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  1. SOL Question

    One soap to never use on your boat is “pine sol”. It contains phenol which taints the flavor of the fish. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. SOL Question

    Placing a fish on a stringer or keeping it in a live well subjects the fish to warm surface water that hasten deterioration of the flesh, even if the fish is still alive. Ice or a freezer is the best way to keep the fish safe. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. SOL Question

    When a body be it fish or human dies the antibodies for your immune system die also. Immediately bad germs increase and spoilage begins. After bleeding out the fish it should be eviscerated clean , then all fluids flushed out. Place the fish on a bed of ice so any fluids are kept below the fish. Then cover the fish in ice. That is the best you can do on your boat. The bleeding allows the flesh to become white during cooking. Most important is the sanitizing your cooler, cutting board, knives and packaging material. Soap will remove blood, gurry and slime. Chlorine based solution will kill harmful bacteria. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. SOL Question

    Here is a Sodus Bay Ciscoe
  5. Lake level news.

    A ruling on siting communication towers and who has jurisdiction on their location now has the good of all the people over rules local of local residents.
  6. SOL Question

    The commercial salmon trollers in the Pacific immediately cut the gills and eviscerate the carcass to prepare the salmon for quality at the dinner table. They are bled out and the gurry is is removed to prevent tainting the flesh. Immediately afterward the fish is iced down or better yet flash frozen and dipped in fresh water to encase the fish in an ice glaze. This insures safe consumption to the public of the fish. Our rules of fish cleaning stations is a dangerous action to the public. The holding of a fish in an ice filled cooler for hours exposes the flesh to gurry and fluids, bacteria and unnecessary spoilage. Someday a lawsuit will happen and a lot of finger pointing will happen and states regulations will be the cause.
  7. Lake level news.

    An additional ten inches of water flowing in the St. Mary's and Detroit Rivers will have an effect on Lake Erie levels. It dos not compute that less water will enter Lake Ontario no matter what the long winded publicists try to delay action.
  8. Lake level news.

    Last spring Canadian Hydro put into service a twelve foot tunnel under the City of Niagara Falls, ON to generate more power for Canada. That must have another flow calculation for Lake Ontario. It is what it is, prepare for this season and get floating docks to handle whatever happens now.
  9. Lake level news.

    Yes, but really you can not think things will get better any sooner. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Lake level news.

    Lake Superior is +6 inches above 3/1/2017 now. Michigan/Huron Lakes Level .+10 inches above 3/1/2017 level. Realize no matter what the Commision says, all that water is coming down to Lake Ontario.
  11. Port Dalhousie

    Great early spring fishing here for salmon. When the ice clears from Port Colborne, warm Lake Erie water turns on the salmon feed here earlier than the Niagara Bar. Good lunch ramp operations here.
  12. Worm Harness Poll

    Deeper water has few gobies, shale bottom is not good in warm waters. 55 foot and deeper has fewer gobies. Get out in the mud bottom with worm harnesses near the bottom in Lake Erie.
  13. Buying boat from bass pro in Utica

    Cabelas, now owned by Bass Pro is selling Bass Pro boats at its store in Cheektowaga, NY.
  14. Transducer mount plate

    I used a large plastic cutting board available at kitchen supply stores. A mixture of epoxy is applied and the board is through bolted above the water line. Stainless screws hold well in the cutting board and do not penetrate your hull below the water line. You can change transducers dozens of times. It is flush mounted to the bottom edge of the boat's hull. The epoxy is needed as at high speeds water is caught up and sprays out from the sides of the board.