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  1. I've owned this boat for 10 years. I think I know the difference between battery positions #1 and #2. And I've used the Weego to jump several vehicles, therefore, yes, I know how to turn the darn thing on properly.
  2. I'm sure I had the Perko switch in the right position to use battery position #1. I think the issue is the Weego has a diagnostic unit hard wired into the leads and that checks for things like having the leads connected to the correct pos and neg posts on the battery. The instructions confirm if the battery is completely dead (zero charge) the Weego will not jump a car. So I think the built-in diagnostic unit would not let the jump pack supply any power.
  3. Here's an update to this post ...... I tried this the other day and it was a no-go. The Weego power unit was smart enough to determine that because there was no battery present, i.e. the "battery" that it was connected to had essentially a zero charge, it threw an error code and would not provide any voltage to the system. I believe the Weego is designed to only provide a jump charge to a battery that has a minimum voltage. So as long as I had gone this far I lugged a battery out of the basement and connected that way. A second learning was that I did not need to complete the ground loop between the 2 battery sides for the Perko switch because the main ground line for the boat was in the battery #1 compartment.
  4. I have a 2 battery system on my boat, controlled by the typical 2 battery Perko switch. I assume it was installed correctly as an established marina did the installation. I have the batteries removed for the season but would like to run the motor trim for a few seconds to trim the lower end up. I'm thinking of using my Weego connected to one side of the Perko (hot and ground) to do this. Does anyone know if this will work, meaning the separate battery grounds are made independently? Or will I need to connect the ground cables from the 2 separate battery locations? Thanks for any help with this.
  5. Thanks Whaler. I did stumble on the NADA guide and it seemed high. Checking out Boat Trader is a very good idea.
  6. I wasn't really sure where to post this request. I though about the Boats for Sale section but I didn't want to get slammed for not actually having a boat for sale (yet). I'll be putting my 2000 Trophy 18' walk-around up for sale in the spring and I'm having a difficult time finding a good resource for pricing the boat. I'm interested in what pricing guides others have found to be accurate. Thanks for any good leads.
  7. Sorry to hear your day was fishless, but a slow cruise up the Genny this time of year is nice regardless. I like that at some points you can't see many signs of civilization and it makes me wonder what that area was like before it was developed.
  8. I waited for the rain to stop this morning and squeezed a couple hours in before the predicted PM thunder/rain. Stayed close to the bay in case I needed to make a run for it. Saw many marks in the 75 fow range in front of Shipbuilders. Managed 2 mature kings, both 65' down over 75', both on a DW silver alewife. 19 and 18 lbs. They did not want to leave the bottom of the lake. This is it for me for the season due to some vacation time and the fact that my Furano sonar unit kept losing power and shutting off. The unit is 10+ years old and I think the strain/curvature on the cables as they are plugged in may have caused some internal wire breakage or poor connection within one of the connectors. Best of luck to you that keep chasing the chrome.
  9. Nice going Eric, I'm sure those girls will treasure that trip for many years to come! A great finish to the season. I hope the nose heals quickly.
  10. Nice job Pike! It's good to see someone having some luck in that area. I hope to get out once more this week before pulling the boat, but the forecast ain't looking too good.
  11. Sounds like you did fairly well for the reports we're seeing recently.
  12. Hey Buster. I was out of I-Bay this morning, trolled from 180-530 fow about 30 deg NE of the bay outlet. I marked 2 fish in 266' and maybe another 4 from 380 to 500'. I ran FF, a meat rig, and spoons. Never had a hit. Had 2 releases on the meat rig but suspect they were just the current. I agree with the temp breaks you saw. Disappointing morning. I saw a couple boats out way deeper, I'm sure 600' plus. Would be interested to hear how things were out there.
  13. Buster, I think I saw you waaay out there Thursday morning. I wasn't marking much in the 150-250 fow range, and the farthest I went was 340. I did manage one 8 lb king 80/290 on a DW mag light green spoon. As you said, on a north troll everything was fine. The turn to the south was bumpy. Can't imagine your ride back from 530'. At least you had some decent action.
  14. I fish out of I-Bay and I don't trust the NWS NOAA wave forecast anymore. I check the Forest Lawn Beach webcam on WeatherBug to verify. It's close enough to I-Bay to see what the lake is really like. Of course 2' waves can look smaller from the perch the camera is on, so look at the video carefully.
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