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  1. Rusty, interested in the power cable set. You say 45.00 delivered to where?
  2. Pair of Willie Sea Skee planer boards. Free. Great condition. Located in Gates. 362-6713.
  3. Well said. and you are right. People are not taking this seriously. I have 2 kids that are in health care and are exposed to the public daily dealing with patients. Wake up people and do the right thing. Be safe everyone.


    I caught about 14 at long pond 2 weeks ago but nothing since.


    Anyone catching any in Rochester area?
  6. I haven't really had any contact outside of my wife. My children are still working, two of which are in health care, so they dont come to the house. My wife does not fish unfortunately.
  7. Sounds good Bill. The boat is ready to go. I'll most likely be fishing solo for a bit.
  8. Bill, I'll be docking at Bayveiw this year. I haven't signed the contract yet. It's in the mail. I have a question, do they have a gas dock?
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