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  1. Had this happen to my Humingbird a few years ago and it was bad transducer. You could always have someelse with a hummingbird test it on there boat to confirm.
  2. 2018 was our last 31lb off bradocks begining of August on a Carbon 14. The last and only 41lb for us was in the Fall LOC in 2000, there were 3 caught that year. It would be nice to see some 40+ fish again
  3. Also take a look at the countours just east of the bay, starting at 120' infront of the white house. There are a couple of drop off's there that usally hold a good current and fish when the conditions are right.
  4. Looking at purchase some Millennium Spyder-Lok Rod Trees anyone have these. The price point is considerable lower than all competitors with three adjustable rod holders. Thanks, Eric
  5. I remove about four inches of lead then tie a loop in the nylon keepint it loose. Then thread the mono inside the sheath about 4 inches. Then slide the loop down toward the end and pull tight. It works like chinese hancuffs.
  6. Nice! Any more detail on the brown fishing? My Dad is taking my daughter out tomorrow and wants to target browns. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I have had both cannon, Scotty and Penn. I recomend Scotty's
  8. Nice work Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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