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  1. What a waste. Two direct stockings instead of pen raising. All that money and time spent just to feed the cormorants and whatever. Incompetence by the DEC? Can't wait to hear the excuses. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Have been using either a back to back uni knot or a blood. I have some old Fenwick downrigger rods that like the smaller blood knots. Knots fit thru the eyelets better.
  3. Montreal is flooding Brian. Certain areas are in a state of emergency. We all wish they could dump more but they can't.
  4. I-Bay and Monroe Co. will be next. Officials are asking for voluntary no wakes for now. Yea right. They need to declare state of emergency and enforce the wake limits. I-Bay is as high as we've seen in a loooong time
  5. It's all about the wind direction as we all know. We fished Mon with SSW breeze and water cleared up just past Shipbuilders. River water was getting pushed offshore. IBay has a muddy plume but nothing like the river. I believe the wind has been NW since Tues. keeping the mud nearshore.
  6. Thanks Reel Time. Just being nosy. Local tackle shop here has em for $7.99
  7. Very real looking presentation. Love those smallies. I had this 6.2 lb done 8-9 yrs ago by a guy in Holland NY. I don't have a lot of wall space for a king or big brown so this worked fine.
  8. Well isn't that special. And $4.99 to boot. Heh Landshark, I saw your post about Fat Nancys buy 4 get a Bay Rat free. How much $$ were they
  9. Wanted

    I got one you can have. Where are you located?
  10. I bought 2nd keels at the Niagara Fishing/Outdoor Expo in 2015 from a charter captain out of Wilson. Nice price and made well. After installing I found at rest that they sunk slowly. I took weight off the 2nd set and have had no problems since. I was told you really don't need the xtra weight unless pulling multiple long coppers. I do like spoon-fed's idea of 1/2 weights though.
  11. Nice work Rick. That shoreline looks familiar
  12. $15 a year for associate members. GCBA.com. Piece of cake. Just do it!!