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  1. It definetly not great. I was out yesterday and we did 3 Kings and lost 4 fish assuming they were Kings to being we were deep. We slid in later when wind shifted out of N and tried lakers and that part baffles me cause we couldn't get one to hit. Lots of lookers and some bait around so we called it at 1. We launched out of river and went NW to Braddocks and stayed pretty much out in front the whole time til we slid in for lakers. It's been 2 seasons for me since fishing out of Rochester. I tell yah I am in no hurry to play in that water again. I will head west from Oak to Olcott from now on.
  2. Any pics of them.
  3. Seneca

    Well I hope so, sent you a message on the BFF thread. I will either get settl d up at weigh in or tomorrow if someone is around the lake. I will be dumping boat in tomorrow at North end
  4. Nick put the Spool Me down. We will catch up at weigh in unless someone is around tomorrow. We have to stop in and register up at North end there when we launch boat
  5. Seneca

    We will be over for BFF and staying at our place on Whites Pt.
  6. I was gonna ask you if it showed up yet. We talked at Sandy a few weeks ago, I have the Starweld setup. I love my setup just wish the water would drop so I can get out. See you out there and good luck. Gonna try a few days this week
  7. The Bay I barely 500' wide and they better have a bunch of law enforcement boat out there early cause I already seen 3 on plane ripping south
  8. I am interested in 2 rod holders and a tool holder as well. I have PayPal and would need them shipped. Let me know
  9. I will take them pm me or text me at 314-4199
  10. I do have a Kicker as well and I put it on starboard side to try and counter the roll. According to my dealer the issue is prop torque and the hull being smooth allowing it to roll. I installed Lenco 9x12 electric tabs and they work out perfect. They are very responsive and take care of any other issue I was having.
  11. Yep I know the dealer s my them to me versus me driving 3 hours one way and then back again. I just installed Lenco 9x12 electric tabs. They work great very responsive and solved the issue
  12. South Bay at 1350 Empire Blvd also has a decent selection as well. I was just there and filled in some of my missing colors
  13. These are the shorts right and where would I send payment if I choose to purchase
  14. Sold / Closed

    These still available
  15. Still available