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  1. Silver Fox

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Sk8, I understand, but I just don't see any more traffic hitting that lake due to the video. Trust me, I'd be the first to **** and usually take it in the chin, for myself and others when defending something. That freaking Ice Shanty site is solely responsible for s';t shows on the FL's during ice season, but people will keep on bragging about their 20 Blugill they caught. Look at Silver, tough time with the gills recently and don't think that can't happen to our favorite honey hole east of there. Silverfoxcharters.net
  2. Silver Fox

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    I totally understand about being pissed about some posts that would burn a place up, but your video wasn't at all detrimental to that lake. Who doesn't fish for perch with freaking rubber or fatheads? Its a HUGE lake and for maybe a couple people to recognize the spot.....BFD. Oh yeah, I'm sure it's no secret their are perch in there..lol. Silverfoxcharters.net
  3. Silver Fox

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Those are the ones I use. Silverfoxcharters.net
  4. A friend of my wife's at work was flipping out over an empty gun case that was seen in a car at school......Yup, shes a liberal.... Silverfoxcharters.net
  5. Silver Fox

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Yes, thank you... Silverfoxcharters.net
  6. Silver Fox

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Im not positive if their the same, but i think they may be different because of the speed of the xbow. Im using the xbow version. Silverfoxcharters.net
  7. Silver Fox

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Shoot what your confident in Brian. I love my xbow rage broadheads. They fly beautiful out of the xbow. Took a buck yesterday that made the lungs look like mush. Im not in love with the fixed blades out of the xbow, but then again, not a lot of experimenting with them. Maybe you had a 1in a hundred bad luck experience. Silverfoxcharters.net
  8. Silver Fox

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    Trust me, I don't know crap, just ask everyone. Silverfoxcharters.net
  9. Silver Fox

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    I'll take the cold first and if a lot of snow comes, it would suck, but not fishing the lake shore bays too much anymore, isn't usually too much of a problem for me in terms of ice making. They just don't get the snow down south like up here. Silverfoxcharters.net
  10. Silver Fox

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    That's a short term problem. How many times have you seen it windy as hell one day and overnight it just stops for no reason and everything g locks up. Wind isn't the big issue, it's the temperature patterns. Silverfoxcharters.net
  11. Silver Fox

    Rodent deterrents

    The only way to keep mice out of anything is to make it so they can't get in. NOTHING inside a boat or camper will work for any length of time. Tried everything in my camper on the land and they just laughed at me. Found a space around a drain underneath and covered it up. No issue. Then this year due to a fallen tree branch they were able to get in the ceiling, so I fixed that, trapped the pricks and now nothing. Silverfoxcharters.net
  12. Silver Fox

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    My info come from what seems to be a very good meteorologist with a very good track record in looking at previous years models along with what's going on in the Pacific Ocean and the Fall weather patterns. She mentioned it could be similar to 2014 due to a shift in pattern, the Arctic ice cover expanding and the expanding snow cover in Canada and Greenland. Silverfoxcharters.net
  13. Silver Fox

    2018-2019 Ice Season

    From what I'm seeing, I think your going to see above average November/December and then well be in for a very cold below average jan/feb/march Silverfoxcharters.net
  14. Silver Fox

    Clam Hut

    That looks nice Jim, just not sure I could sacrifice 14" of tub size for the same weight of the shanty. Both are 60# and the seats in the frabill look like Keith's seat and just pops right out. Silverfoxcharters.net