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  1. 40 or 50 lb. Big Game is tough stuff. Change out only when you have any doubts.
  2. Not to say you'll never tangle on a turn, but my bet is you're catching it while letting out the copper and don't know it. Letting a 450 copper out too fast can grab the belly of the wire, especially if it's out 250-300. We send out copper to a board right over the top of a deployed dipsey but the key is keep it straight and let it out SLOW
  3. We've been using 40lb mono on our wire rods for 2 years now. 25-30 ft. With an allbright knot. Change it out as needed. No more curly cues. A charter captain I know uses 50lb Spros heavy swivels on the wire. But it's a PITA to do yourself. Got my LOU stickers Luke. Thanks for the quick delivery.
  4. TunasReelTroubles.com will have those
  5. You're being too nice when you said hydraulic info is vague. They su-k. Check your PM's. Kevin
  6. Just did a EV-100 install in Sept./Oct. on 25ft Pursuit w/ 250HP Yammie. Got the commissioning done and a shakedown run before pulling the plug. Did the install myself, but had help on the hydraulic line bleeding. Can't wait to get back in the water. I fished with a buddy last summer who put one on an older 27ft Pursuit with twin inboards and it handled it fine. Good luck with your decision
  7. Yup, that's the place. I bet you haven't done much of that this year.
  8. Is that an octopus?? That is a great day of fishing
  9. If you're in the Rochester area try S&R Bait/Tackle in Sea Breeze. The owner tries to stock as much trout/salmon stuff as he can, with very good prices. If he doesn't have what you want he can order it. Stop in after 4 PM weekdays or all weekend when the owner is there.
  10. Very nice!
  11. For spring browns our go-to plug is an old Rebel naturalized brown trout 3 1/2 in out on the board with a rubber core sinker if needed. I've got 2 left. When they go In muddy,stained water same size Bombers or Challengers, anything bright. You can probably tell my age by those selections. Gonna give some new bay Rats a run this year
  12. Bear Creek. How can you beat Ginna's influence in the spring along with other creek flows and structure to boot
  13. On the Home page upper right hand corner search "fishing spring browns". That will bring up numerous posts to answer your questions
  14. Well it looks like the jury is still out on whether mono backing is needed. I have been using tape and haven't had any issues but I like Sk8man's comment on preventive maintenance. I think I'll put some mono on as I respool. Like rbochan said, who doesn't have some cheap, crappy mono lying around.