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  1. Gimbal mounts, planer board masts, and the organizers that hold the pliers and lures or the cutting boards seem easy to make. Also the trolling boards and risers along the backs of boats might be more worth it than smaller tracks. If you want to make something i have never seen before......how about a dual rod holder downrigger base with 2 small tracks instead of the permanently mounted rod holders? Does anybody make those? I wouldnt mind having berts rod holders on my big jon captain pack riggers.....just so they were all the same.
  2. The tracks arent so bad but the acce$$orie$ are another story. Rod trees, cup holders, organizers. Thats where the money is. Welding tubing is much easier and cheaper than milling out aluminum stock into tracks. Custom rocket launchers and bimini enclosures are big $$$.
  3. I have the reels and the copper just sitting there. I still have a few 209's with 3-7 color that i use sometimes so this would have to be better than that. I would use them for erie too and have snap weights so even 50-150 would get used alot. Browns in the spring might be nice to have a few 50's. 100-150's would work for me most the year. Im just looking for ideas and im retiring all the lead core. Not necessarily trying to put on as much copper as i can. Just ballpark of backing and lenghts and thoughts on short cores to ponder over till i get to use the boat again.
  4. So its the end of the season and im upgrading and switching around reels. I have some penn 320's and 330's that id like to spool up some #45 copper. Cant really find much info on copper capacity on these reels. I was thinking about 100' max on the 220's and 200' on the 330's but not sure. Whats the most each of these reels would hold?
  5. Im in lockport ny 14094 and id pay shipping but if somebody could pick them up they can have them.
  6. Im no expert but i run 15' back for flashers and 25 for spoons and cheat any spoon rod on the riggers. Down speed in important.
  7. You should also buy some of his gambler rigs and watch his youtube videos. Lol
  8. I took my friend on a charter last year for his bachelor party. Since he is my main hunting and fishing partner it was in my best interest to make sure he didnt go to the strip club. His wife already gives us enough hastle for staying out all night fishing and hunting.....but she lets him go out all night ONLY if he is with me.
  9. If you have not weighed a lot of a certain fish it is hard to tell. Before i ever owned a scale i caught tons of 30+ lb salmon and carp. Had many 20+ lb pike and even caught 50+ smallmouth over 5 lbs in a day with 10 over 7-8. After i bought that first scale my fishing took a turn for the worse. The 30 lb salmon turned into 16-18's. The 20+ pike dropped to 8-9 and the 5 lb bass were 3's and the 8's turned to 5's. What a bummer reality is.
  10. Got 2 old cannon easi troll hand cranks on gimlbal mounts. And 1 uni troll with extendable boom. $150 for the easi trolls with mounts. Uni troll $75 no base. Best offer in olcott area.
  11. Ive wanted to try perch fillets before.....but herring is all ive used. Familliar bite like they said is what works here.
  12. Ill take every 47 size reel that isnt sold if you will ship them to 14094.
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