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  1. Beautiful job Andre! Does that rod holder spin like a roulette wheel? Could make fishing a little more interesting.
  2. Big or small, I'm sure they were happy to reel them in! I've thrown divers in the mix routinely this year, but not at lengths of 200'. What's your estimate of depth these are going on the 2 setting?
  3. I agree Sk8, managed one fish each of the last two trips out of IBay. At least they were good ones.
  4. Holy cow! Nice pics Soup. We used to stroll along the river when our daughter was attending SUNY Oswego a few years back. Never saw it anything like that. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I think there is some dredging going on around the water treatment plant by Kodak. But I prefer Gill-T's explanation.
  6. Fishing solo for kings is a blast. Sometimes I have one hand on the wheel to stay the course and the other keeping the rod true. The only time it gets hairy is getting them in the net. My GoPro is on standby and at the push of the button it grabs pics for a clean catch and release.
  7. Erie, would it still be worth it if they were in good numbers and you could troll in a tight pattern annoying the heck out of them?
  8. A little research on the NOAA/NWS marine website finds MrKato is on the money: Buoy 45012 is listed as being 18 nm N-NE of Rochester (details say 20 nm however) and reports wave height (WVHT) in ft. This morning it read 1.3 ft. Buoy RPRN6 is 7 nm out from Rochester and reports a lot of other data (temp, wind speed, barometric pressure) but no WVHT. I believe it is a NWS buoy reporting for the Coast Guard. Buoy RCRN6 is 8 nm out and reports only temp for the NOAA. I guess I have a better appreciation for how useless the wave height data from a buoy 20 nm out can be for me fishing 4-7 miles off shore. The best gauge I have found is to go to the Weather Bug website for Webster and look at the Forest Lawn Beach weather camera. It looks right out on the water and is the next best thing to standing on shore. I wish I had this much motivation for doing research for term papers in school.
  9. Yes, I was surprised at how warm it got mid morning. Temp was a little higher out east (I-Bay) found 55-50 at 60' deep
  10. Intended to head to deeper water but the trim tabs weren't working this morning, so enjoyed a bumpy ride to the 150-300 fow area east of Hedges. Not many marks but those that I did see were usually at 240-250ish. Grabbed 2 kings, 15 and 19 lbs, so a good day. Both on a DW dolphin green glow spoon 70' over 240 and 260. BTW, I was listening to the channel 2 weather forecast on the marine radio and it said the wave reading at the Rochester buoy was 0 feet. I was about 5 miles out probably 6-7 miles east of the buoy, and it was a good 1' chop this morning with the occasional 2' roller. I was surprised the report was so far off ... just like the NOAA wave report.
  11. Thanks for the report. Heading out either tonight or tomorrow so good to know.
  12. Went for a short troll straight N out of I-Bay Wednesday night in the 150-200 fow range. Landed a nice 22 lb king on a FF down 65 over 170. Ripped 400' of line off from the get go and took 15 minutes to get him to the boat. Made the evening trip worthwhile. Also picked up a steel skippy while changing lures. As my gramps would say, this guy's eyes were bigger than his stomach. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Our evening trip was no better. Had three releases on the DRs which were definite hits but nothing hooked.
  14. Late start to NW of I-Bay around 11. Hooked a large king 90 over 260 but he broke the line. Heading back out shortly. Saw a few other boats near us wondered if anyone had any luck today.
  15. Diver, I think we've tossed 2 bathroom scales for the same reason.
  16. I'm starting to suspect my small Rapala digital scale is reading low. It has a 25 lb max and the last few 15 and 18 lb kings I have caught fought and felt every bit as heavy as previous 20 lbers. I checked it with the DR weights and it read accurately with them, but above 10 lb not sure. I have a new Rapala fish grip with 50 lb digital scale on order and I'll see how that goes. I expect future catches to weigh more. How's that sound for a fisherman's line of reasoning? Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Very late start but got out for an hour before the rain today. Temp break was high at 30-35' down. NE of I-Bay 45 over 210 landed a nice 18 lb king on a NK glow frog spoon. One and done.
  18. I'd say he's doing well. Especially if he didn't trip getting out of the net he's standing in.
  19. Tom, I tried this on Friday and it worked very well. Thanks for the suggestion. Better than peeling them off with your fingers. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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