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  1. I have 2002 24' Osprey Fisherman Pilot house. The hull is severely oxidized and I am having trouble finding some one to refinish it. Does anyone want the work or know anyone that could do this. I understand the round about cost associated with this. I live in the Rochester area and can trailer it to anyone with in a 2 hour radius. Looking for around the March timeframe. Please email or MSG me here [email protected] Thanks, Eric
  2. Nothing needs to be cut. I have traxtech and the Rod tree just attaches to the adapter and slides in. They worked great this year.
  3. We found some fish last evening around the 19N/30W last night (250' water North of the bay). A few pods of bait with fish on it. We also worked the inside water 70' and it was loaded with fish and bait on the bottom. Looked like browns up high and lakers on the bottom. Could not get a rod to move in there. Ended up 5 for 7, 4 steelhead and a 22LB king.
  4. Trolt I believe, have few in my box Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Go to this link to participate: https://www.facebook.com/monroecountyoffshoreclassic
  6. Anyone know where I can get a 20lb weight preferably torpedo style. Thanks, Eric
  7. Go to this link to participate: https://www.facebook.com/monroecountyoffshoreclassic WOW!! Twenty A-TOM-MIK Fly’s, 10 Proven Moonshine Spoons, Two Twelve inch Tournament winning Spin Doctor Big foots, Three eight inch Spin doctors, Two eight inch dream weaver paddles and Two A-TOM-MIK Tournament series meat rigs (Over $400 in gear). Don't miss out on this one!!!Help support the Dream Factory Foundation (https://www.dreamfactoryinc.org/rochester/). We are raising funds for Dream Factory in conjunction with the Monroe County Offshore Classic Tournament. For a $20.00 donation to our foundation, you can pick a number below and we will draw a random number and send that number the following items. WOW!!! Once we reach only 30 donations at $20.00 each we will draw. Please send donation through PayPal ( Please do not add any notes in PayPal) to @Efritz345 or Through VENMO [email protected] and pick a number below. (You MUST COMMENT below what number you want, if not available I will assign a random available number to you). Thank you for supporting the Dream Factory. This must be done on FB with the link above
  8. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1022192067?pid=676812&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Fishing+-+Boating+Accessories&utm_content=676812&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpZT5BRCdARIsAGEX0zmqwVfHY02hnL5vhTenMpOwbQIoQXKJWTnZIbSCZV990EYM-vAP82kaAuIiEALw_wcB Check these out, I put them on my boat this year and there great and the price is right. You can also purchase them directly through Millennium Marine
  9. Another cheap way is a rubber band attached to the braid with a shower clip.
  10. Decided to move the boat back where lake Ontario fishing started for me. 32 years ago( I was 10) I caught my first and last Tyee slamon at 32lbs and I was hooked. Friday 5/7: had little to no intel so we left port and followed the pack just west of port found a good screen and started fishing. It started out like gang busters a mix of ho's and kings(8-14lb range). Not much of a pattern everything I put in took fish from a 3 color to 80' rigger. We fished 80'-140'. Hot baits warrior salmon candy and DW SG Two Face. Late morning it slowed down, we went to look for browns from port to the plant only to come up empty handed. Move back out to 80' and trolled back to port and picked up a few more salmon. Ended up with 19 salmon and 2 lakers. Highlight of the day was two Ho's on one rod, hit the slider and the main spoon and netted both and the same time. Saturday 5/8: We left with a goal of finding big salmon so we headed west and ended up finding a pile of bait with fish on it 5 miles from the bar. I changed my spread to target bigger kings, ran he baits deeper, went to bigger paddles and mostly mag spoons. The fishing was hot again and we just kept circling the the same area all morning the fish hawk was key to our success keeping the speed from 2.4-2.6 required constant adjustments. Lots of cloud cover in the morning ran a mix of green glow spoons and paddles. Around 10:00 the sun came out and I changed out to more of a silver and green/chartreuse spread. It was mainly a spoon bite for us the meat and fly's took only a few fish. Ended up the day with 21 Salmon a mix of ho's and kings with 3 x over 20lbs. Highlight of the day was around 10:15 a double on big kings 23.10 and 22.13. Both on the board and took big fish of the day. Hot baits for us Michigan Stinger Mongoose, UV green Slush and DW SG two faced. 7 Color, 200 Copper, 300 cooper, Dipsey's from 100-180, Riggers from 60-80. No fish today got to keep the wife happy. Back out next Friday, good luck out there. Eric
  11. As of last weekend mainly Lakers in 120-140. But only a few off the bay. Over in front of Braddok it’s loaded with Lakers in 140’. Water has been clear so not much luck brown fishing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Thanks for the info Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Headed to Olcott the next 2 weekends, does anyone know of a diner that is open early for breakfast. Or a place to get breakfast sandwiches? Thanks, Eric
  14. Left I-Bay at 0630 searched down to ship builders and did not like what I saw. So headed off Braddock's bay, started in 80 and worked out to 140'. Ran a mix spread for Salmon from the surface down to 80' and dedicated to 2 rods to lakers right on the bottom. It started out slow and then I could not keep the laker rods in the water. Worked 140' East and West it did not seem to matter although they wanted it faster than usually for lakers 2.2-2.4. Only 2 baits took all the fish, Large Chartreuse hammerhead cowbell with a large 2 spinner gambler rig, and Green ladderback Spin doctor with stud fly (Lengthened the lead to fly from spin doctor to 28"s). We ended up 15 for 20 all lakers majority over 10Lbs and one around 20lbs. One more thing the lakers were coughing up smelt. Pulled the boat and moving it Olcott Thursday for the LOC. Good luck out there! Eric
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