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  1. ROYGBIV - blue and purple down deep take kings.
  2. Be willing to change lures. Do something different with all of your rod presentations and show as many scenarios to the fish as possible. When the bites pattern, make the wholesale switch and dial the bite in. Don’t just stick proven lures in the water and wash them for hours. Check spoons and rigs every 30 min for shakers or issues. I can’t tell you how much wasted time I have given rods only to realize I dragged a skip or a laker around for an hour. The constant pulling and checking and changing of rigs has made a big difference for me in the last few outings.
  3. I am running the weights off 30 lb mono rods. Running the spoon out 60’ and then clipping the weight. From there I am not sure of the dive chart. I know they have a chart for 20lb braid and for steel, but does anyone have any idea on depth with a mono rod?
  4. We are getting them on riggers, divers and junk lines
  5. We are on lakers good, 85 fow running king gear and speeds
  6. Not sure I would be into the trolling, even though I have the gear, but drifting for them seems like a blast
  7. idn713


    It was crazy. A literal fleet. And I’m with you, I’ve got better spots to poke around, just was mind blowing to me. Could also be pandemic induced
  8. idn713


    I gotta hand it to the Honeoye walleye crew, they are as tight lipped as they come! I was out today for bass and goodness just trying to run to the north end was like dodging a land mine fleet. Planer boards, rod trees, looked like A Lake Ontario tourney out there. For as little as it’s talked about (I’m sure for good reason) sure seems like a sought after fishery. Anyway back to the important stuff, laid the smack down on the bass and the jerkbait bite was on fire!
  9. I would love to do this, but holy cow I wouldn't even know where to start. I have it in my head that this could be a really fun yearly pilgrimage for my friends and I.
  10. Well, this weekend was pretty amazing. Between a million bass boats being out, and a ton of pressure, bites on Sat were hard to come by. I sat tight to where I knew there were fish and kept grinding. Nothing happening on jerkbait or chatterbait, not happening on the ned rig. Alright kitech, batter up. 10 casts into a slow roll along the bottom and just a tiny “thunk”, and up to the surface comes the biggest bass I have ever hooked! Alright don’t panic, alright she is in the trolling motor PANIC. Ok she unwrapped and in the net and HOLY DEAR LORD THATS A HUGE BASS. 6lbs 8 ounces on the scale and measured at a 22 inch length. My personal best by at least .75 of a pound. Man, I’m going to be smiling about this fish for a long time. Now it’s time to get after a 7!
  11. Is it open? Wanna get some green carp in the AM.
  12. If you guys seriously think they are going to just do this till 4/29, welp buckle up. Conesus bass guys are gonna lose their damn minds. Lotta kayaks gonna get bought here in the near future.
  13. If I am reading this correctly, then the usage of any launch is being prohibited. At first I read it from a private business sense, like most of the other designations, but there does not seem to be any distinction pointed out. Hope some clarity can be put out there.
  14. It wouldn’t be a box of casting spoons, spinners and rapalas would it? With a green foam insert? If so, that would be me.
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