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  1. I have a fm 196 , I found you gotta keep playing with the trim , and no set thing either , lotta factors , waves and direction , speed of boat , weight in boat etc. I do not have trim tabs .
  2. Looks like these two guys were brought up on felony charges , and one of the boats was confiscated yesterday !
  3. You mentioned cheek slap , in general a heavier gun shooting a bunch at the range is better on the face and shoulder than a lighter gun . Not sure what your new gun weighs . I didnt see this post , but I recently bought another o/u in 20 guage for upland hunting , much lighter than previous guns , a dream to walk around with in the field behind a pointing dog ( which is addictive ,yes), but a little bumpy shooting 50 rounds at the trap or skeet range . No perfect boat, no perfect gun , evrything is a trade off , unless your loaded and can have multiple boats and multiple guns for every situation
  4. Sounds like a great trip Bill , hope you keep pounding the fish!
  5. Merry Christmas everybody! Sent from my SM-A600A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Yea she was rolling some . I caught the better grade of fish at night , but not both nights I fished . Best speed was in that 1.6-1.8 spot with a few over 2mph. Still watching wind for this weekend , and Saturday looks great , boat ramp will be crazier than last weekend
  7. Well, i didnt win a new boat or two or place in the money, biggest fish was 9 pounder. Had a great time and a cauggt a bunch of solid fish . Southwind made it doable but by Saturday night it blew some warm water out a little further than i thought . I got out to 46 fow and on Sunday and at the boat ramp 50 fow started firing up guys were saying . As is the case with me i came up a little short . I didnt sleep much fishing a marathon for the weekend , pounded it out day and night. I may give it another shot Friday ,Saturday , and Sunday morning if wind allows . Derby ends sunday 11 or 12 midday. Sent from my SM-A600A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sounds like a good trip. Heading to Kansas in December with my 1-1/2 year old Draht, The sand burrs and goat heads are horrible,especially for a wire hair fuzzy feet dog like mine . Gonna trim his paws before we go.. The bird hunting is better out mid west for sure . Sent from my SM-A600A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Everything you said [emoji106]! Sent from my SM-A600A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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