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  1. Solar cell farms with battery storage are more popular especially with landowners and communities looking to improve their tax base.
  2. The water temperatures in the Niagara River are influenced by the ice cover and its melting condition on Lake Erie. I have seen ice there in early May some years.
  3. My experience is that when the stream water temperature reaches 45 degrees F. the trout return to the lakes where they inhabit till next fall when the stream temperatures reach 45 degrees F.
  4. Lake trout have completed spawning now and returned to lake water where the river currents are not a bother.
  5. Trout egg sacks, wobbling plugs, spinners are favorites also.
  6. Whitefish spawn in the the fall as near shore water temperatures drop, Ice fishing finds them near dop offs . Use You Tube to search for dozens of sites on Whitefish fishing methods, sites and smoking or cooking and canning.
  7. Dunkirk commercial fisherman Charley Gloff whose boat was the G4 was fishing out of Erie, PA in the early 1950's said the smelt masses were so huge, the only way to clear them from his gill nets were to boil them out in a fifty five gallon drum of boiling water. At that time the whitefish, blue pike and other cold water species disapeared from commercial landings. The smelt were a foreign invader that fed on the small fry of the local native fisheries. In the mid 1960's Canadian commercial fishermen changed to trawling methods to harvest the smelt. The smelt were loaded in ice tubs that were transported to Detroit Airport for shipment to Asian markets. As the smelt were reduced in numbers by salmon and trout stockings fish like walleye started to return. The blue pike never returned and sport fishing groups blamed commercial fishing was the reason for this but they were using this story to increase their share of the lakes fish stock.
  8. Check out offshore windmills in Cleveland, Ohio.
  9. There are millions of whitefish in the Great Lakes. What we have is no effort to target them. Go on You Tube and search out them. Use Whitefish jigs, lures, lakes like Simcoe, Michigan, Superior
  10. You Tube has many sites for fishing for Whitefish not only all the upper lakes. Search out whitefish jigs, whitefish fishing methods, etc. There are hours of viewing for you while you are waiting for ice if it happens here this year. Upper Lake Huron and Lake Superior have ice now.
  11. My brother and his family from Anchorage, Ak winters in Paso Robles,CA and they have bad water supply issues. Located next to the Central Valley where most of our nation's food supply is raised water conservation uses are enforced. Believe me there is a problem that devious politicians and media covers up. Do not believe everything you read or hear, California is in big trouble with its population and agriculture gains.
  12. Jason Mitchell Outdoors, Larry Smith outdoors, Penninsula Reports etc. Whitefish stories.
  13. Get on You Tube and search out Meegs Jigs Whitefish. This is a starter and there out other sites also from Wisconsin, etc. Whitefish Lake Simcoe works. Smoked whitefish sell at Wegmans now for over $20.00 . You can clean them using a scrub brush on the innerds. Overnight them in brine or a special cure. Smoke then hanging from metal hooks you can make. Apple, cherry wood is preferred.
  14. My whitefish gill nets which I purchased at Port Dover were 4 and 3/4 inch stretched net fine thread. About twenty foot deep they had aluminum corks that did not crush at the deep water they were set at. Dunkirk had over 200 fish tugs who supplied the East Coast communities with whitefish that were packed in ice. The ice was harvested in the winter by local men and stored in a local ice house for the railroad shipping. Fresh whitefish were preferred over the salt cod from New England ports as ice was unavailable there in the summer. Meegs lures out of Orillia, Ontario has a video on catching whitefish from Lake Simcoe.
  15. Watching local Lake Simcoe anglers catch whitefish, a trip to the local library revealed their secrets. They salt the bottom below their hole with salted emerald shiner minnows on the bottom. They build a brass rod and solder treble hooks on it, drop it to the bottom and lift it sharply to catch whitefish attracted to their bait pile. Legal? I do not think so. But lifting jigging plugs and spoons may work.
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