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  1. I paid $75 apiece for these rods in 1985. Still using em. Fun for smallies or kings
  2. That Ugly stick sounds like it might be a little light for the wire/dipsey. Medium heavy to heavy would be better. Can't go wrong with Mason 7 strand on FISHUSA. I don't see Blood Run wire offered that I've used before.
  3. Alan- stop at the boat I'll give you a few Scotty's to try out.
  4. It sucked off I-Bay also. Similar conditions minus the Lakers. Two hummingbirds were tailing us for awhile but scared to land. Couldn't get a pic Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. We could start a "Go Fund Me" campaign for an ammo purchase.
  6. Well Bruce, I'm trying to be optimistic because the Feds were looking for public input about cormorant management back in March. Check out Jerry's post back in Feb. The process probably ground to a halt in Washington with the virus, but I'm hoping something, anything, will change this year.
  7. Friend of mine sent me this video. Said it was taken in E of Somerset NY. I'd say we have a cormorant problem. Hopefully the USFWS gets off their behinds and let's the DEC take some kind of action. IMG_0640.mov
  8. Google Anisakiasis. It might change your mind
  9. I fished with a guy a few years ago who would cut the tails off of salmon and toss em in the livewell to bleed out. It was easy and fast. Anyone else do that?
  10. Looking forward to seeing that brown. Post a pic when you get it please.
  11. He's fishing out of I-Bay but from a new marina not a new port.
  12. All good suggestions for rods and divers. Your Okuma 30 size reels would be perfect for wire. As for spooling with mono get a bulk spool of Trilene Big Game 20 lb. test. Most cost effective way. You can leader down with flourocarbon for stealth depending on target species. When the fleas show up just peel of a 100 ft or more of mono and tie on some Blood Run Sea Flee to top off reel
  13. And if this weather pattern continues that may be in mid July.
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