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  1. You're absolutely right!
  2. Okuma Convectors
  3. Sounds like could be I-Bay. 200ft is a hike outta there.
  4. Nice call on the wind. Sat. AM looked very fishable.
  5. Nice job out there. Sorry about the probe.
  6. Just splice in around 150 ft of this and then flouro leader of your choice (20 lb) and good to go. If fleas load up on your wire and gets jammed at the twilli tip, just grab the wire in front of the reel and pull wire thru the twilli and fleas fall right off. I gotta try the wash down hose idea.
  7. My opinion is don't bother with the braid - go with the wire. You can saw them right off MUCH easier
  8. This has proven to be very reliable for several years now.
  9. Fleas have been bad out of I-Bay. Changed over to 200ft of Blood Run Sea-Flea and fished last Monday. Couldn't figure why rigger rods kept letting go from the Scotty releases with nobody home. That Sea-Flea is very slippery we figured out and changed over to a black release. Problem solved
  10. Yeow that is insane.
  11. Cost Del Mar sunglasses Costa Del Mar Wave Killer sunglasses for sale. Just returned from Costa with new 580 lenses and new rubber temples. Comes with case and lanyard. Basically brand new. $150.00. PM for more info.
  12. Nice job and thanks for the pics Larry and Pvelyk. Great inaugural tournament. Thanks to all who organized. I-Bay was well represented with Reptide taking big king and placing 4th. I fished on the Fireball boat and got big steelie. Flying Fish outta I-Bay got big laker.