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  1. I was in that spot yesterday morning and only marked 4 fish in 3 hours. Not a single hit though. Water temp around 49-50. Trolled from 90 to 140. Marks were in the 130 area. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I have two spare boat anchors for sale: a 16 lb river anchor and a 9 lb Danforth/fluke anchor. $10 for each anchor. The Danforth/fluke anchor is 22" high by 18" wide. You pick up, I'm located in Webster.
  3. I have 3 spare downrigger cannonballs for sale: 2 are 10 lb, 1 is a 8 lb. $5 each. You pick up, I'm located in Webster.
  4. Jeremy, thanks for all the posts and guidance you offer to those who ask on this bulletin board. You're a class act! Have a great off-season.
  5. Nicely done Dickey. That's what fishing is all about. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Thanks Jeremy, good luck to you too if you get out tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the report Jeremy and nice catch. The lake is starting to lay down over here so I'll see what the morning brings.
  8. Lucky, you get the award for most unique use of emoticons in a posting.
  9. Hey guys I was out there on Sun the 25th, about Midway between the bay and Hedges. Started in 150' and trolled to 400'. Hooked 4 and boated 1, even hits on spoons and SD/flies. All hits were in the 330 to 360' area with the riggers at 65-75 down. Three were Kings with 2 saying goodbye 10' behind the boat. Nice GoPro video of the fish splashing and a lure flying over my head. The 3rd no show is unknown as he was on the other line as I was bringing a king in. Always a fun event when fishing solo. Lake temps still seem screwy.
  10. Thanks for all the tips guys. Will definitely try the smaller spoons and dipseys and watch my bottom depth. I like the idea of an evening run for browns because it's easier to reach the shallower water from dockside.
  11. Deep water was a rollin' a little too much on Mon AM so stayed in close to join a few others who I assumed were fishing for browns. Never really tried for these and I don't have planer boards in the boat, but we set the spoons far back 60-70' and trolled 8-11' down in the 30-40 fow area. Marked a lot and managed to boat a couple nice ones. Any other hints for fishing for browns without planers? My brother's first trip up for Lake O fishing and I got him on a few nice Kings the day before out in 400'.
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