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  1. Double D gets a taste

    Nice going you two.
  2. sizing chart

    Thanks. I missed that
  3. Braddocks

    Now thats funny, gross but funny
  4. Braddocks

    I just read somewhere Oldsquaw numbers on the Great Lakes have been increasing cause they're chowing on zebra mussels. Can't help the taste.
  5. Help Needed Lou

    Outstanding!!!! Congrats and Happy Holidays
  6. Help Needed Lou

    As soon as my wife gets home you got a like. I no do Facebook

    Break away!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the report. We fished out of Oregon Outlet this past August on the "Fishing Frenzy" boat and caught Blue Marlin, White Marlin, a Sailfish and a bonus 45lb. Wahoo. Can't wait for next August. Charters are a little $$ but they motor far offshore and work hard to find fish.
  9. Zebra Mussel Cooling Issue

    The mussels in I-Bay were exceptionally bad this year. I've seen numerous boat bottoms completely covered with an inch of them if they weren't bottom painted. I have an outboard so haven't had an issue, but I did find transducers, trim tabs, outboard motor bracket and three water intakes all loaded up. Several Muriatic acid sprays and power washes did the trick. Bottom paint helps but only on flat hull surfaces. Not outdrives it seems.
  10. Oh yeah, forgot that. I think they're XL. No markings on them. They measure 13 in.
  11. One pair Korkers tie on overshoes. Used twice. Perfect for wading on rocks,ice or moss. Carbide spikes. $40.00. Buyer pays shipping. Rochester area. PM for info.
  12. Looks more like a 2006 to me. That is a beauty!
  13. Adding pennies to my spread

    Correct me if I'm wrong, Rolmops, but the weighted lines you describe are OK for flat lining down the chute, but how do you deploy 200ft of line then run it out 75-100ft on a board? Lots of weighted line from rod tip to release. Not good.
  14. Adding pennies to my spread

    It sounds like you're on the right track with the size Okuma reels and lengths of copper. To me the high speed retrieves are worth it on 400 and higher. Convectors for the 300's and Clarion CLR 553LS for the 400-500's. Scotty releases on the heavy setting are the ticket for the boards. The GLT rods are a great value also. Happy shopping.