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  1. I believe that Krenzers will actually haul the boat wherever for a charge of course but a lot cheaper than paying for the fuel
  2. Wrong number 585-314-4199
  3. Pics please 584-314-4199
  4. Will do gonna be down there tomorrow anyhow so I will also stop into Yacht club to see
  5. That’s a bit tight for mine but I will check with them, and I am asking for a few others as well cause it came up in conversation.
  6. What are the options for docking for boats from other ports in order to fish the Shootout? With the marina being for sale and inoperable it doesn’t seem as if there are many option for those of us with bigger boats.
  7. Sea-IV

    Lowrance hds 7 question

    I would definitely look into an update, it usually happens when they change the frequencies and nothing is being picked up by the old ones.
  8. Sea-IV

    Parkway construction

    I don’t think they are going all the way to Oak, other sign eastbound is at the Kendall exit by Bald Eagle. Noticed it yesterday when I left the marina but hey we will take it considering how long it’s been.
  9. Sea-IV

    Humminbird info

    The round cable looks to be an Ethernet connection cable which you would need the Dongle cord that goes from unit to that to make it work. It syncs both units together using 1 transducer
  10. Sea-IV

    posting ups and downs.

    Hell I hav even to my boat so often the past month my wife is starting to think I have a mistress, tried explaining to her I do and it’s the boat cause every time I go there the list keeps getting longer not shorter. Wife is gonnahate me once season gets here, she gonna think I am having an orgy for crying out loud.
  11. Sea-IV

    Otter boats

    11.5” on the backside and yes I run the double keels. The lower holes help with the pull and the shorter front line turns board against itself forcing it to pull harder out. If that makes sense, that’s what works for me.
  12. Sea-IV

    Otter boats

    I run them and have no issues and no snubbers cause I run a spring on my mast to absorb the shock. They are directional as well. They can be tweaked to make them pull harder as well
  13. Apples to oranges what, it’s the price point comparison that’s only reason I posted. For $7000 more I would buy the 25 year old newer boat. Not that I am in the market but I just sold my 2015 20Pro for 32,000 if it this 1993 is $18,000 it better as close to new as possible. Or maybe it’s in Canadian money.
  14. So where do you see a Starcraft 17’ new for $60,000? Your numbers are way off, I posted a new boat and a used but newer just so you could compare your to there’s Good Luck