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  1. Had a flea problem yesterday out of I-Bay. They were clinging to any line running vertically. Rigger cable, rigger lines and the braided dipseys. Will put the braided dipsey rods away. PITA to remove fleas from braid. Wire is no problem. On rigger rods we remove 150 ft of mono and tie Blood Run Sea Flee 30 lb for the summer. 20 lb flouro leader to that if you want.
  2. Barricades still up across ramp as of yesterday
  3. I'd say that was a darn good shakedown. Thanks for the post
  4. Got a bunch of sheepers in I-Bay last Saturday after getting tossed off Lake O19 lbs the biggest Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. That was easy! Thanks for starting this thread. I used JD's advice and tweaked my gain settings on my FCV-627. Backed off the 50 and upped the 200. In the dual mode I usually ran my gain in off position and adjusted for best picture. Now I keep it in fishing mode and seem to get a better screen.
  6. Braddocks is $9 weekdays and $12 weekends. Everybody is right.
  7. I assume it's dual frequency. 50 & 200 ? Does it happen with both in dual mode? Also is the difference there in manual and auto depth mode
  8. Approx 60 ft at 2.25 to 2.5 trolling speed
  9. Totally different scenario than your 1st question. LOC rules state must enter fish on the day caught.
  10. Furuno for a stand alone FF with Airmar thru hull transducer
  11. We have not seen an enforcement boat on I-bay all week. One of them needs to get there a-s in there and start writing tickets. Shoreline residents are getting hammered with even 6 in wakes. We saw boats from Southpoint running on plane this AM 100 ft from shore.
  12. Made a run to Olcott from Rochester yesterday on a buddy's boat and we saw our share of debris. The one nice thing was the gulls, terns,ducks and cormorants spotting some of the crap that was floating low in the water by sitting on it. Some were even mistaken for small, open boats from a distance. At least cormorants are good for something. NOT!
  13. Thanks Pap. Getting that little bugger to pose for a pic was a PITA