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  1. Amish Outfitters Bugspray worked the best for me
  2. API climbing tree stand $125.00 585 865-7792
  3. API climbing tree stand $125.00 585 865-7792
  4. Yes, but I'm pretty sure everthing is sold.
  5. I'm selling my ice fishing gear. This is what I have, I would like to sell as a package. Quickfish 3 shanty, brand new, jiffy gas powered auger, brand new, Jet sled, brand new, Aqua veiw und erwater camera, brand new, Little buddy propane heater, brand new. 5 polar tip ups, 2 jigging rods with reels, plus misc. tackle and lures. 585-362-6713 Joe. Gonna spend winter down south according to the boss (wife). This is a great deal for someone. 450.00 or BO.
  6. Is that something recent Bill? I havent done it in years
  7. My cousin and I would do that very thing off of sandy creek in hamlin. Glow cleos worked well for us. Steady hook ups all night. Few landed. Alot of foul hooked fish I guess. But alot of fun.
  8. 8 " Eskimo gas powered auger, never used. Quickfish 3 shanty, never used, jet sled, aqua veiw under water camera, never used, little buddy heater, never used. 5 frabil tip ups 2 jigging rods with reels, misc jigs and tackle. Going to spend winters down south. I will sell everything for 500.00 cash. I can separate, but would prefer a package deal. 5853626713
  9. Samon sez. Agree with you 100%. thork9, people like you are the problem with your fooish false b.s Enough said. Good luck and be safe on the water "Everyone"
  10. There are alot of great fisherman on this site. A few were mentioned I've learned alot from these folks and have become a better fisherman because of the FISHING info that these folks share. However, it seems like if you are not a republican and a supporter of Trump your post get removed. This has happened to me. Like I said, politics and fishing DO NOT go together. I consider myself an independent with conservative ideals and vote for the person who I think can do the best job. Country over party. Semper Fi.
  11. Its time to leave this site that I have been part of for years. The moderators are not doing their jobs. You haters are too much. You can flag my post or eliminate it, just more b.s. You people make me sick. Good bye and good luck on the water.
  12. What does being a republican have to do with fishing. Are we going to bring politics into that too. Sad.
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