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  1. I fish from that dock all the time. Kurt in stalker and tom in summer school park there and ive been on both there boats. It would be bad if we ever caught anybody doing crap like that there. During the salmon run we fish it a lot and are always looking for people who dont belong. What boat is yours? I would be instantly suspicious if i seen anybody unloading gear from any boat.
  2. It could actually save you a ton of time and money to hire a guide...
  3. Wish i could afford it. That is my dream boat. Looks like the one on the corner of sunset im always drooling over.
  4. Where you located? Home port?
  5. What size and setting do you run on the divers? Mostly spoons on them in shallow?
  6. skinny420

    Transom repair????

    Well the old bayliner is......well.....a bayliner! Lol. So i got a older 1710 fish and ski. It isnt that bad and i could get a few more years out of it....but.....i just want to do it this year. Its got a transom where its just the center needs to be ground out and filled with seacast. Thats not a big deal really but i want to put in an aluminum L bracket across the inside spanning the entire transom so i can bolt on a kicker and tie it into the floor. It will be 70" wide 8" up the transom and 8" into the floor. Anybody with aluminum knowledge. If i used 6061 aluminum should it be .35 or 1/2"? 3/4? Is 6061 strong enough? Is there stronger aluminum? I dont really need this extra bracket but i already own this boat and got more in it than it will ever be worth. If i do it now i can fish it till i die and never worry again. So if you were putting a bracket on your boat what would it be? I know nothing about metal strength.....or much else. Just dont want to order a piece of custom metal and get it to find out its to weak or heavy or brittle. Honestly 6061 might steel for all i know???
  7. Those are the tite-lok rod holders. I had those before i switched to the berts ratcheting rod holders. They are adjustable and strong. Just dont ratchet so takes a bit to adjust them but good for the money.
  8. Isnt there hundreds of thousands of those scum bag russians? Does that mean we should be allowed to snag them, net them, club them in the head, cut out there reproductive organs and throw them in a garbage bag on the bank of the river?
  9. The launch in olcott is almost always open. I think it was locked up for about 3 weeks total this winter. Only ice fished it once
  10. skinny420

    Trolling with electric?

    I have a humminbird with map cards. Ipilot is my main reason for wanting it. In a little wind and waves my main motor is great. Just on flat days or with the wind id use electric if i could. Either way i want auto pilot to steer. Cant fit my kicker on it and might just get the trolling plate instead of pulling buckets. I use walmarts best batteries too. Lol. So kind of what i figured. It could work but not best idea to use to troll except slow trolling flat water. Thanks.
  11. Trolling with electric? Looking to get a new trolling motor for my old bayliner. 1986 1710 fish and ski. Still original trolling motor on it. Id like to upgrade to a new ipilot motor and be able to troll on electric alone. Could i realistically troll 4-8 hours on a 24-36 volt motor and get good enough speed in the little wind and waves i would go out in? Its a pain trolling with a 125 2 stroke dragging buckets and all the rods and riggers its a tight fit. Netting, driving, and not tangling up in all the gear. How much thrust and voltage would i need? Rather keep to the 24v but would 2 batteries be enough? I couldnt even imagine the motor i have now even being a usefull guage as to how much more power i would need. Its just always worked and i mainly drift or jig and its fine for that. So. Does anybody troll a boat on only the electric motor and whata the specs. Speed, time, volts, battery type.....any help before i spend more on a trolling motor than i paid for the whole boat? Lol
  12. I went out from 11-4. Start to set up in 50ft and get one dipsy out, showing buddy how to set the rod....says no problem, goes to other side and tangles the pole taking it out and drops new 9' ugly stick with daiwa line counter over the side....wtf? I just told him to drive and ill set them out. He asks if i think the waves will push the rod onto the beach? Seriously? Then had a wire dipsy fire and crossed my braid diver...cut instantly.....but slid down and got caught on wire dipsy....lost the fish but got the gear back.....then somehow my other steel dipsy snapped off at the swivel....lost a #5 diver with dreamweaver paddle and meat rig. Ended 0-1with the only shot being that white pro troll flasher with green meat rig 80ft. Marked a few....had a few streakers.....just an expensive day with no fish. Im going to have to pull strings and jump thru hoops to get back out there. Lots of pa and oh boats. Good to see them bringing there money here and there love for our lake. Alot of people complain about them but they spend at the bait shops and are cleaner than locals. Hope somebody is catching fish out there....and if anybody catches my rod just keep it and laugh every time you use it.
  13. I want matures. I plan on running meat on a rigger and a diver. Cheated rigger with spoons. Spoon and j plug on 2 lead cores. And 2 ff on divers to start. Atleast thats how they are rigged now. Hopefully that does the trick. I got all the goodies. I wouldnt care comeing up empty handed if i thought i had another shot at it.
  14. Me and my buddy are headed out tomorrow evening. Looks like its my only shot at them this year. Would love any depth, color, or hot bait tips!!!