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  1. Great brownie lure , used them on the temp break for steelhead as well in cherry red ! circa 81 thru 96 Lk O !
  2. Turn in shallow water , simply make wider turn and speed up to prevent slack line snags !
  3. Good luck with that one 🎣 ! Years back when I chartered out of Sodus we enjoyed great fishing in local creeks , most of us would use bait and fish without utilizing other less sportsmanlike methods . Often times the best fishing occurred at the mouth where various baits n lures worked fine ! mom sure with today’s pressure I would not like fshing many small streams today !
  4. The best setup on spoons I found many years ago mid 80’s especially for the steelhead in those days the bar was hot in mid May to June. i simple took hooks off my spoon and replaced with a single offshore jig hook used in salt . This type stinger hook is rigged with 60+ braid and looped fitted to your split ring , the book remains loose and very hard for a jumping fish to throw ! Commonly known as assist hooks . I used 1/0’s and salmon went to 3/0’s ! Simple to rig yourself . Worked on salmon etc as well !
  5. Yes I have 2 sold one ! Located Pocono region of PA about 6 miles north of Nazareth .
  6. EDGE float rod “NEW” by Gary Loomis new rod company ! LMX model SJR 1264-2 moderate taper , med action ! length 12’ 6” 8-17 # line class 1/2 - 1 1/2 Oz lure rating full Titanium anti tangle guides Full custom graphite grips , custom reel seat rod lightest on market weighs under 4oz’s MSRP $450 sell $200 + shipping local to east coast ! Rod is one of a kind ! PM me for any details !
  7. If your seated then this occurs , would indicate winch is not up to task ! This always happens or just started? Should not require another strap forward, boat should be seated on trailer I’ve always preferred float on trailers , this way you drive on and done ✅!
  8. Send pho # I’ll text USPS ship schedule !
  9. Yup me to ! That silver blue , RH my go to this time of year early eighties . I must have 80 J’s from my charter days on Lk O !👍
  10. I do not have PP account , if you could send check that’s Ok . Let me know I’ll provide my particulars
  11. Ok it’s not but I want em gone ! Let me know , I’ll tell you where to send Ck
  12. J Plugs Jointed ( NEW) in packages originals size # 3 as pictured colors ! $20 shipped to local address !
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