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  1. https://chinookdiver.com/rudders Check this site out. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. X3. Matched with an Airmar thruhull transducer.
  3. X2 on the Spro heavy swivel. The best part is you can pass the copper thru twice before you do your haywire twist.
  4. I've seen that little dachshund at work on a buddy's buck. Amazing. Just don't try to pet it. A nasty little bugger.
  5. $$$$. I don't do it either but know many who do
  6. Don't forget small dipseys on 3 settings and short leadcores for targeting top 20 FOW.
  7. Aware of that thank you. Mostly from excessive snow melt and rain. Fortunately the government has issued building/rebuilding moratoriums in newly designated flood zones in Montreal area.
  8. Looking at that outflow chart you can see that starting in April flow was cut 8 times ending with 5600 m3/s on 4/22/19. That is the lowest outflow of any of the years listed above. Hmm.
  9. Right on the money. Lifetime guarantee on Scottys also as long as you register them
  10. Pursuit 255 Offshore with 250 Yamaha. Raymarine ACU-100 tied into existing SeaStar hydraulic system. 3 yrs since the install, 580 hours, using it 80% of the time trolling and has been worry free.
  11. If you're looking for a smaller brown spoon that produces try some DW Super Slims in all of Brian's color suggestions. A small Moonshine Raptor has been good also.
  12. NymphO is right on with using a combo of reports. Fishing out of I-Bay I use WindAlert for direction and speed. Also web cams in Webster NY and a Coast Guard weather station on Summerville pier at Rochester harbor. Station #RPRN6. Also the NOAA marine forecast for laughs. Even with all that it's still a crap shoot
  13. Are these speed differences all at the same depth? Make sure you're not dealing with currents if you're comparing surface speed to down speed. Other than that can't imagine why.
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