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  1. Are the moonshines standard or mags?
  2. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    I guess I jumped the gun a little bit. If you have a aluminum painted boat I would test a small area. Fiberglass is a lot more forgiving when it comes to cleaning products.
  3. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    DO NOT USE IT ON A ALUMINUM BOAT OR GALVANIZED TRAILER. Experience taught me. It will melt the paint on the boat, and etch the trailer. It is a acid.
  4. Sent you 2 pm's call me 585-576-7735
  5. Braddocks

    Weekend starts on Friday $12....The machine takes credit cards.
  6. rigger question

    Call fish307 the tech will walk you through it. I used them several times, very good schematics on the web site parts-repair
  7. Prayers to all Your Family..sent you a paypal
  8. 150 mercury efi two stroke issue

    When the gas lines were replaced. Was the priming bulb replaced? Had a problem with my 115 hp. The bulb would not prime. Cut the old bulb open, full of varnish plugging the check valve. Changed lines and bulb worked fine after that.