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  1. When the fleas show up around Rochester we splice in 150ft of Blood Run Sea Flea with back to back uni knot. 10ft or so of 20lb flouro to swivel from there. Seems to work for us
  2. New to the Salmon Game

    My advice would be to go to the first three posts on this topic list from Legacy. Rob has stated everything you need to know about reel sizes and spooling. Great info
  3. Lake forecast apps

    WindAlert helps with wind direction and speed.
  4. Planer board reels

    Bought new planer reels in 2016 which came with 150-200 lb mono on them. It was OK for a couple of months then nothing wanted to slide on it easily. Changed it out with a 300 ft spool of 150 lb Power Pro last year and could not be happier. I run double keeled Otters with Clipper releases in spring and Scottys later on
  5. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Lost Kitewing on Irondequoit Bay

    Lots of open water that part of I-Bay right now. I had no luck walking some shoreline. Good luck with the paddle search
  7. Lost Kitewing on Irondequoit Bay

    Would it be over by Southpoint Marina or farther north? I walk the trails on the east side sometimes
  8. Convectors

  9. Damn. Forgot all about this seminar. Started 30 min ago. Should start writing more things down on calender
  10. Brown trout

    The single keels will be fine for pulling those mag lips or any stickbaits. The double keels help when you put out long coppers later in the year.
  11. Convectors

    Agreed. Like finsntins, my Convectors and Catalinas had 6-7 years on em and needed some PM
  12. Brown trout

    Just got an order of 4 from Yakima. Can't wait to get em wet