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  1. Thank you. Not gonna play the panfish game, gonna do the easy thing and go for bass and pickeral lol
  2. Anyone have an idea of honeoye ice thickness as of today? Was looking to get out the next two days or so
  3. Ice should be fine Saturday right? From a thickness perspective?
  4. I kinda don’t get this. It’s the most walleye populated lake in the state besides Erie. Yet people treat it like a Rochester pond with 2 fish left in it.
  5. Lewis Point, south shore
  6. Was very rewarding and I was quite happy with it. We had ATVs but even that was dicey as we almost got stuck twice, as there were slush pockets 8 inches deep covered by snow crust. It was a shame too because if we could have moved further we prob would have been able to find some schools with bigger size. As it was we covered a lot of water and didn’t stop searching. We would smack a few in a hole and then move on when that bite died. DONT CAMP, keep moving! Electronics and navionics also helped immensely.
  7. Fun day on Oneida. Never fished it before but my buddy and I gave it a go and made it work! We caught over 20 walleye but it was hard to find keepers! The consistent action along with the bonus jumbo perch still made for a fun trip! Not bad for a couple of Oneida rookies!
  8. Heading to Oneida tomorrow. Any advice?
  9. The worst part is getting everything settled and then having all that commotion. Like I’m fairly confident I’ll outfish the other guys, but not if there is a ton of noise scaring the crap out of every fish near my set. out of curiosity anyone every use set lines for walleye at Oneida or is that strictly a jigging game?
  10. Unreal. Just have like an ounce of awareness, ya know?
  11. Woof, that sounds awful. I think I will prob play it safe and get some exercise!
  12. Anyone know if Sodus or Honeoye are 4 wheeler safe yet? I would love to go exploring away from the crowds but I also don't want to die lol. I am not a super serious ice fisherman so please forgive me if this is a super dumb question.
  13. Yah I am not trying to be a grouch but there is so much lake...... so you know how it goes
  14. Got on bass and pickerel at honeoye. Slow but steady pick on tipups and jawjackers. Panfish bite was nada. Bass shiners early, fatheads as sun came up. side note, what is it about honeoye ice fisherman that makes them come 20 yards from your spread and drill holes for like 30 min? Fishing would be better if people spread out....
  15. Missed a Doe clean at 60 lol. I’m calling the season, got plenty of venison in the freezer. Was a fun one though!
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