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  1. Yeah, I putt out to 25' and start setting lines. In 100' in a jiffy. Silverfoxcharters.net
  2. Thank you, I'll pass it along. Silverfoxcharters.net
  3. Your having a user error issue. I use 20# on my drivers with no snubber running spoons and with the zero stretch of the wire, I haven't had 1 customer break one off unless it was teeth. About 50% of them bring a fish in on wire correctly too. I know your frustrated, but if your using 20+# and breaking fish off, your in the major minority if that makes any sense...lol I'd gladly show you what I use if that would help. Silverfoxcharters.net
  4. Your all set then! Silverfoxcharters.net
  5. Nothing nothing nothing out produces cut bait. Trust me, my friends will yell you I've tried every type of fake stuff on the market so I don't have to pay for cut bait. In a pinch it will work, but you cannot replace a fresh fillet in the ole head. Silverfoxcharters.net
  6. That's the exact thing I've been seeing all spring also. Silverfoxcharters.net
  7. Put this on the LOU Lake Erie site and find other fishing /boating forums to use in Ohio. Silverfoxcharters.net
  8. I'm sure they didn't want anyone visiting Crosbys, topps or any establishments in town this summer. They must not need the business. Silverfoxcharters.net
  9. Had a bear on trail cam in Wolcott 2 seasons ago. Does that count Bill? Silverfoxcharters.net
  10. I use the same lines also. I'll be darned if I retie every trip though...lol Silverfoxcharters.net
  11. I'll be out at 8am. Late sleepers coming. Lol Silverfoxcharters.net
  12. Foster, if your not picky on the brand I'll show you some good ones that I and others at our marina uses that work well. I order and pick them up for us. Either way... Silverfoxcharters.net
  13. Sounds like fun!!. ....uggg Silverfoxcharters.net
  14. I'd recommend him too. Heard he is super coooooool. Silverfoxcharters.net
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