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  1. I want to say that a medical emergency played a role in this and drowning ultimately was the cause. Even at a young age, you can pass out, have a seizure (my brother suffers from epilepsy and is otherwise perfectly functional) or have a heart attack. I grew up around that creek and have fished small tribs for years, would just seem to be almost impossible to be done in strictly by drowning as an able bodied adult. In any case, it is a sad an awful story, my heart goes out to that family. I lost a buddy to the Genny a few years back. He was a worship leader at a small church and was exploring the river with friends on a rainy day. I believe they were next to the falls (below it) trying to tiptoe around a ledge. He went in, came back up and waived that all was well, then he went back down never to come up. They found his body much further down river. He left his wife a several small children behind. That's why I like fishing with at least one other guy and trying not to tempt fate, no risky crossings or precipices for me.
  2. The only thing I think in December is “ dang those lucky SOB’s who get to hunt over cut soy.”
  3. No tracks in the fresh snow and minimal camera action. So hopes are not high. I’ll be lucky to see a doe but I’m in the best place for it. This deer season has been exhausting and man I am looking forward to busting out the trib gear.
  4. nada tonight, gotta get lucky tomorrow. Really wish they would start a small bow culling program on the SUNY brockport Campus, would be a ton of fun. There’s a billion of those deer milking around every night!
  5. Out for the afternoon, let’s see if some deer want to move on this beautiful day.
  6. I hate deer drives so much. There is just no good reason for them and I think it screws up a property badly.
  7. Muzzleloader is my favorite part of the season, shot a lot of nice bucks during this time. They certainly know the hunters leave the woods and they drop their guard in a big way. I’ll be out this week for sure.
  8. Yah that trigger is getting pulled 100%
  9. Just my two cents, I would approach a situation with another armed human in a calm and non aggressive manner. I was once accused of trespassing in Keuka by a regular hunter of the land. I had permission to hunt the property but the other regular didn’t bother to ask first. He threatened to “kill me” or hurt me so bad that I couldn’t “trespass anymore”. Thank god it was bow season. He was yelling and screaming for a good 10 minutes. I waited and said I would only come down if he could actually have a conversation (Was in a climber). I got down out of my tree and calmly explained who I was and why I was ok to be there. I then explained that he told another human being that he was going to kill them and quoted his words back to him. He seemed to get the message as he backed way off and we ended the conversation speaking on friendly terms. Point is that even though these trespassers stink, you are better off just keeping a lid on the temper. Especially when weapons are present. Get the law involved, let them work and don’t let anger get the better of you. What I went through was nuts, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Starting from a place of rational conversation would have been much better for both him and I. People are crazy and it would be dumb for something to escalate Needlessly. Do unto others........
  10. No movement tonight (tree stand platform was uncomfortably slick and cameras aren’t showing much. Should pick up as most hunters are out of the woods after today.
  11. Weather was not half bad after 7:15, didn’t end up seeing anything but two close shots from the neighbors seemed to indicate that whatever was headed my way got intercepted. Other than that, fairly quiet morning. I have no doubt that the weather thinned the orange herd.
  12. Sitting in my truck waiting for this to blow over. I HATE hunting in the rain. Cold is one thing, but I don’t do wet.
  13. Morning forecast is calling for 28-30 mph winds. Might not be up for that kinda tree sit especially when it will kill deer movement
  14. Update, I shot another doe. So two doe tonight is a nice little night. DMPs full and now I can hunt for some ivory.
  15. Shot a doe at 15 yards (absurd, and here I have the new CVA paramount long range muzzleloader). So thank god the season long skunk is off and now I can focus on some horns. As of this morning the buck I attached a picture of is still alive. Had him at 40 during bow but a branch kept me from taking a shot. Would mind a chance at him with a gun.
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