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  1. Interested in the spoons what length are they in inches?
  2. I believe it’s a 2006 the boat it came off of is a 2006. Also the copyright on the manual is 2006 and I googled it and it looks like that model was around 2006 on the last update. I do not know what the mhz is but it does have this tag on it if you want to research it.
  3. Where do you buy your salmon trolling fly making materials?
  4. Working fish finder / chart plotter. Comes with power cord, speedometer pick up, and transducer. The transducer is cracked at the seam ( as shown in the picture )but works fine. It came on the boat we bought and we have switched it out for a Garmin. $300.00 and $20.00 shipping
  5. Got Those Dipsy divers today thanks
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