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  1. Sale pending on the last 4. Sold 4 already. Thank you
  2. 4 Bert's Ratcheting Rod Holders, $200 for all 4. Rochester area.
  3. Available and ready to roll. Pm me your number, I will do the same. Thank you
  4. No prob. This trailer is ready for frequent hauling for years. If you change your mind let me know. Perhaps make an offer
  5. Trailer was updated with heavy duty axles, springs, brakes and tires. Rated for 10,000lbs. I haven't put more than 200 miles on them, the stickers are still on the wheels. It has a heavy duty winch with steel cable. Surge brakes. Self lubricating bearings. $3,200. I have the title and registration.
  6. I appreciate the insight from both, though I posted the question in April. I wound up going to the south end of Honeoye once. That day fish and people were crammed in the little channel. I didn't find it a particularly enjoyable place and type of fishing. I will not post questions regarding crappie going forward for the sake of thier sustainability. Just teasing, have a good summer!
  7. crazy ivan

    Ibay perch

    I'm hearing there's perch around but the spawn is tapering off
  8. I know a good crappie bite is a hush hush thing but...I'de appreciate it if anyone can tell me if the finger lakes fishing conditions are shaped up for any kind of crappie program?
  9. Sorry just sold I have to get rid of ad. Thank you
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