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  1. The lifejacket rule is to save search and recovery efforts in cold water. Your surviving family will receive no benefits without a death certificate that is issued when the body is recovered.
  2. A couple Starcrafts cracked at the chine.A local TIG welder fixed them fine. A new for stroke engine will save you for less gasoline burned. With a large king on, you should clear all other lines, your riggers, raise the outboard and net the fish off the side of your drifting boat.
  3. The truth is “a boat is a hole in the water you pour money”. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. A couple Starcrafts cracked at the chine.A local TIG welder fixed them fine. A new four stroke engine will save you for less gasoline burned.
  5. Watertown, NY lake level rose 7 froot last night. That is on top of the recent actual levels.
  6. The Seiche effect in Buffalo raised Lake Erie six foot without the wind blown waves.
  7. My 1992 18 foot Crestliner had 26 years service from my original Evinrude 90 hp. I replaced it with a 4 stroke Mercury 90 hp that trolls fine. Also I have a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke for trolling and it brought me home at 6 mph a couple times. The Mercury tops out at 34 mph although I use the boat at 25 MPH cruising speed.
  8. We also kept an 18 foot welded aluminum boat powered with a Suzuki jet Drive up the Yehtna River at the moose camp. It was used for moose hunting and salmon fishing in the river there. Very convenient for river travel when you are ninety miles from the nearest road.
  9. My brother had a 25 foot jet boat powered by a 460 Ford engine, We fished for halibut out of Homer and Seward in the Gulf of Alaska and moose and salmon fishing on the Susitna and Yehtna Rivers. Yes it burned a lot of gasoline but it was a large boat and we trailered it and also burned a lot of gasoline. Still we did not need a guide service we were the guides.
  10. Sunday winds up to 65MPH forecast now.
  11. I saw it on video flying along with no fear of shallows. Hunting or fishing inland waters will give you the speed and cargo space you might need. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. A new boat that is powered by a jet ski power system is out. It is designed to travel over shallow gravel or sand bars in rivers with a windshield protected driver that can stand or sit. This will open up a lot of fishing opportunity inland.
  13. Boatnerd news has a Lakes Level report.
  14. My transducers are within an inch of each other. Only they are not all turned on at the same time. My waypoints saved on my older machines are still available now. I can also back up their use because the old machines show up fish that do not appear on the new machine. I do not know why, maybe ping speeds are different or frequencies are suited better. Keep your old machines available.
  15. Most shipping is sequestered in harbor or anchored up behind lee points due to high winds now.
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