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  1. Hahaha . I'll keep a eye out for that. That would be awesome to see . Good luck .
  2. Jeremy always value your reports thank you . I fish with Dan the DD.. So know your boat and have met you at the shootout weigh in. I was gonna ask you if upgraded boats when I saw that pic last night lol. Did not know there is a sandy run . Do they stock there. How did they imprint there? We're finding the Kings in same water u are . Off Rochester .
  3. I agree , but lake o has been quite sporty lately . And tough fishing offshore in 22 ft. Pen yan. I think most derby fish are coming east Pulaski way then north . But who knows . Could to see the rods screaming today anyway.
  4. Fished Rochester home port today knowing kings had to be there , even though they been tight lipped last couple weeks well they are there and were deep and uninterested most of the morning. But we stayed and made them pay. 4 matures . From noon to 1:30p a 28,24,19,12. And lost another screamer on the wire. Could of stayed on them but had father things to do. 130-150fow best . Good luck out there
  5. Was tough out there today, still very tough bite. Bait loaded under100 fow . Kings in 150-175. Down deep. But did not want to play much . Lako O bumpy again which did not help good luck.
  6. Nice video and great choice of back ground song .
  7. Nice looking shark. I bay is my home port but I've been having to travel west to find fish. Good to see they are starting to filter our way only a matter of time.
  8. Summer colors are nicer looking in my option . And you caught it I. Summer So stay with it.
  9. That's not the tunnel drive . That's the smooth hum of rigging on the port side of the boat . Not sure if this means anything , but there is a ton of what look like niagria minnows . Or smelt loaded in frt. . of ibay. Clouds on screen in 20 fow . And prop. Churning them up for the gulls . Look like Alfred Hitchcock movie . Birds dive bombing everywhere. The Browns are full.
  10. It's easy when u have a high quality first mate and condition are optimal.
  11. Late start today . Waited for storms and high seas I quess. Only boat on the lake . Took my boat out since DD hD to work for once . We went 2 for 5 . Steelhead and 6lb. King. Lost screamer on wire rod . Green thunder NK. Every other shot came on finger lakes tackle. Green and blk. . Better water over 200fow. As waves built cold water moved up. Weird with strong west wind . Hope this helps a little good luck everyone.
  12. Yesterday the temp. Was off shore. NE breeze today may start to bring some cold water back in. Hope you have temp. Probe. Still may have to work some deeper water . Just not as far . Kings were in 350 to 450fow. Steelhead were 500fow plus. Yesterday. Hope this helps, good luck
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