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  1. The 1918 pneumonia pandemic resulted in 3,000 deaths in Erie County. This is just the beginning. You should get serious about the warnings and do as they advise. You can not take your money with you. The warnings are not really sufficient and any predictions of things being better in a couple weeks are really just that. Stay home, it is better than the hospital.
  2. So going to see my dealer for a trailer inspection is no hassle? What about the employees who are staying home, the rest of the staff there? Trailer inspection should be check your lights anyway, the chain, etc. The governor should address this situation, also your automobile inspection? I remember when there was no vehicle inspections and no one died.
  3. There are dual use batteries, both starting and deep cycle. For my main engine, 100 HP Merc and my 10 HP Honda kicker I use one starting battery which also supplies my electronics and cell phone charger.This has worked for over ten years. The Honda is easy to start with the pull cord and it charges the battery when it runs. When my old Evinrude failed to start the Honda brought me home at 6 MPH. There you go.
  4. When the stock market crashed in 1929, people were jumping out of windows. We must outlast this situation and being home confined is not the worst deal. Take it one day at a time and this will end, so get a six pack, turn on the TV and wait till this passes.
  5. Operators of non complying boats could have their boats seized during a state of emergency. Storage and other fees could add up also. Think about it, there are no court days scheduled till after virus problems end. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Combat fishing happens here. April 1 trout opener will have gridlock at the bridges. Watch out for the sneezers.
  7. After two shoulder surgeries, get the electric start. Ten years from now you will appreciate it.
  8. Until the Rome hatchery is sanitized and its water sources are safe, most likely its fish production numbers are suspected for non Great Lakes Tributaries is over.
  9. DMV stickers are valid till a later date. At least that is their story.
  10. Maintaining a six foot safety gap between people is approved. Crowd levels from six to fifty may be approved.
  11. https://www.mlive.com/news/2020/03/as-the-great-lakes-surge-to-record-heights-coastal-areas-face-a-time-of-reckoning.html. A full story.
  12. The parking lot at the Cattraugus Creek ramp on Lake Erie was gridlocked with cars from perch fishing boats lately.
  13. A family down my street lost five children in the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. They operated a corner grocery store.
  14. When a passenger becomes infected after being on your boat, does your insurance cover his medical costs? A good question for your insurance broker.
  15. The USCG operates a station on a hilltop on the Chautauqua Ridge that monitors VHF radio transmission from western Lake Erie to the St. Lawrence River. Yes, regulations require your radio to monitor Channel 16 at all times for marine safety broadcasts, distress calls, repeat distress calls and personal messages where you switch and answer on another designated frequency. The line of sight FM signals are reached from the high elevation of the hilltop and tower.Also nearby USCG stations operate higher elevation radio towers.
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