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  1. Iso shimano tekotas

    Gotcha let me know
  2. Iso shimano tekotas

    Nick I have 4 Brand New in box 600LC, I am looking to get 4 Saltists 40’s or $180 each for them. Let me know
  3. Mathews Z7 Extreme 60-70# For Sale $550/offers Bought for a friend but he can't draw it back. Bow is equipped with I believe an HHA Single pin sight, QAD Drop away Rest. Draw length is 28" on the cams but has C mods not sure if that changes length. Has a generic quiver and stabilizer. Shoots great and it's fast. Strings and cables look good and it's in Very good condition. Please text me for pics as it takes way to long to load them 584-314-4199 and I prefer local pickup don't really want to ship and might meet within reasonable distance
  4. Glad I inquired if they were still available. I would have met you to get them being I work right up the road
  5. Sold / Closed J Plug Sale

    Thank you very much
  6. Sold / Closed J Plug Sale

    Awesome, I did same thing 2 years ago and regretted it since. Sold my boat and parted ALL my gear out and now I am back bigger than ever but missing plugs. Thanks a lot and I will keep my eye out for that Tracking #
  7. Sold / Closed J Plug Sale

    Ok sending it now
  8. Sold / Closed J Plug Sale

    Do you do PayPal? If so I would like these and would need them shipped to 14586. Let me know
  9. eagle creek marina

    I just heard the restaurant won't be opening cause they ran out of money to complete it. Now you see what the rate hike is for. I asked for a price on a slip for the last 2 months of season and they wanted a full seasons rate. And that was with a winterization and shrink wrap plus paid slip fees for next year. No way not me I will shop around.
  10. Its-A-Fishal..Heading to the salmon slam..

    Oh I hear yah, I have to do it in 2 weeks to bring boat home from Wilson. Not sure if I want to fish part of the way or just get it back here finally.
  11. 24volt Trolling motor question.

    That would work as well.
  12. 24volt Trolling motor question.

    Jeremy there is no way to tie in 2 more batteries cause then your essentially going from 24 to 48 volts and that wouldn't be good. As for a charging line from kicker, now that can be done but check and see how much amperage that alternator is putting out cause you don't want to burn out the batteries. Essentially you would end up charging both batteries at the same time because they should be run in series which makes them 24 volts