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Silver Fox

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  • Birthday 12/27/1969

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    Sandy Creek, Hamlin
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  1. Silver Fox

    How do I close my acct

    Thus could be heaven or this could be hell.... Silverfoxcharters.net
  2. Silver Fox

    How do I close my acct

    Don't look??? Silverfoxcharters.net
  3. 4-7 occasional 9' from ne. Maybe 1-3 in the creek.lol Silverfoxcharters.net
  4. Silver Fox

    East Winds

    Sorry, but we get asked all the time like we're Nostradamus. Good luck when you come up. Silverfoxcharters.net
  5. Silver Fox

    East Winds

    Not for nothing, but that's 7 days away. I guess you'll just have to come up and find out. Silverfoxcharters.net
  6. Silver Fox

    9/1 Genny

    Just wow... Silverfoxcharters.net
  7. Silver Fox

    Dipsey leaders

    I use the same thing with only one rig lost in the last 2 years. Not sure the issue. Silverfoxcharters.net
  8. Silver Fox

    Try the " Gary D " rig

    Thank god your a nice guy and telling us when the season is over! LoL Silverfoxcharters.net
  9. Silver Fox

    for sale : usa 2008 Trophy Pro

    Say it ain't so Joe! Excellent ride here people Silverfoxcharters.net
  10. Silver Fox

    Copper ?

    Haywire twist Silverfoxcharters.net
  11. Silver Fox

    Copper ?

    Use a spro inline swivel. It's done all the time. Silverfoxcharters.net
  12. Silver Fox

    Dipsey leaders

    30# p-line flouroclear for flashers 20# bloodrun Flo for spoons. No snubber no problem. I may go to 30# ande mono or go right up to 50# BG. I've been torn on this very subject. Silverfoxcharters.net
  13. Silver Fox

    Downrigger advice

    A century? Wow Silverfoxcharters.net
  14. Silver Fox

    for sale : usa bayliner

    Lol Silverfoxcharters.net
  15. "don't give you hassle"......lol. I hate those dang things! Thanks to the "do gooders" Silverfoxcharters.net