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  1. $16 includes shipping all new never fished Chartreuse krink Gold LBB Dark Green krink Glow UV Chartreuse krink Silver Glow Dark Green krink LBB Gold Med Green krink LBB Glow Lime Flat Green LBB Flat Green LBB Gold Powder Blue LBB Glow send pm paypal [email protected]
  2. $16 includes shipping all new never fished Green krink LBB UV Chartreuse Gold glow Chartreuse shred Gold UV Green krink UV Green krink Gold Glow Baby blue LLB Glow Chartreuse krink gold glow White LLB Glow send pm paypal [email protected]
  3. $21 for all 3. Includes shipping. all new unused materials 40 lb fluro leader 72” green chartreuse, white squids —adjustable locations Large Luhr Jensen meat heads 2 glow custom tape and eyes #1 Treble extra heavy hook bead chain and tooth pick paypal [email protected]
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