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  1. Congrats to your son and you also Tony. Great fish!!!
  2. I also have a Raymarine EV-100 self installed on a 25ft Pursuit w/250 Yamaha with Seastar hydraulic steering and have had zero issues on Lake Ontario. Can’t say it handles 4-5 footers cause I’m not out there if it builds to that.
  3. Thanks for that info. I will consider shipping them
  4. 2 12lb balls with fins and 1 10lb pear shaped with fin. All 3 for $60.00 Pick up or will meet in Rochester area. Shipping extra. PM or text 585-743-7337
  5. I got my boating course transferred on line also
  6. I will get some of that thanks. Give the white polishing Scotchbrite a try on fiberglass. I’ve been using it for years on several boats. Takes off spider sh-t easily without damage
  7. Judging from his picture that doesn’t look like an option
  8. Good point Yank. I can’t speak for Wayne Co. but Monroe Co. does absolutely nothing to promote our great fishery. If it wasn’t for some nice browns caught off Braddocks and several off I-Bay, Rochester, the only weigh station in Monroe Co. BTW, would have been shut out. IMO there is a connection. All the other lakeshore counties advertise and promote. You can count the tackle shops in Monroe Co. on one hand and not using all your fingers. County officials need to step up and help these small businesses survive. Promoting the fishery is a good start
  9. That is not surface temp. I’m told that is approx. 35ft right on the floor.
  10. Great story with a happy ending Bill. I’d say you had a “calling” to go back out for a boat ride to be able to save that woman
  11. I got 2 16lb sharks from Rich aka Bikini Bottom. I met him at Narbys. He has posted his # before 1-607-346-4782
  12. Great story Matt. I was thinking big sheepshead during the day in I-Bay. Way to make his day.
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