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  1. I will take them pm me or text me at 314-4199
  2. I do have a Kicker as well and I put it on starboard side to try and counter the roll. According to my dealer the issue is prop torque and the hull being smooth allowing it to roll. I installed Lenco 9x12 electric tabs and they work out perfect. They are very responsive and take care of any other issue I was having.
  3. Yep I know the dealer s my them to me versus me driving 3 hours one way and then back again. I just installed Lenco 9x12 electric tabs. They work great very responsive and solved the issue
  4. South Bay at 1350 Empire Blvd also has a decent selection as well. I was just there and filled in some of my missing colors
  5. These are the shorts right and where would I send payment if I choose to purchase
  6. Sold / Closed

    These still available
  7. Still available
  8. Interested if still available. Cash in hand
  9. That's great to hear, I knew it's what had to be done but I wasn't coming out of pocket for it being I had just purchased the boat in April 2016. I am glad the manufacturer came around and is acknowledging the issues and there are no disputes as for it being warrantied
  10. I have been thru prop pitches and gone between stainless and aluminum props as well. It's not a pitch issue as it's the Chine on the boat isn't enough. Basically a bad hull design. The tab on motor abuse be prop has no influence and to the listing of the boat. As a solution the manufacturer has recognized the issue and as a result are installing Trim tabs on the boats that come in with the issues. The best for me is that my dealer was kind enough to ship me the trim tabs fully warrantied and I can install them myself. I don't mock the dealer that much anymore but t when the problem showed itself they acted like I was crazy. Also glad to know I wasn't the only one this happened to cause to spend $1000 on tabs for a Brand New boat is ridiculous in my eyes unless it's just something you want to add for yourself.
  11. Well just to keep everyone up to date on these issues. Starcraft has realized that there was an issue with the bigger hulls listing or rolling to one side and have issued a warranty claim for this problem. My dealer has calls me and is sending me the stationary trim tabs which are fully covered under warranty. They claim that this will resolve the issue versus taking the hull in and actually dimpling the hull. Anyone else with a newer model having these issues call your dealer and see what they offer you because with me it was a safety concern as it should be with any boat owner
  12. I don't remember NK having a 3 dot, looks more like a custom paint job as well
  13. Are these still for sale
  14. On its way thanks