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  1. Arnold Horshack is a charter captain??
  2. I heard 5in by end of May. That's bad enough
  3. Wave action is driven by waves? Is that what he said? A 1000 mile no wake zone? I'm surprised no one was smirking behind him but of course they still want a job. Thanks Circus for posting that
  4. Usually being the key word there.
  5. FYI. Keep a pair of leather gloves on board in case you snag something on one of the Otters and you have to hand over hand it back in. Happened to us last week after snagging a stick/branch.
  6. I heard West Point in Braddocks is closed just tomorrow cause of paving the parking lot.
  7. Check out Monroe Co launches in this forum. It's operated and maintained by Town of Irondequoit now
  8. I-Bay today Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Not surprised at all. The rate of rise in the past two weeks has been amazing
  10. Okuma Classic GLT CP-CL-862M or Okuma Blue Diamond
  11. Speed limits on I-bay and Sodus are coming soon. My bet is within a week. Fair Haven also.
  12. Tunas reel repair service recommends some mono backing to cushion the pressure of the wire on the spool. 30 lb works good they say.
  13. Good advice from Gator. Get a free multi voltmeter from Harbor Freight and eliminate any guess work about battery or source voltage.
  14. Not familiar with Jacks lube, but if you can find it this stuff is recommended for "O" rings
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