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    Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    Sutters in Canandaigua has certified Yamaha technicians. Have used them for PM service. I troll with a 2009 250 HP and also use Ring Free at every fueling. 1800 hrs and going strong
  2. Anybody have any opinions on the Magnum Metalz downriggers. I'm shopping for new riggers. They have all the features I'm looking for and a reasonable price. Got a good write up in GLA Magazine.

    Lead core questions

    Our experience is you can run leadcore in a Scooty release but not far at all from the boat cause of the sag in the line running to the release. Copper is even worse.

    Wire line

    Tuna Tom's reel repair suggests about a 100ft of heavier mono. 40 or 50 lb.
  5. That's why we fish, for a catch like that. Congrats

    Handheld radio

    Check out the Handheld VHF posting in This Old Boat. Several opinions there
  7. Good looking rig. Good luck with it.
  8. Glad to hear Dave is the real deal. Love the "Hard Merch"

    Otter boat problems

  10. UNREEL

    Otter boat problems

    We had issues getting our releases to slide on heavy mono line that came with my planer reels. ( Traxtech) Changed out the towline to #200 braid and problem solved. I prefer the Otters to run out to the side as compared to lagging back.
  11. No excuse for running em that far out under those near shore conditions. That goes for charter or rec boats.
  12. UNREEL

    Wireless smart man overboard system

    Great idea for many who fish alone. Should that be Fell In Marine tho.
  13. UNREEL

    Mecury Outboard Rebuild

    FYI. Independent Marine does not work on outboards.
  14. UNREEL

    Must haves

    That oughta do it!!!! very nice.