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  1. What is a libtard? Is that like a conservatard? Get a life.
  2. Anyone have any thoughts as to why fishing the ponds has been dismal to non existent.
  3. Anyone know where I can buy tip down combos? Thanks.
  4. A few fishermen on long pond this afternoon towards the middle. Have not heard anything good locally.
  5. Braddocks isn't much better I guess.
  6. Very few if anyone on the ponds yesterday. Thinking about a look today, drill a few holes, drop the camera and take a look.
  7. Anyone having any luck on the ponds or Braddocks. Seen a couple people out yesterday.
  8. Are water levels so low that fish cannot get into the ponds from the lake this year.


    I see people on long and cranberry ponds in Greece. Are they catching anything?
  10. Couple guys on Long Pond 4" ice, catching nothing at this point. A few on Cranberry. Two guys on braddocks between shore and peninsula. Nice morning to be out.
  11. I have not ice fished for about 15 years, getting back into it this year. I think I can wait a little longer.
  12. 2 guys on cranberry today, ice can't be very safe. I guess some guys wanna be a statistic.
  13. Took a drive down there this morning as well. Same observation.
  14. There were 2 folks fishing at long pond, about 75yds from shore yesterday. Today there is no one. More and more open water. Didn't see them catch anything.
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