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  1. Agreed can’t wait to see all the posts! Good luck to everyone!
  2. I’ll give the park police a call Tomorrow. I’ll be out that way again launching at 5am. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. I had a busy day after fishing with family. I patched it for now tho. If anyone going out of Sandy again shoot me a msg see if we can get on some fish!
  3. Nice man hopefully that’s a start and this doesn’t keep happening to anyone for sure.
  4. Wtf that’s crazy man! That’s why I wanted to start this post. I was the 3rd boat/truck there this morning. I left the dock at 5:15/5:30. I will be upgrading to hard top for Sure now. But people are ridiculous. Sorry man it happen to you too.
  5. Hey guys my dad and I took out my aunt and her grandchildren this morning for first time. Crushed lakers for them and also had a salmon hit so they had a blast. Here are some pics from that. Fyi also my truck was broken into someone decided to slash open my tonocover while we were out fishing so I came back to that. So just beware to lock your stuff up. I lost a few straps but nothing major thank god.
  6. Glad to help ya while you were out! Glad y’all had a successful trip! Those are the memories you will cherish with the kido!
  7. I was hitting lakers 90ft the running bottle with cowbells and gambler rigs limited out with my buddy and his father I took out for first time last Sunday . I was out Wends and Friday and hit salmon between 135 to 180 was best 50 to 70 down. If that helps at all.
  8. I use gamblers set up for sure! Best thing out there his advice and equipment is no joke. He always has business for sure. I always have at least 1 down rigger running a spin glow of his even catch salmon once in awhile with them.
  9. Welcome aboard I’m from naples originally so if ya need any spots let me know. Welcome to the forum great group here!
  10. I use for trolling as well but I agree with sk8 man lol it takes a bit with my kicker to go quick Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Not really I have a 4hp Honda on my 20ft and no issues and does great! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Kicker. I had my main engine blow on me 2 years ago. Good thing I was only out in 200 ft of water took a bit to get back. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Should have got the snorkel package for the jeep Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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