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  1. Oh yeah, forgot that. I think they're XL. No markings on them. They measure 13 in.
  2. One pair Korkers tie on overshoes. Used twice. Perfect for wading on rocks,ice or moss. Carbide spikes. $40.00. Buyer pays shipping. Rochester area. PM for info.
  3. Looks more like a 2006 to me. That is a beauty!
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, Rolmops, but the weighted lines you describe are OK for flat lining down the chute, but how do you deploy 200ft of line then run it out 75-100ft on a board? Lots of weighted line from rod tip to release. Not good.
  5. It sounds like you're on the right track with the size Okuma reels and lengths of copper. To me the high speed retrieves are worth it on 400 and higher. Convectors for the 300's and Clarion CLR 553LS for the 400-500's. Scotty releases on the heavy setting are the ticket for the boards. The GLT rods are a great value also. Happy shopping.
  6. Try the 120-140 ft depths. On Thursday the temp was down around 60 ft with a ton of bait. 300 copper was hot and 177 on the wire with FF. Not a lot of fish on the bait but enough to keep you awake. We'll be out tomorrow.
  7. Check out the Pursuit line of 24-27 footers. Not sure where you're located but there is a good selection in the Ohio and Michigan area. I'm in western NY and bought mine in Port Clinton Ohio in 2009. 255 Offshore w/ 250 Yamaha. Similar to a Seaswirl but better quality boat IMO. Got 1700 hrs on the Yammie with zero issues so far. The ride is rock solid and it has all the extras you'd want for fishing.
  8. Caught this a couple years ago. Must be a relative. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. We have been using 2 3in pieces of foam pipe insulation on either edge of spin doc or flasher and then wrap leader around the foam and stick the hook in the foam. No kinks in leader and hook is secured.
  10. Definitely a cheaper run to the outlet jlogger. We actually got to like the 40 min run in the AM. We'd hop in the boat and get all set up on the way out. Break everything down on the way in. Sat. & Sun. Afternoons were a real treat. No idiots to deal with.
  11. The last 4 kings we've caught didn't total that.
  12. Both trips were in the 20-30 mi range out of Oregon Outlet. Amberjacks were on structure like wrecks and a old US Navy communication tower which looked like an oil rig. Billfish trip was a little east of that. On Monday 8/21,eclipse day, it was dead calm. On Wed. It blew hard SW at 20-25.
  13. Great location. A lot closer to the fishing marinas than we were. We stayed up in Corolla. Enjoy your vacation.
  14. Thanks Chuck. The whole week was a blast