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  1. Lightweight Rain Gear Suggestions

    I have a set of Cabelas light weight rain gear. Fine in the rain, better yet they pack up in two small bags that take up little room in the boat.
  2. 4.3 mercruiser issues

    The carburetor has an accelerator pump that enriches the fuel mixture when you go from using the idle jet to the high speed jet. Look in the throat of the carburetor and move the throttle linkage. A squirt of gasoline must be seen when you pump the throttle. If none is seen, hesitation and stalling happens. The pump could be replaced. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Niagara Fishing Show - Trout & Salmon Seminars

    The niagarafishingexpo.com site under education and seminars has all the seminars listed. Most of them are free and when you get there just walk in if there is room. Watch for the "Click list for seminars" and a full schedule is there.
  4. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Lake Superior remains eight inches above average levels now. Last year at this time it was thirteen inches above average level. This is not really good news for Lake Ontario levels yet.
  5. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Floating docks are the answer now. Waiting for politicians or God to make you happy is useless.
  6. New Hewescraft OP220 ET/RT

    There is an outboard bracket that has an electric steering control so you can fish from the stern of the boat using a belt fob to steer your kicker. It really helps when you are single fishing.
  7. Alwifes

    The problem at 39 degrees water is decay of biologic dead material consumes the dissolved oxygen on the bottom during long ice periods with low stream flows, lack of surface wave action and snow cover on the ice preventing sun light to penetrate to have photosynthesis producing oxygen in the water. Fish in order to survive suspend in slightly higher oxygen areas but their metabolism is slowed and things do get better when rainfall and snow melt bring fresh dissolved oxygen to the lake's waters.
  8. Alwifes

    My take on alewife winter kills is areas of low depleted dissolved oxygen water up well due to offshore winds and the alewife perish.
  9. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    The Great Lakes Basin receive most of its water from tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico.
  10. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    The hydro power is worth millions of dollars every minute and the control boards are their stooges. They will hoard every drop of water they can to produce revenues all year long. Then the political powers will take credit for cleaner air. Mean while the "Grid" imports power from coal mining states like Pennsylvania and Ohio to replace power from closed down New York State power plants.
  11. Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    My problem with fishing Lake Erie in New York waters is my freezer is so full of perch and walleye flilets, I have no need to take any more,
  12. Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

    Last week Germany received one hundred per cent of its electric power from wind power turbines and storage batteries. The world is changing.
  13. Alaska Fishing trips

    Clover Pass resort in Ketchikan, AK has accommodations, charters, boat rentals. Their site has your information. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Marina and dockage

    After Lake Erie has an ice off, the flume of warm water entering Lake Ontario turns on the salmon and trout. Wilson Harbor is twelve miles from the Niagara Bar where the warmer water enters the lake. The flume usually travels along the shoreline with generally prevailing SW winds. Olcott Harbor is six miles East of Wilson and benefits from the early warmer water. Both harbors have good marinas, good fishermen and plenty information on the necessary local knowledge. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Dunkirk?

    When the surface water temperature passed 55 degrees, the walleye bite is on. Do not count on a calendar date. If the Lake does not freeze, things will start up. If you need a calendar date, June 1, is good for waters east of Sturgeon Point. After July 4th, the action moves to Silver Creek. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United