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  1. not sure if the link works but search the email and found an add with prices. I know garmin would never allow there products to be sold so cheap. If they take PayPal id order but id bet they want a money order.
  2. If I plan on hitting bottom I remove all but the back trebble hook on my lures. I smash my quick fish off the rocks quite a bit and don't loose nearly as many as I did before I started removing hooks.
  3. Cannon gimbal mounts I have a pair of cannon gimbal mounts I've had for a while and don't use anymore. If anybody is getting ready for this year and needs a pair of gimbal mounts I'd like to trade for something I could use. Looking mainly for swivel mounts, line counter reels, inline planers, rod holders. I'd consider any fishing or hunting stuff you don't use anymore. I had them for my old manual Downriggers so I could use them on my friends boat but we just use my boats now. I have been thinking of just selling them on eBay but if somebody here could use them here I'd rather just trade. I'd even add cash for the right stuff. I'm from Lockport and would like to meet anywhere from buffalo to Rochester. Let me know what you got!
  4. That is a great deal. And it isn't no exaggeration, 15% off instantly and 2 $75 dollar rebates. Thanks for sharing. Now find me a new trolling motor with the same discount! Lol
  5. Dude pm me what body of water you catch fish like that! Thats some nice catch. I never catch anything like that. I catch 25 keepers in a day I feel like a pro. Lol
  6. Red LED is the best you can get white and green spooks them faster. If you just blast them in the eyes with a high power green led they will bolt fast. Same with deer and everything else I've lit up. That green does light up the night though. White LED is not as bad if you just light above them and slowly bring it into there eye's it might be OK but red is pretty much the best it will glow there eyes way out there and not blind everything including me.
  7. Definitely ask the neighbor. That might stop it right there. Also call the police and tell them there was a problem. If you know his name give it to the police. That way they know if they are called that the guy was warned and needs to be charged with a crime. Hopefully that works. But if you here a gun shot. Run back there as you call the police. Don't let him take any deer off the land. Tag it and keep it. Have him arrested. Have him pay for any damage from driving on property and any damage he had done to the tree he put a stand on. Do not give in. Not even an inch. Press charges and be at court and make sure he pays the price.
  8. These are expensive. Even a non working one. Is there a single part you need or do you just like tinkering and having parts?
  9. Don't bother me if you buy your meat at the store or at carter whitetails. Not for me, mainly cause I dont have money like that. I'll take small does for free. I always wondered what somebody would say if I got all dressed up in camo with face paint and filmed a hunt where I walked out to the pen behind my uncles and shot his goat, proped it up on its feed trough for photos. Gave a speach about how I'm excided to have this "trophy". Lol. Bet people would freak out. But in the end those trophy photos do draw more people to the sport. Might have to make a video when my uncle puts that goat down, or maybe sight fishing videos at the pet store. They got some peacock bass there and I always wanted to catch one of them!
  10. I will take everything but the mounting board if rapala don't take it all first.
  11. The Scotty, pro troll, and the Cabellas brand say they "attract" fish. Says you need different voltage for different fish, and the new Scotty digital has pulse mode to trigger strikes. So, since they recommend different voltage for different fish and since I fish for all those fish I figured it might be worth a try. And the cheaper ones cost less then a tank of fuel it might be worth a try, or at least a thought. Regardless of what my boat puts out now. It isn't ideal for all species. And if pulse mode triggers 10% more strikes on staging kings it would be a no brained must have item for me.
  13. Them senator 113's hold probably 2000 yds of 20 lb test and have a 3.3 gear ratio. I like those reels. Where do you live?
  14. Good for you to make an attempt to return it. I wish somebody could find and return all my lost stuff. Lol. Good reminder that we should have contact info on all of our good stuff. Everything my grandfather ever owned had his name and number on it. He got lots of lost and stolen thing back over the years.
  15. Cant target them. I'd rather catch a steelhead. No way can you do anything to not catch them and still catch steelhead. I don't try to touch them unless I have to or its huge and I want a pic. They are just to fragile.....and slimey. Usually unhook them and dump them back. Touch there gills and they are dead and your boat is covered in blood.