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  1. Waders Stocking foot waders by Aquaz , wadertek model , 4 ply construction made in Japan. Lightweight breathable proprietory fabric size L . Fits chest to 44". Inseam 32" stocking foot to 12 , 4 ply two tone tan oeiginal price $300 used once $125 FFA shipped local to PA many ?'s or photos PM me thks
  2. Aquaz Bootfoot Waders FS Aquaz Bootfoot waders brand new ! Very hi quality cold weather wader , with genuine Boggs boot foots with neoprene ankle ease construction . They feature 3 ply top grade Japanese material , with square type suspenders & cleat soles Model Rogue - Size lge - bootfoot size 11 very lightweight for ease of walking ! lge specs. 44" chest - 31" inseam - size 11 bootfoot - height up to 6'1" ! I paid $339 when purchased this was a backup pair for Alaska trip but did not need them ! If u want warm feet in cold water this is the boot ! asking $235 shipped local to PA
  3. Used to be a bunch of sheepshead in the bay 70 , 80 & 90's no more ? Fun on light spring board rods .
  4. Knots

    Copper I use a cable wrap twice thru swivel eye then tight sequence roll wraps about ten to connect swivel then add mono of choice to other end uni knot No swivel simply double copper & install leader via Albright knot coat with plio bond cement to smooth out connection or any pliable liquid cement
  5. for sale : usa Red Eye spoons

    Send pho # I'll text ! Note sizes ur interested in
  6. I'll need phone # to text ! Lou
  7. Red Eye spoons Red Eye spoons several sizes if interested contact me !
  8. Stinger Spoons original models Stinger Spoons original made locally in NY State , I have a good selection of all sizes up to Honeybee models , if anyone needs em' let me know !
  9. for sale : usa I'm begging for Hooksters

    I had several hundred but they are sold !
  10. for sale : usa I'm begging for Hooksters

    Ok Error on my part , sold anyway !
  11. for sale : usa I'm begging for Hooksters

    All mags sold ! I have plenty 41/2" sizes left !
  12. Power Pro Braid Power Pro Braid Bulk Spool 1500 yards. New 150# test can be used for DR or PB lines ! Color moss list $525. Sell $250 shipped free local to PA Lou
  13. Invader Bases Swivel Invader downriggers swivel bases universal style , very heavy duty 1" plug Brand New in box ! SS & Aluminum construction $150 dollars shipped local to PA ! I can text photos ! thks Lou
  14. Changing Mono

    If mono is kept away from heat , direct sunlight , & in neutral light should ok for most of season . Another way to keep it fresh is to add backing perhaps braid to ur reels & top shot it with 100yds of mono or so . The braid will last indefinitely & changing it now becomes cheap and easy task .
  15. Penn Trolling reel Penn Fathom Trolling reel new in box 40 size level wind . Very hi quality reel with a great drag & capacity retails for 219.00 sell for $180 shipped locally from PA ! thanks lou