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  1. I gotta put in another pitch for the targa. I think tracker has kinda a bad name for whatever reason, but really all these aluminum boats are cheapish build quality when u really get poking around in them. My buddies 18’ targa is much wider and much heavier than my 17.5 alumacraft and much nicer to fish out of IMO. I don’t love the huge casting platform in the back but if you do more casting/jigging than trolling you probably will. I think the price point on them is quite a bit lower too than a new Lund/alumacraft. Storage and live wells are awesome and again much better than my 17.5 dominator.
  2. Better landing % when the hook isn’t buried in the sack.
  3. I bought a couple and the clicker failed the first trip on one of them. Other than that they seem fine. I run heavy braid/dipseys/slide divers on them.
  4. Flew over Lake Erie on the way to Detroit on a clear day Wednesday. Very spotty/little ice all the way past presque isle. Only the far western edge of Erie is really “locked up”. It’ll be another early spring with regards to Erie and Ontario.
  5. Yeah gotta slide the weight forward a bit when pulling heavy snap weights especially. Seems more sensitive to snap weights than leadcore...prolly from the line angle off the back of the board. If running real light stuff like shallow running stick baits or spoons I slide the weight back. This can keep the nose up and keep it from wanting to dive under in big waves...in calm water it doesn’t much matter. Church boards def seem to sit a little lower in the water and can be a little bit more finicky to set up than the offshore boards. I think they plane out a bit better/don’t drop back as far as the offshore tho.
  6. https://stcroixrods.com/products/avid-glass-ice this my favorite rod for fishing small tungsten jigs for panfish. I would never pay full price tho....usually on sale somewhere. I prefer glass even in deep water for detecting “up bites” without a spring bobber. jigging raps and spoons are a different story completely.....fast action carbon.
  7. I’ve also got interstate group 27’s on my bow mount 70lb thrust. I get maybe 6 hours before they start to dog. I have them on essentially all the time during that 6 hours running 30-50%. Not super happy with that performance. Looking hard at lithium deep cycles as the price is coming down really fast on them. Still will be much more expensive than lead but you’ll get supposedly 2x the runtime because they draw down completely as opposed to 50%. Anyone make this switch to lithium yet? Heard they charge much faster as well.
  8. PA and NY can travel freely without quarantine....for some time this summer Ohio could not, and I know the state troopers out at Erie were enforcing. Everyone’s infection rate is high now including NY...so not really sure what point there is in trying to restrict travel. Not sure where you intend to go or what things will be like in the spring but right now infection rates up over 10% in many places....be very careful who/how many you come in contact with....if u care about such things.
  9. Pulled the trigger on a panoptix livescope....can’t wait to get that out in the ice and then the boat in the spring. For Christmas my wife hooked me up with a bunch of custom painted stickbaits/jigging raps from viper tackle. Walleyes better watch out.
  10. Walleyes in rivers are migratory and move around a lot. I have caught/released limits of keeper walleyes on accident while bass fishing in the chemung....and the next week they’re gone. Don’t disagree maybe less fish but if you stand on one rock in a river fishing for walleyes....not surprised you aren’t catching. There are a lot of guys up and down the river that are on walleyes all the time....most in boats, many fishing at night....most keeping all their fish. Also seems like walleye spawning success is very sensitive to environmental conditions and can boom or bust like what’s happened in Erie....might be even more sensitive in a river system. water this year was mad low....I know it mad the bass fishing much tougher than usual
  11. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/735506 7” Garmin echomap unit with the full ice bundle. Never seen the ice...bought it last spring and used the head unit on the boat over the summer. Picked up a livescope and thinking about getting a 9” unit. This is panoptix compatible and the cheapest option to get you in that game. Asking 500$
  12. Can’t wait for onieda to freeze. Praying for polar vortex.
  13. Most of the fishing on Cook Inlet/highway system pretty much sucks and is shut down more often than not. You can get early run kings on the Kasilof...they are not 40lbers but hatchery fish so the season is usually open. Bob Ball is the best guide , book him early. Even the halibut limits are getting harder to fill and barn doors are rare unless you take a long boat ride out of homer. I would tell you to pony up the cash and go fish the nushagak on Bristol bay...but even the fishing there has been quite bad the last two years with no snowpack and low flows. unfortunately the fishing in Alaska is not what it was even 12 years ago when I started going. Many of the guides,camp,lodges are not exactly forthcoming about that information either....they’ll book you, take your money, then apologize when you get there and the season is closed. No one here believes in climate change but I can tell you the fish in AK absolutely do. I won’t be spending the $$$$ to go back until the numbers start to come back.
  14. Sick boat....is it tough netting fish around those outboard brackets?
  15. Center rod is the one I use for pulling boards/bottom bouncers with braid and snap weights. I was looking for a telescoping rod that would fit in my 7’ rod locker and these TFO’s were on sale at Sierra trading for 50-75$. Notice the real soft tip...that is helpful especially with braid to absorb the head shakes while keeping the hook from pulling. It’s really the middle of the rod that allows it to pull the boards in rough water. Have a couple Denalis too with leadcore...they are nice. My braid reels are low profile cold waters and convectors. The new low pro convectors have a “flipping switch” which comes in real handy when running boards with snap weights. Not as nice as shimano but I don’t get to fish everyday....good enough for weekend warrior and 100$ less.
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