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  1. for sale : usa

    Down in southern PA. I can send you more pictures if you would like. I travel up rt 81 quite often to fish and hunt so if we need to meet up we can maybe do it somewhere along there. Chuck
  2. for sale : usa

    Ok, Looking for $400.00 OBO
  3. Matt, Gotta say I was a little dissapointed not seeing a bunch of your waterfowl posts this year. then I saw your post about some guys in your area putting the spot online , that sucks!
  4. Big disappointment, two years in a row . End of February in northern new york and no good ice , go figure. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G730A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Northern Pike Challange Derby Cancelled Cancelled due to unsafe ice! This weekend on the St Lawrence , Sorry guys
  6. This derby has been cancelled due to unsafe ice!
  7. Hit them crappies three days in a row .one of the days i limited in two hours. I must of look like a goof jumping around in the boat high fiving myself . And then they were gone, no forwarding address. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G730A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. BSmaster, they are calling to you, catch me, catch me , they are probably fighting over who goes first ,LOL! Fish were caught In the Susquehanna River in southern PA.
  9. Well said Les, How do we start a go fund me page to get King Slammin some new gear and back to slammin. Id be happy to donate some gear to get you going again. Feel free to Pm me your address King , could send some tip ups ??? Whatever.
  10. old bay walleye Not a secret, but did it again a couple nights ago. Chunked up the walleye about scallop size , hit it with some butter and olive oil, old bay to your liking , and broil . I do one side then flip so I get the brown char all over. Pretty easy.
  11. the pictures above were different days, the crappie were taken in 4' of water on white trout magnets, and white and silver bass asassins on lite jigs. the perch, we caught a lot of shorts this day as well, 30' of water, I usually dont use minnows but this day we had some , super lite bite ,and there was definately a preference that changed by the hour. I had weight on the bottom, one hook up 8" another up about 15" mixed up combinations till we got em to go, minnows only for a while , then plastics, then only plastics with wax worms, and then back to minnows.
  12. winter, open water, black and gold Down in Pa , no ice, no problem, get the boat out.
  13. And heres the last weekend for me on the st lawrence, it was tough going but my son pulled it off. And no, I dont think he was cold, his waders only leaked a little.
  14. the walleye picture was one short, sorry, but it tasted great with duck breast.
  15. Opening day weekend , cast and blast, my favorite kind of weekends.