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  1. The outboard gradys from the 80's are the problem mainly due to the aluminum sill plate screwed and caulked on top of the transom.... scour the Internet and you will read many counts of the issue.
  2. Fished from 6am to noon. Setup in 100fow on north troll. Pulled one mature on Mag wire diver while setting it out about 120' at the time it hit. One other good bite on same diver setup but screen was bleak, so we continued north. Sporadic bait and fish all the way out to 550 fow. Had a steelhead, a few 2 year olds another mature and dumped another good one after it got to 600' on the wire. All diver bite for me, mag divers 150 and 180' with paddles and 260' and 280' with spoons. 500 copper took one fish with a mag spoon as well. Most active fish were around the 22N line.
  3. Awesome fish Capt Bruce...congrats! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Sorry 8/23... Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Worked 120-200fow from 6-11am. Temps were in the 80-100' range... screen was loaded with bait and fish from 60-130' down. Bite was a slow pick on lakers and two year olds until 9am when the east wind picked up... fish sank deep on the screen and were no longer interested. The bites we had were generally in very cold water... mag divers at 220' and 250'... riggers at 100 & 110'... probe at 110' was 42-46 degrees all morning. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Fished the past 3 days with my brother and his buddy Captain Les from Mt Pleasant, SC. Thursday- after the airport pickup, headed straight out to fish, lines in at 1pm. Ran down to the 38 line west and setup in 150fow on North troll, saw some bait and random fish, one bite but nothing significant so we continued north to the 24 line and ran into a nice pod of smaller mature males, we worked them until about 7pm and boated 5 plus a few steelhead in the mix. Riggers at 80 and 100', wire divers with super slims at 200' were the ticket. bait and random fish were pretty consistent in the area. Friday morning- we were gretted by some sloppy 2-4' seas at 7am setup back on the 24 line. I could only do an easterly troll until about 9:30am when the NW ground swell subsided and wind back off a bit, but it was slow bite for us, we pretty much drifted down to the 30-31 West line 24/25.5 north... sporadic action on matures and two year olds... mainly mag wire divers with sipn doctors at 200-220' for us. All in all a pretty slow day until we pulled at 3pm, went like 5-10... a lot of bait and some random fish throughout the area that was moving fast. Saturday morning set lines back near our Thursday wyapoint and had a quick laker and steelhead but then nothing, we worked the area over and realized that we had a bunch of bait but no fish marks, so we pointed her north at 9am with a comitment not turn until we found somehting or hit the 30 line....we made it 29.6N and the 400 copper went singing....tx-66 under water and the Tekota800 quickly losing backer... we managed turn and corral the beast and then it was game on for my brother.... 20 minutes later we had a nice 23lb male on deck. We reset and looped the waypoint and the copper went singing again with Les on the rod... same drill and 20 minutes later we had a nice 25lb female on deck... reset and began to clean up some fish to call it day and the 10 color core took off... that ended up as a 21lb male for me... turned out to be a great day... 29.6-29.8N x 34W.... nice long ride back in but flat calm seas and 29MPH was a pretty sweet run! Captain Les went home with a pair of 54quart coolers to baggage check this morning filled with vacuum sealed salmon... so we was stoked! Too bad I cannot be out there today!
  7. Fished from about 7-11am this morning slightly East of Shipbuilders 150-250 fow. Good screen of scattered bait and fish from 50-110 down. Temps were 48 at 110' and about 60 at 80'. Mag Wire divers at 180 and 200' wiith green nuclear and White green Dew with Hammer flies took 3 big guys 19-22lbs first thing. That bite died for me when the rain came thru after 8:30 but riggers from 80-110' with various spoons took some skips and (3) 7lb kings. Great morning aside from the rain showers!
  8. Awesome stuff here! Obviously there are MANY people that were bitten by the bug early on and great to hear many of us are still around enjoying what we have in our backyard. '79 was my starting place with my dad and brother... 21' starcraft center console flat lining cleos off Sodus, figured out the manual Riveria downriggers the following year and caught lakers during the summer, soon realized that manual cranks stunk and moved to big jon electrics the following year and the rest was history. Worked charters at the Oak (Pequod Jim and Shongo Butch mainly) and my dad moved the boat down there in 1987. At this point it was all stacking riggers and running drop weights with dodgers until Jim Shouey started running dipsey divers in 87 or 88 and was smoking all of us with late august kings at the Oak... that changed everything! The Oak was a complete zoo back in the 80's... Four C's came alive by 4:30am preparing for a mass exodus of boats by 5:30am, everybody had their own battle cries of music blaring at the docks preparing for the trip... we showed no pity on the random transients that decided to overnight at the marina! Capt Marv Cappon and his 32' Wellcraft was by far the battleship of the fleet, most were 20-25 footers, The VHF had come into play and was alive with constant banter all day long on every channel imaginable. It was a great time to be part of the fishery for sure with far more excitement and fanfare than now. My favorite story from back then was late August I decided to take a day off from charters because I actually wanted to fish on my own... I grabbed a couple friends and took my dad's boat out, there was an upwelling, we had to battle 10 miles of fog to get to the warm water, I setup and pretty quickly bagged a 34lb king on our Chattilon scale (it was not big enough to weigh, so we stayed out since we had literally only been out for 30 minutes). I reset and we promptly tied into another good one which ended up being a matched pair, we fished a few more hours with some more fish and came in... they both officially weighed 33 1/2lbs and are still the biggest kings that ever came aboard my dad's boat, which I repurchased and have been running for the past 7 years out of IBay. This was late August, about a week before the ESLO ended and these fish were both a pound short of 20th place! BTW- Where is Jerry Felluca on this thread.... come on man! We need some Sandy Stories!!!
  9. Salmon get all the love due to size, but I would rather battle a double digit steelie anyday...
  10. BB... glad you found some! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. BB. IM sent.... Zeb... thx... Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Setup in about 150 fow at 6am on north troll out to 500 and then back south, pulled lines at 10am. 4/5 on steelhead.... 5 and 10 color cores, 55' rigger and 35' rigger slider. all spoons, generally NBK's both NK and SS. All fish were between 19 and 22 North line. A few visible breaks which were actuially down breaks and moved my probe at 55' between 44 and 51 degrees, most fish were near these breaks. Great morning on the water, finally calm seas and sunshine like summer should be... hopefully more to come!
  13. Not much different to report than what others already have. Solid spring fishing all weekend off the Bay despite the traffic. I spent time in the warmer stained water as well as in the cold water. We pulled browns, coho, kings, lakers from 20' out to 70'. Riggers with sliders were my most consistent presentation all weekend, generally NBK's, glow wonderbreads in small Stinger and NK28 sizes on the riggers. Board lines, wire divers, slide divers and lead cores all took fish each day, but were not as consistent for us. We had a few skippers each day as well as some 2 year olds and matures. Larger kings were all in the 14-18lb range and very wild. Many of them rushing the boat and firing out under the board, diver and core lines. We had some insane fire drills and a ton of fun all weekend. Hopefully it holds up for next weekend and for those getting out during the weekdays...enjoy without all the boat traffic, I'm sure the action will be even better!
  14. 47LC is sold pending payment.. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app