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  1. Gregg I’ll take the 1minimate and 1 maxi, pm sent
  2. Had to watch it again in full screen HD tv with family. Just an awesome video!
  3. Wow great deal and nice guy to deal with! Those purple crush the steelies
  4. Dropped of boat/ motor last week at wits end! Bill got the lower unit back on for me in no time and diagnosed my starting problem as well. Would not hesitate to recommend for repair work. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Rusty for the deal... a pleasure to meet you.. hope you smoke some reels this weekend!
  6. Selling a unique Lake Ontario King salmon mount that appears to be jumping out of the water. The Salmon is a full 360 skin mount from an accredited downstate taxidermist and he didn't cut any corners. Pictures show the quality and detail. Fish is approx. 34" long and about 20# class. Not huge by any standards but certainly enough catch your attention. If seriously interested I can upload different pictures or send to your cell. phone. Selling for $350. Please no ridiculous offers as any fisherman knows this full mount cost twice that to mount. Thanks for looking.
  7. Good member seller,shipped right out and not junk. Thanks Frank.
  8. You think you have the bells and whistles until you stop at the candy store each trip out. Good Luck to you ABay
  9. Keep at it, wont be the last screamer you'll lose! See you at Mex. Launch and share a few things.
  10. Not sure the brand but image appears to be a music "treble clef" engraving
  11. I wouldn't plan on those big Lakers being suspended. Get those lead core rigs out. Tie about 6-8ft of mono directly to end of lead and a good bb swivel on other end. Put a hammered silver flutter spoon such as Sutton 44,31,32,22 etc. Tapes of blue and green work well. Rogers is a great place to start. Run motor to get line out and cut back to a crawl speed. Let sink to bottom and start pulling. You can actually get the feel when it is on bottom with practice. Have been successful this way for many years and 20 plus fish days on LG. Please burp those deep ones! Enough said...
  12. This is a great for beginners centerpin reel and good price. (own one) Curious what is loaded with backing/line and soft case goes with it? Tempting...
  13. Found ticks getting out off control last year myself. Few words of advice. First use Sawyers permethin spray on clothing and let dry. Kills ticks not fish. Second,buy Selsun Blue shampoo to shower when returning. Any ticks attached go down the drain. If you see one on your skin, DO NOT PULL, simply put some Selsun Blue on a Q-tip and rub,will let right go instantly. (They don't like the selenium sulfate) Save tick if you have concerns of lyme. Just my experience..
  14. Nice healthy looking brownie in the last pic. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Just visited the new website,really cool. Check it out!
  16. In the past always had a lot of sucess with a flatline/sub-surface program up to about Memorial Day or so. Like many have suggested,start shallower in bays,bouys and shorelines where streams enter. Small Sutton hammered silver flutters have always produced and my favorite is a tandem grey ghost streamer (with a few orange beads) run out as far as possible on the surface. (Get ready,landlocks go nuts way back there) Lastly always run a flashy bait down in the prop wash. ( rigged live bait with a small trebel hook is a good bet) Hope this helps.
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