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  1. I don't remember NK having a 3 dot, looks more like a custom paint job as well
  2. Are these still for sale
  3. On its way thanks
  4. Scott I would be more than happy to take those Pirates off your hands. Let me know I can do PayPal if needed or whatever way
  5. I had this installed last year for work but changed positions and no longer need this. It is lockable and in like new condition. It is lockable and has lift assist as well. Would like to get $1000 as I paid $1400 and was installed in Victor. It can be installed with 2 guys and takes about 10 minutes
  6. It might be a good thing between the 2. The thing I noticed is that Cabekas was set up more for the hunting side and Bass Pro was more fishing related. Now Cabelas owns a lot of property which they lease out for hunting and also has a number of guides who work on much of the land in the Midwest. I know they have property here in NY as well as a buddy is a outfitter for them and hasn't been told anything pertaining to his duties or what not. It's early yet but for $5.5 billion that is a big chunk of change to make up so I wouldn't be surprised to see items go up in price as well being they are pretty much monopolizing the national market with this merger. Who knows but I hope it doesn't sacrafice quality and service. Also have to consider the marine side to cause there are 2 major brands involved Nitro and Ranger. Gonna be interesting as the details come out for sure.
  7. Interested in Lot 2 and lot 8 let me know I have paypal and ready
  8. I hope that the product line doesn't go downhill cause there is a big difference between the 2 stores in quality.
  9. Finally starting to show up. They have been hit and miss can't wait to get out there for some of that gold
  10. A press release just sent out today by the DEC: I have shortened the important info, (please see below) IN MY HONEST OPINION I do not see this impacting us. Also keep in mind, for 2017- 2019 there will be Zero impact at all.... So with the minimal proposed cut-back (taking into consideration a possibly higher percentage in 2017) We may feel no impact what so ever until the year 2021 if even then !!! I certainly expected a much higher proposed percentage then below...A great fact to relate to is what we as anglers experienced in 2010 and 2011, the doom and gloom thought disappeared fast those 2 seasons as we had stellar fishing, this with only 800k stocked in 2008 Keep in mind: I know many are fast to blame our DEC for just about everything that has ever gone wrong, but we have had Kings "in the system" to chase for many years, their decisions haven't been bad right along. The ultimate controller is good ole' Mother Nature !!! DEC info, please read DEC is considering a 20% reduction in Chinook salmon stocking in 2017 (reduce from 1.76 million to 1.41 million fish), which amounts to a 10% overall reduction when wild Chinook salmon are included. This action would reduce alewife consumption attributable to Chinook salmon by 7.5 million pounds over the period from 2018-2020. We are also considering a 20% reduction in 2017 lake trout stocking (New York reduction from 500,000 to 400,000 fish) DEC is proposing to maintain current stocking targets for rainbow trout, brown trout and coho salmon for 2017, is working cooperatively with the OMNRF to ensure consistent management actions on both sides of the lake. Potential Impacts to the Sportfishery – This stocking reduction is intended to protect the long-term viability of this economically important fishery. Given a 20% reduction in Chinook salmon stocking is actually 10% lake wide reduction (accounting for 50% wild Chinook salmon), the potential impact to the sportfishery is likely minor. We experienced an unplanned stocking reduction in the past without negative impacts to the sportfishery. Due to reduced Chinook salmon egg collections at the Salmon River Hatchery caused by low water and high water temperatures in 2007, DEC stocked only 799,000 Chinook salmon in the spring of 2008, a 42% reduction (NY/Ontario combined). When these fish reached age 2 in 2010 and age 3 in 2011, they supported excellent Chinook salmon fishing quality. As anglers experienced in 2014 and 2015, fishing success is much more likely to vary due to spatial distribution of alewife, water temperatures, weather patterns, and wind speed/direction Quote from Tom allen
  11. I will be there and hope we can all come together as a group to make a statement.