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  1. Took a drive down there this morning as well. Same observation.
  2. There were 2 folks fishing at long pond, about 75yds from shore yesterday. Today there is no one. More and more open water. Didn't see them catch anything.
  3. He will be missed for sure. I'm sorry for your family's loss. I did have the pleasure of knowing Mike outside of fishing. No more Mr Breeze,Mr Breeze.
  4. Rod and reel still available 350.00
  5. Rod is sold. Reel still available for 150.00.
  6. Reel is a Raven Matrix XL Special Edition 5" gold finish. Rod is a GLoomis 13ft 4" 3 pc float Rod, stfr1601 light/ moderate action. This set up is lightly used. No rash on reel or Rod. Local pick up in rochester.450.00 firm.
  7. I worked for a company who was doing a great deal of work there. Millions of dollars have been invested the last 3 years with many more millions for the second phase. For some vets its the only place they can go. It is truly sad when you walk through the place and see our vets in such bad shape. Hopefully things will improve there in the near future. SEMPER FI.
  8. 2008 Model 2152. With riggers, electronics, all rod holders, etc. Right around 17,000
  9. Here's a few pictures of my boat 20200725_082457.mp4
  10. That's ok I edited my posts accordingly.
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