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  1. That is Pete's Tackle Shop, several shows from similar shops.
  2. How to filet a lake whitefishfrom a You Tube Pete's Shop posting.
  3. During the late century Dunkirk Harbor was supporting hundreds of commercial fishing vessels. The Erie Railroad built a line that ended at the present dock. It shipped the whitefish catch to New York and east coast communities that wanted iced down fish rather than salt cod from the ocean nearby. The ice was harvested by Dunkirk citizen during our winter here and was stockpiled in an ice house. at Dunkirk. The rail cars were loaded with fish and ice and transported on rail road trains as fresh caught fish rather than salt preserved fish.
  4. There is a Commercial Fishing Tug site that shows the harvest of whitefish and the processing of whitefish filets. An interest view of lake trout eggs harvested in the whitefish . The nets are shown with hundreds of large whitefish being brought aboard the boat.
  5. The fish in the lake belong to everyone, not just the hook and line charter boat cash fishermen.
  6. Ontario commercial fishermen take over a million dollars C annually for whitefish in Lake Erie. Most of them are exported to the USA markets. American hook and line fishermen are ignorant of them unless they have a money contest.
  7. Forget about boating in the lower river now.
  8. Icy cold Lake Erie waters will end shortly as as the ice is gone and prevailing SW winds bring warmer water from Ohio to the Eastern end of Lake Erie. Fishing on the Niagara Bar and the southern shoreline will be warmed by the warmer Niagara River flume that flows along the southern Lake Ontario shoreline. Be ready to start fishing the shoreline and the Niagara Bar now. Also consider the Welland Canal will be flowing warmer Lake Erie waters now.
  9. Early Spring near shore needs preparations to fish in three foot of water out to twenty foot of water.
  10. Snap weights six foot in front of your lures work well' Side planer boards put your lures away from the boat where the fish flee from your boat in shallow water. Long lines are a waste of time. In shallow waters snags are a big problem when stopping or turning the boat. Use floating stickbaits only, spinners or spoons are snag magnets. Water temperatures are needed to work warmer near shore waters. Dirty or muddy water has clear water under them with sunlight restricted by the dirty water. Fish hate the high sun usually after 8:00 AM you will move offshore to find more fish. J13 Rapalas are hot lures for Kings early nearshore in the spring. Big fish like bigger lures. Glow reds and chartreuse are good.
  11. Spring Brown Trout fishing is best where near shore flow of warmer water attracts the trout to and the bait fish. This could be from farm fields, sewage plants, creeks etc. A surface water temperature gauge is very important. Side planers are where the fish flee to as your boat spooks the fish away from your boats track You are herding the fish out there... Floating stick baits avoid snags when you make a turn or stop to free up a snagged lure.. Spoons and spinners are snag magnets. You will be fishing from 3 to 15 feet of water. Muddy water has clear water below the surface waters. and the fish are there avoiding sun light. Bright red, chartreuse flourescent colors are good. Kings hit Rapala J13 plugs well. Long lines area waste of time. .Off shore winds cause an upwelling 0f colder deep lake water on the beaches.
  12. The USCG Marine Safety Office in Toledo, Ohio is where you can apply with your service boating records, physical test report, etc.
  13. Wilson Harbor is at Twelve Mile Creek which is twelve miles to the Niagara River. So then you have a 24 mile round trip from Wilson. The Fort Niagara Launch ramp is more convenient and economical. The Niagara Bar deep water drop off is three miles off shore. The nutrient rich Lake Erie outflow is there with its bait fish congregating there.
  14. The "Devious ways" that Albany and Washington hide these deals and results are scary.
  15. Unless you consider the loss of fishing access there it is a big deal.
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