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  1. Back in the day I used to have a bunch of old reels spooled up with cores on my boat and if needed I would start switching the reels around to the rods I had. I could switch them out fast if needed. Short cores are good all year for steelhead and some days a short core on a rigger is just stealthy enough to take some good fish. I've been trying to convince myself to switch most over to copper but can't get rid of the lead. I would like try a few 25-75 coppers just to see if I like it but will most likely start this season with 1-25 2-50 1-75 added to my 2-1core 2-3core 2-5core. Lead is just hard to beat at that depth. Drops less on turns. Can't wait to get out there. Brown trout fishing does not get the attention it deserves.
  2. You should have a few short core setups always on hand. But a few snap weights can get depth on any rod. Few 1/2 or 1/4 oz ones could get you a few more rods in with your rigger rods.
  3. They are at captain bobs in Clarence NY. I actually seen these. He had prototypes there that were nice but these are the best I've seen. I was at the store the other day looking at them and showing them to my friend saying these are the best ones I've seen and I'm going to get a couple of these in the spring for my boat when dhm was there. He surprised me when he said that they were his. They didn't look homemade at all. They are nicely built and will keep everything I have. Way better built then the other spoon boxes and these will fit under my seats. I've never met the guy before that and was surprised to see a local put out such a nice product. Worth buying in my opinion and I will have a few as soon as I get the boat out. I have a special mate box but I got a small boat so it takes up floor space. These will fit under my seat so for me it's going to be a huge bonus. If your looking for a new box check these out. Made here by a local.
  4. Apparently the CPAP cleaning machines are primarily fishing related.
  5. Seriously? Gun parts? Illegal on a outdoors website that has forums about hunting? Wouldn't doubt it but that would be quite ridiculous!!!
  6. Was looking to get out this weekend. Does not look good so far. Looking to take the drive up north. Somewhere has to have ice. It's going to be sketchy if I do get out. Anybody looking to go out needs a spud with them. Hopefully way up north has some ice. It's 4-6 HR drive to get up there. Going to have to go check it out. At least find a small pond to fish.....still think we will get a good end of season. Let's hope!
  7. Ive got so many new things to try. Does not look like we will get out for another 2 weeks. Might have to drive pretty far soon.
  8. All mine are 1101 9' light action 6-20. I got about 10 of them I use them for everything except dipsys and long coppers. Love them rods.
  9. I'm pretty light. If I get 2" I'll just grab a jig rod and where my float suit and fish the shallows.....can't wait!
  10. Just digging thru all my old stuff. Getting a friend's boat ready for next season. Got him totally hooked up with my old riggers and rod holders. Got a ton of rods and tackle. Dug out the old 840 and probe and can't find the transducer or power cord. Does anybody have an old transducer or power cord they would sell? Perhaps a whole system they would sell? They want around 200 for the trans and 50 for the power cord new from fish hawk. I would buy a new x4 before I paid that for just the wires. Somebody has to have a box of old stuff they will never use. Sell me the wires or the whole setup.
  11. Gimbal mounts, planer board masts, and the organizers that hold the pliers and lures or the cutting boards seem easy to make. Also the trolling boards and risers along the backs of boats might be more worth it than smaller tracks. If you want to make something i have never seen before......how about a dual rod holder downrigger base with 2 small tracks instead of the permanently mounted rod holders? Does anybody make those? I wouldnt mind having berts rod holders on my big jon captain pack riggers.....just so they were all the same.
  12. The tracks arent so bad but the acce$$orie$ are another story. Rod trees, cup holders, organizers. Thats where the money is. Welding tubing is much easier and cheaper than milling out aluminum stock into tracks. Custom rocket launchers and bimini enclosures are big $$$.
  13. I have the reels and the copper just sitting there. I still have a few 209's with 3-7 color that i use sometimes so this would have to be better than that. I would use them for erie too and have snap weights so even 50-150 would get used alot. Browns in the spring might be nice to have a few 50's. 100-150's would work for me most the year. Im just looking for ideas and im retiring all the lead core. Not necessarily trying to put on as much copper as i can. Just ballpark of backing and lenghts and thoughts on short cores to ponder over till i get to use the boat again.
  14. So its the end of the season and im upgrading and switching around reels. I have some penn 320's and 330's that id like to spool up some #45 copper. Cant really find much info on copper capacity on these reels. I was thinking about 100' max on the 220's and 200' on the 330's but not sure. Whats the most each of these reels would hold?
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