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  1. All good info in above post. I’m in Irondequoit Bay with no current and a painted bottom. Just a little slime and some zebras on the tabs in the fall. 12 years ago I went 2 years without paint and had to pull boat mid summer to bottom wash. PITA. Definitely keep your OB out of the water if you have the room at the slip.
  2. Tom Allen from A-Tom-Mik posted on Facebook that he is taking orders for cut-bait to bring to the Niagara Expo in February. $30/tray 10 pcs or $160/case 60 pcs.
  3. I would PM Yankee Troller. Rick can answer that
  4. The Lake Ontario Charter Boat Assoc. has a flea market scheduled. I think its the last weekend of March. Someone correct me on the date. It’s going to be at the ferry bldg. on the Genny in Charlotte
  5. I just read in the NY Outdoor News Niagara River fishing reports that this was caught near the Niagara bar by a Fort Erie, Ontario guy. 28 lbs and was released.
  6. Wow!! Great fish. 20 lbs. maybe?
  7. Happiness is a big fish and a witness to see it. I hope. 🙄
  8. I got it. Can I post it? 😋
  9. Check out the classifieds. Some very good deals on used Okuma reels and rods. Good spoon selection. Very honest people to deal with. Just make sure you’re dealing with the seller and not an impersonator POS. Spool up with 30lb mono and you can leader down with fluorocarbon. Get some Scotty releases for the riggers. Fish USA.com is a great tackle site for everything also. Good luck
  10. I’ve seen on TV the last few days a site where you can report to the FBI any internet crime. The site is IC3.gov. Any internet crime complaints can be filed on this site. There are also consumer alerts concerning different scams. Check it out
  11. Or just buy a Yamaha and not lose any sleep. 🙄
  12. Sorry about your issue Bruce. Lots of scamming going on with other payment networks like Zelle. I had 2 kayaks for sale on Facebook marketplace and almost got it stuck up you know where with a Zelle transaction.
  13. I have had Scotty gimbal mounts for my riggers for 12 years now with zero issues. The strength of the rod holders and the sturdiness of the gunnels are more of a concern. There are some big differences in gunnel strength from boat manufacturers
  14. I just found the old box for my BogaGrip and noticed it’s made in Eastaboga, Alabama. Go figure
  15. Jerry’s deer processing in Charlotte 585-865-6404
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