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  1. A few boats but manageable for everyone, got a little exciting with multiple boats with fish on in the river mouth!
  2. Ea Thanks. Early it was a diver 25 out with a black nk mag green tape white cup. Glow J with a 1 ounce weight 100 back got hot after and a black/purple ladder j 4 feet down on the rigger. Good luck!
  3. Glad I ventured out one more time. Had to quit with a 2 man limit. With the cold water pushed in, fish were congregated around the river mouth and within the top 5 feet. They were easily enticed into biting today by a slow troll. Good luck to anyone heading out.
  4. There were only 2 or 3 other boats, in and out of the river. Thats why I like October afternoons. Didn't see any other hookups.
  5. First salmon trip this year. Not sure the stage of the run? Fished afternoon till dark. Landed 2 small kings and a nice coho. I've never seen so many fish porpoising and jumping. The lake was flat you could see them a mile away. Hope to squeeze in 1 more time out
  6. Sale pending on the last 4. Sold 4 already. Thank you
  7. 4 Bert's Ratcheting Rod Holders, $200 for all 4. Rochester area.
  8. Available and ready to roll. Pm me your number, I will do the same. Thank you
  9. No prob. This trailer is ready for frequent hauling for years. If you change your mind let me know. Perhaps make an offer
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