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  1. Anyone know what the check-in procedure is for the LOTSA Salmon school? I'm on the list as attending. Anything else needed? Also any recommendations for parking. Will be driving there Sat AM. Thanks

    Advice on a new rig

    I've bought new 2009 250 Yamaha 4 stroke on a 25 ft Pursuit that has close to 1800 hrs on it. Trolls great with no bags. I change oil 2X a year and lower unit in fall. Have had local Yammie certified mechanic do other PM on it. I'd say if the required maintenance has been done by the dealer with documentation you should be good. Ask about the timing belt. That's one of the bigger ticket items mine called for after 1000 hrs. I had mine done at 1250 hrs although it looked fine. Other than plugs, water pump and filters that's been it. Good luck with your decision.

    Dipsy rod spacing

    Got 2 of those last year and no complaints. Sounds like you have plenty of spacing. You do have a tendency to forget they ratchet when that rod gets pumping though.


    My apologies. What was I thinking.


    Bruce- that must have been one hell of a hangover. What? No pink elephants?

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    I'm gonna try that. I assume it's the same wire knot used on wire rods?

    How many .... .

    Broke a tip on a copper rod while landing a king. We think the line was wrapped around the tip

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    X2. No chance of a bad crimp

    Best wire for divers

    I bought a bulk spool (10,000 ft) of 7 strand Blood Run on sale 4 years ago and have had no problems. Loaded several reels for others along with my 3 for about $20 per 1000 ft. Still got enough for a few more. We run 40 or 50 lb mono at the end to eliminate the curly Q's. Before that, I tried the 19 strand Torpedo on one reel and besides being more limp didn't notice any major difference. Merry Christmas!
  10. UNREEL

    Geezer Spoon

    X2. Dark days or bright. No real pattern - just a real versatile spoon. If it's not on a rigger it's usually out on a junk line or dipsey. Tom, are you docking on same docks again this season? Kevin
  11. UNREEL

    Geezer Spoon

    Thanks for the heads up. Can always use some more Geezers. It was hot most of the year for us out of I-Bay.
  12. UNREEL


    That is what I've been telling my psychiatrist