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  1. Now I buy my pre tied leaders from troubles on this site. Check the classifieds. You can't tie them any cheaper. But I always save my empty spools from fishing line. Put a rubber band around the spool and connect the snap from the leader and wind it up. I will connect them together wind them all up inline and end with a rubber band to hold them. If I need a 8' #25 leader I grab the spool with those leaders. If I need the 12' #40 leaders I grab the spool for them. I could keep 50 leaders on each spool and not take up space or tangle them all up. Noodles I use for flys and such but never leaders.
  2. I need.... 6 #25 fixed sliders. 6 #25 dipsy spoon 8' 6 #40 dipsy flasher 8' 2 #40 dipsy flasher 12' And If you have any of your meat rigs I'll take 2 of them. Any color you got. Pm me PayPal info and prices.
  3. I'll take the triple rod holders. I need them shipped to 14094. Pm me info
  4. I bought it this afternoon and just got done hooking it up to my new boat. Works great. Thanks allgat!
  5. If notheastern don't take them. Pm me and I'll take em!
  6. They sell them at captain Bob's in Clarence NY. I forgot the makers name but he's friends with captain Bob's and if you take the broken dividers there I'd bet he would replace them there for free. Or if you call there you might get better contact info.
  7. The solinoids are good. It is full of fluid and does go up and down. Just stops half way down. There is no trim switches on the bell housing like newer ones. I think there is a reverse lockout somewhere and a check valve in the pump. I'm done messing with it. I've already lost enough of this season and just need to get it to a marine mechanic. The boat isn't at my house so I need to drive 20 min. just to mess with it. Most mechanics don't have a clue about these old dinosaurs and have no interest in trying to learn.
  8. I've got a 68 StarCraft with a 2.5 litre and the original stern drive. My problem is the trim won't go down all the way. It goes up and will lift me if I stand on it. It powers down about half way and seems to bind on something. If I disconects the Rams the outdrive goes up and down freely so it's not actually binding up just sounds like it's bottomed out. I'm in the buffalo Lockport area but if anybody knows a good mechanic that would look at it I will drive wherever. Could be the reverse lockout somehow maybe? I can't figure it out tho. Anybody know a mechanic who knows anything about these units?
  9. Just cut off the extra hooks on the sabiki. You can only have 5. You cannot use gobies for bait. Smelt and alewives you can use some places. Only time I troll live bait like your saying is in a creek I fish. I run small suckers or perch on bottom bouncers and drag them around for pike and catfish. Small live suckers or perch on bottom bouncers with spin and glows have caught me some huge pike and walleye. I started doing it for catfish and realized the pike love hitting a rig directly under the boat. Most rigs are a big circle hook thru the nose and a trebble half way back. I usually am running too much extra stuff in the big lake and don't mess with it. But I'm sure it would work for Lakers.
  10. If I had to guess they must be spooled pretty full. Probably way too full if your hitting bottom 25% earlier than you should. I usually just use the sonar to set my riggers and just use the counter to get back to the same depth. But they are not that far off. There must be something not right.
  11. Got a transducer for the thermo troll? If so I'll take it.
  12. Back in the day I used to have a bunch of old reels spooled up with cores on my boat and if needed I would start switching the reels around to the rods I had. I could switch them out fast if needed. Short cores are good all year for steelhead and some days a short core on a rigger is just stealthy enough to take some good fish. I've been trying to convince myself to switch most over to copper but can't get rid of the lead. I would like try a few 25-75 coppers just to see if I like it but will most likely start this season with 1-25 2-50 1-75 added to my 2-1core 2-3core 2-5core. Lead is just hard to beat at that depth. Drops less on turns. Can't wait to get out there. Brown trout fishing does not get the attention it deserves.
  13. You should have a few short core setups always on hand. But a few snap weights can get depth on any rod. Few 1/2 or 1/4 oz ones could get you a few more rods in with your rigger rods.
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