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  1. Hey did you ever think that maybe he works for a charter captain such as myself, and I am switching out some gear. If you want them buy them if not scroll on and mind your business.
  2. I actually have 1 available if interested Black 12# Shark
  3. Just to add to your description this is a Mix and Match thru hull ad there are several adapter cables made to fit many units. I currently have the same one in my Tiara and found almost every adapter available on google by looking up the MIx/Match Airmar Cables
  4. I just like my Otter Boats better but no specific reason other than opinion
  5. Well well well someone has to be looking for a nice setup
  6. If these are still available I will definitely take them
  7. We will be there this year as well. Fish Stix will be making the run from Bald Eagle to fish with a team from last year. Looking forward to putting in for a great cause. Especially when cancer hits at home like it did for myself.
  8. I found another tip that’s useful as well, not to trash a spot by having numerous people come help try finding blood and trashing an area by walking all over cause they can step on the smallest of blood or scent, if you lose the blood trail mark it and back out then make the call to deer search.
  9. Had a Trophy 2502 for a couple years and if I could get it back I would. Love the design, love the way it handles rough seas and it fished like a dream. I could load it and tow anywhere, made quite a few trips to Erie and then from the west end Wilson all the way to Oswego. Then with those Etecs on it it’s sipped fuel and then when you wanted to be someplace it would get you there in a hurry
  10. Do yourself the proper justice and call the number for warranty issues. I had a leftover 2015 Starweld 20Pro and had an issue that when on plane the boat would list over due to prop torque and the dealer never heard of such issue so online here I went and found out that others were having same issue. Well the dealer was great even though they couldn’t fix it as warranty without putting trim tabs on it. They tried there damdist to help me but ended up giving me the number and made a call. Low and behold Starcraft was aware of the issue and sent me what they called a fix, 2-4” long pieces of 1” angle iron for me to mount myself. Needless to say I bought actual trim tabs and installed those instead. They mass produce these boats fast cause demand is high and I bet they missed something. Keep good with dealer and see if they can get you a number, I think you would get much further than an email. Good Luck
  11. Those are the Traxtech tracks and we bolted them down only because I did get the Versatrack brackets and everything was bouncing around which made me very nervous. It required some work taking the side panels off but I used short sections cause of the rod lockers. Maybe by now they have come up with a more beefy bracket to mount the track to
  12. Like I said this was info passed along from a conversation we were having at the dock. It raised my concern and has stuck in my head, there wer efood changes made this year with all the pens along south shore to provide a bigger fingerling when released and the weight average did go up using that said food. Hopefully it works and provides healthier salmon. I am aware of the age classes that run and don’t. We were offshore this past weekend catching 3 year olds that probably won’t run and caught a bunch of 1-2 year old fish as well. As for the bait situation well with the trawls done early and late we shouldn’t have to worry any with all year classes being caught in healthy numbers. I will mention another concern brought up by anothe rcaotain was why would a mature 3 year old salmon be stuffed full of this years hatch of alewives no bigger than 1.5” and not have any other age class in its belly. Possible that that was the only bait available at that feeding time, I don’t know. For me learning the biology of the lake comes thru ambassadors of the lake. I surely do t want to see the mighty King dissolve from the lake. I have fished it from the late 80’s to present and plan on fishing for many many years. If I have nothing to be concerned then so be it.
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