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  1. Scroll down to fixed cheater post below. “Troubles” sells the clips and tied leaders for a cost that is less than you probably can make something. All quality stuff and they work fantastic!
  2. Greg- please add 2 green and 2 glow Twinkie rigs p/u tomorrow, thanks
  3. Great job landing that toothy monster.. swimmers at Brennan’s Beach might think twice.
  4. Don’t want to steal a Charters thunder but had to share for those that didn’t see the FB post. Strike Zone Charter of Pulaski yesterday caught a 26# monster BT and posted pics on their website. What a way to make a client happy. (Wasn’t me) lol
  5. Todd thank you for the article link info. As a camp owner on the North pond I can tell you frustrations are real in the area as well as the extremely low water levels! So for now, dock and tow to Mexico launch every time.
  6. Don’t know if what you’re looking for but Rusty out of Mexico is selling one on here, scroll down... also on Syracuse Craigslist in fishing probes someone has two for sale. Good luck
  7. Please add 3-8’ft 30#,2-12’ft 40# to order p/u tomorrow [emoji106]
  8. Anyone considering buying flies,Greg ties quality stuff and prices are unbelievable..
  9. Gregg I’ll take the 1minimate and 1 maxi, pm sent
  10. Had to watch it again in full screen HD tv with family. Just an awesome video!
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