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  1. What I have done with my black weights was put a piece of fish scale tape on the back fin of weights. More than once have I had fish strike the tail of those weights so I just keep going with it. Not sure if it was attracted to it but it’s happened multiple times.
  2. These were on my 1996 Crusader 454xl motors and were changed cause one had a leak internally. They cost $900 each new. Selling as a pair only and will not ship. Pickup or delivered within reason from Henrietta NY $800/pair
  3. Haha not yet, it was a very good day. Let’s just say that
  4. Beat cut bait I have run in a while, boys better stock up the meat bite is here and only gonna getting crazier. I have gone thru as many as 30 strips in a day so don’t be left without any meat
  5. Ok from the rigger ball back I like to keep my leads short, no more than 20’ but as little as 5’ back from ball. Now for flasher fly leads it depends on what they want, sometimes I run the fly 24” back from flasher others I run 16” but rule of thumb for me is twice the length of the flasher, so an 8” flasher I have a 16” lead to my fly and so on
  6. Yes it’s the carbon 14 spoon by moonshine or Dreamweaver I speak of
  7. Anything with Green Dots has been killing it, carbons early and then green dots and uv as sun gets higher. We have been keeping leads short off riggers like less than 15’, f/f has been a 3-6’ leader
  8. Sounds like you have a plan all setup only thing I would change is starts point, I would setup in 60 and troll north til you get but which could be between 60-100fow, we played 105 all day Saturday and had a pretty steady bite from the to the nose
  9. Can check with Rigged or Nick Rusin to see if he has any available.
  10. Hey did you ever think that maybe he works for a charter captain such as myself, and I am switching out some gear. If you want them buy them if not scroll on and mind your business.
  11. I actually have 1 available if interested Black 12# Shark
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