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  1. I worked for a company who was doing a great deal of work there. Millions of dollars have been invested the last 3 years with many more millions for the second phase. For some vets its the only place they can go. It is truly sad when you walk through the place and see our vets in such bad shape. Hopefully things will improve there in the near future. SEMPER FI.
  2. 2008 Model 2152. With riggers, electronics, all rod holders, etc. Right around 17,000
  3. Here's a few pictures of my boat 20200725_082457.mp4
  4. I'm new at this posting stuff. I will make a note of it, thank you.
  5. I think ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD should cover that in the post above yours.
  6. Rickg are you planning on picking these up?
  7. Mixed brands 92 total 100.00 pick up in rochester
  8. I live in gates, 362-6713. I'm home all day.
  9. Pro Troll e-chip flashers, Dodgers, Slashers local pick up in rochester. 75.00 for all.
  10. 133 Sticks, swithwicks, rapalas, bombers,and many others. Comes with Special Mate Box 400.00. Pick up in Rochester.
  11. Reef Runners, Storm Deep Divers 50.00, Spin n Glows 10.00, 17 -J Plugs 50.00, Misc releases, snubbers 50.00, 85 asst flies, mostly atomic, new and used 125.00, 1 new spool of downrigger cable 200ft 25.00, 1000lf 7 strand torpedo wire 30lb test, new, 25.00. Leader material 20,30,50lb unknown quanities on spools,10.00
  12. 16 pound ball, never used 50.00, local pick up in rochester ny
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