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  1. Hello too! Ask, and I'll share what I've learned as well
  2. The Waterspout was between me and the land actually the Stony Creek boat ramp. So we decided to keep going south at an angle to the wind The winds were moving from the north, so we were going South West.
  3. Not long it came on land and disappeared.
  4. On Monday, 17AUG20, I was fishing off Stony Point off the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. The weather was stormy (it calmed down later and we had a nice day); we looked behind us and saw this! Take a look! How would you feel if you saw something like that miles from shore in a 16 foot boat? My Movie.mp4
  5. Skunked again! Water was rough for my small 16 footer. Ran four rods. Two dipsey's with spoons and two down riggers with flasher flies. Never marked a single fish. Running in 150 to 100 fow of water. 54 depree water at 105 fow. After two hours my fishing buddy got deathly sea sick and I had to take him in. Looking forward to trying again this weekend.
  6. Less than two miles I'm guessing. You can see the light house pretty well.
  7. Last Monday, 13JUL20 we caught three good size Kings and two lake trout in 140 FOW at 40ft down. Today, 18JUL20 we were catching them in 104 to 120 FOW at 80 feet down. Both days we were using A-TOM-Mic flies and Mountain Dew green flashers We were also using Michigan Stinger Fat Nancy and Natural Born Killer spoons. The Wonder Bread spoon and flasher combination also produced a good size King. Today we came home with three big Kings and a one Big Lake Trout. We left the Stony Creek Boat ramp about about 0520hrs and stopped fishing at 1100hrs. The waves and wind were a factor. It was "snotty" out there today. Our boat is only 16ft.
  8. I keep hearing chatter on the Ship to Shore radio channel 9 about charters heading for the Shelf. Where is the Shelf? Where is it in relation to the Stony Point Light House. I just recently found out that Os or Oz means Oswego. Thanks for helping helping a new guy. K
  9. 1. Tie line directly to the spoon, no ring, or swivel or snap swivel. 2. Attach line to the ring with spoon. 3. Attach line to snap swivel, then snap spoon to swivel. Which one is best? How do you attach? Thanks
  10. Fished out of Stony Creek in 140-150 FOW. Caught three Steelhead on down riggers set at 50ft down. Marking fish between 80 and 50ft. Trolling speed 2.4 to 3. MPH. Fish just over legal size in the 12-15lbs.
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