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  1. Anyone know why they won’t let those fish in the creek in the fall? I thought the weir/fish ladder was for lamprey control and lampreys spawn in the spring? anyway got the boat out for the last trip today. My buddy and I did 2 nice rainbows, 3 lakers, and a couple dink landlocks between Myers point and Taughannock on the east side. Started the morning down in Ithaca and got no bites down there....tons of bait marked all day.
  2. It usually is a 1-2 week pulse around Veterans Day/thanksgiving. Big wack of water and if ur lucky enough to be able to fish those weekdays it can be very good....if u go on the weekend it’s packed. Then when the water drops the fish are left high and dry or they drop back out. Spreading the water out is a really good opportunity for both fish and fisherman.
  3. Throwing in a plug for the outdoor shop my uncle works at in north Tonawanda. Niagara outdoors on Whitmer rd. Mostly a bow hunting shop but a lot of good gear for fishing the river. If ur in a pinch they have a vending machine stocked with all seasonal bait (salmon egg sacks in the winter, leeches/crabs in the summer). Usually have emeralds in the winter for ice fishing/river fishing.
  4. I got a great deal on a 17.5 alumacraft and I love it....but if you want to spend significant time on the Great Lakes (I do)...I think you gotta look at Starcraft fishmasters, or crestliner commanders. The Midwest walleye boat/crossover is just not the best aluminum design for Erie and Ontario, and the reality is....the best fishing in the state (maybe the US?) is in Erie and Ontario.
  5. https://www.fish307.com/fish307-com-downrigger-trolling-rods/ these seem to be very popular with the New England guys fishing for smaller trout/landlocks. https://www.lamiglas.com/products/cg-70-dr Here is the west coast version.
  6. October is the time to target Atlantic’s high in the water column near creek mouths
  7. Jomat

    Lake Oneida

    Was up there last week...opposite side of the lake than you but a ton of fish East of messenger shoal in 35 to 40 fow. They were preferring smaller shad sized baits and crawler harnesses, over big cranks. Good luck!
  8. I think frank Campbell (lower Niagara’s guide) is pulling those maglips
  9. 3 color leadcore on a downrigger?....did I read that right?
  10. That’s a big bait for big off color water I wouldn’t use it in small creeks like the ones u mentioned.
  11. Bobber.....u need a bigger bobber for those heavy senkos
  12. 5” bubblegum yamasenko if u want to catch the big ones!
  13. Prices for the lures?....are they all trolling baits or do you have casting baits as well?
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