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  1. Maybe referring to a self draining cockpit with non-skid, which most if not all Pursuits have.

    Ablative paint questions

    Good advice about Jamestown Distributors. They can tell you what you've got on there now, and how to prep it. It looks as though you're ready for a recoat to me after 8 years. If you determine you've gone an ablative paint on now, I recommend Pettit Hydrocoat. Jamestown has it and will recommend it as well.

    OK, So How do You Use Them?

    Bought some last year from Troubles and like em. Not for everyday use but if you want to peg your cheater to a certain depth they work great. Use to use a rubber band but these are easier.

    Thoughts on P-Line flouroclear

    I was told years ago to stay away from P-Line by charter captains.

    Does Yamaha have troll control?


    Anyone do an OBX charter?

    Check your PM's

    Anyone do an OBX charter?

    We fished outta Oregon Outlet in August of 2017. We also stayed in Corolla. Oregon definitely is your only option. We took two trips. Fishing Frenzy was one and another booked thru Corolla Bait. Amberjack,marlin,, sails and wahoo were caught. Search Outer Banks NC above for my post with pics. Tried to post the link but not smart enough. Any questions just PM me.

    copper set up question

    Good advice. If I were to own just one copper it would be a 300. Very practical for the above reasons. .
  9. If I had room for those I'd consider buying em.
  10. UNREEL

    7 vs 19 wireline

    Yes we do, and then use twilli tips Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. UNREEL

    7 vs 19 wireline

    We use the TLA90-MH2 for the dipseys. If you want a 9ft 6in go with the TLA96. Both medium heavy power, action medium fast
  12. Check out LOUnited for Change topic. Legacy posted this and also info on lampreys last week.