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  1. Contact Simms. I know they will custom make waders for special situations. You may have to pay more and I know they are pricey to start with but it might be one of your only options. It never hurts to ask.
  2. Nice footage. How long did it last?
  3. The Coast Guard drift at Ft. Niagara in Youngstown can be good to epic. Start just South of the launch in 15-25' of water. The drift will carry you right past the Coast Guard station and depending on the condition of the Lake you can ride the drift out to the green buoy. I fish drop shot rigs with 1/4 to 3/8 ounce weights on bottom. Baits can range anywhere from crayfish, tubes (green watermelon 3-4") and bass shiners ( 3-4" shiners you can get at most local bait shops). All can be good on different days depending on what they want but if you are looking for best all around bait go with the shiners. I have had the best luck with those. Back in the day before the Gobie explosion all you would need was nightcrawlers but now it's hard to keep them (Gobies) off your line if you go that route. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. I saw that monster smallie Paul Mueller took out in the lake on day one. 7lbs 13oz! What a hog!
  5. Haven't done any Muskie fishing but have heard from the guys who do that the last 2 weeks of the season in November are the best. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello fellow fishermen! I am planning to take a trip way up north to do some Arctic Char fishing and I have a few questions on replica mounts. What is required to do an accurate replica mount? I am assuming that fish length, weight, girth and some photos would be required but I am not sure. I have had skin mounts done in the past and that is easy enough but I am mostly a catch and release angler angler. Also, I really do not know what the regulations will be for wherever I choose to take my trip such as, will I be able to keep a fish, how would I get it back from such remote places that Arctic Char are normally fished for, etc. Also if you could put me on to some people who do replica mounts this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! Newbie to this site. From Medina, New York. Currently do not own a boat but hopefully changes here in the near future! I am an avid angler and have done most of my fishing in the tribs as opposed to the open lake but like I said, that may be changing. Fishing Great Lakes trout and salmon is a way of life for me from September until May every year! I hope to meet new people and share in ideas. Tight lines everyone!
  8. Hello everyone! New to this site and I was wondering how do I get involved in the pen rearing project? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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