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  1. Silver Fox

    Sold / Closed Flashers2

    I'm sorry they are sold. Silverfoxcharters.net
  2. Silver Fox


    Got it, I'll try to get them out today. Thank you Silverfoxcharters.net
  3. Silver Fox


    Ok great. Add $10 to ship. $70 total. You can send me a check or PayPal to [email protected] Silverfoxcharters.net
  4. Silver Fox


    These are front and back pictures. Still good? Silverfoxcharters.net
  5. 8" flashers $65+shipping Silverfoxcharters.net
  6. 10"&11" flashers $30+shipping Silverfoxcharters.net
  7. 13" flashers $30+shipping Silverfoxcharters.net
  8. 13" Flashers $30+shipping Silverfoxcharters.net
  9. Silver Fox

    Downrigger rebuild?

    It's too bad he's always busy...lol Silverfoxcharters.net
  10. Silver Fox


    Also the magma mounts I purchased in July for $58 on Amazon, BUT are now $68. I'm sure the price will move again. Also if anyone would like to see how mine is mounted so the water and blood flow out to the lake, let me know. My rig is in a barn in Webster. Silverfoxcharters.net
  11. Silver Fox

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    Seriously? This has nothing to do with the topic! Thanks to whoever started this crap. Silverfoxcharters.net
  12. Silver Fox


    Yes, the blood runs out the corners into the water. No more blood and guts all over the place except for netted fish. Best investment other than the auto pilot. Silverfoxcharters.net
  13. Silver Fox


    Love mine. I have info for ya. Me, jeremy, matt and rick have these. Silverfoxcharters.net
  14. We're all itching to get out, but nothing will be ready around here for Saturday. After the weekend could be something. Silverfoxcharters.net