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  1. I’ll fill your order as well , I have enough to do so ! Sorry about this mix up unintentional! . Price and product remains the same , just let me know if it’s Ok ! Lou
  2. Ok if your first in line they’re yours !
  3. Yes they are ! Send me contact info to complete sale Lou
  4. Yes those spoons were a standard on the lake for years and many and I’m sure overlooked today . I’m sure if fished properly they would catch as well no issues! yes Him was a great guy and developed a real fish catching set of spoons !
  5. Stinger spoons original , hot colors for steelies and brown trout . Some of my biggest came on the hot pink , red off the boards on the temp breaks . Outsize browns love em as well ! Most never saw water , brand new ! $40 shipped local to PA
  6. Assorted lake trilling spoons , many never used ! Andy Reeker Producers Moosalamoo Luhr Jensen NK’s Red Eyes Miller Etc, total 37 ea $30 for all FFA from PA to local US region
  7. One box full of assorted DR and PB plus some midc per photo ! Tjere is at least 36 Laurvick releases most new ! $100 for all ! FFA local to PA ship point !
  8. Custom planer boards used duals , folding . Good boards they pull very well , in good shape but show use . Painted sealed wood pair . Asking $60 pair + shipping local to PA approximately $$25 .
  9. Also have tons of Reekers if interested ! All sizes !
  10. Several I have similiar but not exact will sell 8 ea $30’ shipped FFA in USA !
  11. Several I have similiar but not exact will sell 8 ea $30’ shipped FFA in USA !
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