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  1. Sorry, should have made that more clear. Province of Ontario canada
  2. According to the news release hunters with a outdoors card and small game license can take 15 a day from Sept 15th to Dec. 31st. Like Brian said, a reasonable effort must be made to retrieve and dispose of killed or wounded birds. Cormorant stew anyone? Hopefully the USFWS will monitor the hunt this fall and allow something similar in the US. And not be influenced by wacko environmental groups who think they are a beautiful bird.
  3. Without trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about, Wouldn’t your 600 depth correspond more with a 22 or 23 N line. 43 is the degree line. 23 would be the minutes and much more accurate. We saw you running in late morning. Thanks for the wide swing around us in 120fow
  4. Sounds like a very capable tow vehicle. My guess is your boat/trailer combo runs about 6000-6500 lbs. Adding fuel and equipment maybe 7000-7500. I also wouldn’t worry about trailering the 8ft 9in beam. I’ve been trailering a 8ft 10in for 10 years and zero issues
  5. I drilled out the two rivets and replaced with the same. I was desperate
  6. Take a look inside the head unit and see if spider webs may be causing the problem. Happened to me several years ago and that was it. That analog needle is very sensitive
  7. Temps were down around 90 ft out of I-Bay on Wednesday. Winds should not have changed that too much Good luck
  8. If you’re going to go 2 for 2 it might as well be those 2
  9. Thanks for the post. Commenting is very easy on that link. Let them know you want action not words.
  10. Tunas Reel Troubles recommends mono backing on wire reels
  11. One downside of using new Sea Flee is it won’t hold in a Scotty pinch type release because it is so slick. I have to switch back over to black releases on my riggers when I spool some on. Blood Run even recommends taking 10 wraps before setting in the black to prevent slippage. Everything is a trade off. No matter the species though, they don’t like it.
  12. I think it’s the sawing action of the wire on the twilli tip which makes them fall right off. Not sure that would be the case with mono. We’ve been using Blood Run Sea Flee for a couple years on riggers. Works great
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