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  1. Jello and Vodka
  2. You wanna bring the midget or the donkey?
  3. Heck I'll 1st mate for Matt Class A Sport fishing can't go wrong with either
  4. I'll 1st mate for Silver Fox and I've been known to throw a hell of a stag party
  5. And we won't be penning them this late. NYS and the powers that be have their heads up their azz Either that or this is a chicken schit way of cutting salmon numbers,either way someone needs to be held accountable
  6. Gotta love this place
  7. I love beaver
  8. Democrats and Chuck Schumer are you surprised?
  9. You say stuff without a filter that's what I like about you
  10. I think rules about leaving from and returning to Sandy creek for the shootout may need to be tweaked
  11. Everyone should move to the ocean no one can control the ocean
  12. Zero tonight 1st time with a skunk for this spot
  13. My cousin and I are gonna sit together and try and do the 123 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. 10/4 on the Barnes Im running 250 gr Expanders over 120gr BH209 in my Omega...heading out the door in a few to get some meat
  15. I just set one up for a buddy I ordered him the new breech plug and it and a bunch of other supplies are sitting here waiting for him I'll switch him over from 777 to Blackhorn 209 in the spring