and serviced it for sale.
  8. Merc 9.9 long shaft I have a 9.9 merc for sale. it is a x-long shaft 25". It has e-start and was just in the shop last fall before storage and checked over. Asking $975 OBO located in nw pa
  9. I have a couple of kicker 2 stroke XL motors I'm thinking of selling. First one is a 9.9 merc non tiller model with a 25" shaft. It's is good condition has a few marks but over all nice condition. the manufacture year is 1988 (That's what the guy form Mercury Marine told me). The second is a 20hp 25" shaft non tiller model it is in nice condition. The only real flaw is the fin has the tip missing but dose not affect running at all. The 20 is on my boat any I use it as my kicker motor for salmon. Checking interest to see if people are looking for motors like these. Not sure but I was thinking $1300 for the 20 and $1000 for the 9.9. Most of the equal motors I have seen are higher than that. I can send pictures and video of them running if anyone is interested.
  10. Where is he at? I found one online for $2400 but its 6 hours from me.
  11. I wanted to know. I'm looking for a pro kicker xl shaft. Don't know if any one is selling one or if you guys know of where I can get the best deal? Thanks