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  1. Crazy how far they can still go with a perfect shot on them.
  2. You come to predator threads to complain often? Don’t look if it offends you.
  3. Got access to a new property that has loads of fox and yotes. So far we haven’t closed a deal on a yote but there is one less fox out there.
  4. My veriflame system has been nothing but consistent and perfect. But yes, the smokeless builds are the best. I was referring to a great over the counter option.
  5. Only issue with that is travel. Not all states will allow it. I would sacrifice the extra yardage to be state legal on future hunts.
  6. I have the CVA paramount .45 and it’s incredible. Easily the most accurate production muzzleloader available. The accura doesn’t hold a candle to it. The only thing better is a true custom smokeless and that will be another grand.
  7. Kind of can't believe people do this. Never getting hit with consequences usually makes this a lifelong behavior in people. Makes you rethink letting people go and then becoming much more forceful about imposing penalties
  8. Oh agreed, I hate gun season and love Muzzy, but every opener you can potentially luck into a giant......
  9. Getting stoked for opener, hopefully some early morning magic is in store for us!
  10. Sheesh man. Glad you are ok. That’s some scary stuff.
  11. Welp bit of a long story here. Background is that I hunt my fathers Brockport property primarily and I am also a part of the Irondequoit Police Department Bow Hunt program which aims to control the deer population in the city and prevent car accidents. The Bad - With all the rain lately the property in Brockport is flooded which has drastically altered travel patterns along with doe entry points. This has been coupled with the fact that my Dad decided to put up a metal barn on the front of the property (about 200 yards away from one of my most productive spots) smack in the middle of the bow season and rut. This means the construction crew is banging away and blasting music at 8AM sharp (I know cause I observed this from a stand over said productive location). So all of this has combined to more or less squelch the daytime movement of several really nice bucks that I have on camera. With construction likely continuing through gun season I reset my goals to allow for a bow buck that's reasonable, - if not up to my typical standards. So today I had my hunt in Irondequoit and I picked out a prime spot, that I know from past years, that really has a good crack at some rutting action. Today as soon as sun broke I was treated to a cavalcade of wildlife with fox, racoon, falcons, squirrels, and songbirds of all type all around my stand. Combine that with pleasant temps and a doe coming my way, I was a happy camper. The doe fed around in the same spot for half and hour (long time for a deer to loiter) and then fed away with me. I figured that a bit later a buck could come through but it was such a comfortable, life filled morning that I was unconcerned with anything else happening. In the next moment the bushes to the right of me rustled at 18 yards. Well a big bright beautiful Cardinal appeared happy as can be. This was significant, because in May we lost my Father-in-Law (his name was Tom) to liver cancer. He was one of the most amazing men I've ever had the privilege to know and every time we have spoken of him since his passing, a cardinal as appeared as if to say, "I am right here!". Well I smiled at the cardinal and said "Ok Lord, send me a buck this morning, but make sure it had the Tom stamp of approval". A half hour later 70 yards behind me I hear grunting, I turn back and see a smaller but mature looking 9 point walking toward me and he is harassing a doe. He is coming right to me but suddenly the doe has had enough of him and jumps the opposite way and quickly moves off. I figure the hunt is done and the buck will follow but the buck whips back around toward me and starts thrashing every bush and tree in sight. I grunt at him to get him to commit but I see him bristle every fur on his body and start stiff legged challenge walking to something that certainly is not my call, its a 6 point buck! He starts fighting the 6 and then a 4 point runs in directly downwind of me reacting to my grunts. Well the 4 sees the two bucks fighting and wants in, so it walks directly under my stand and back 60 yards behind me to meet the bucks and then all 3 bucks square off! Quickly the pecking order forms where the 6 spars the 4 and the 9 spars the 6. At this point I say "Alright Tom, if you bring that 9 into chip shot range, I'll take him". Well what do you know, the three bucks fight their way to 30 yards to the left of my stand behind brush. At this point I assume the hunt his done, they will continue on forward and I wont get a shot. At the last moment, the 6 rakes the 4 with it's antlers and the 4 jumps the hedge and runs to the base of my tree. Well the 6 was bristled like a mad dog and sprinted over to the 4 with intent to keep the fight going! As they set to square off again, the 9 comes walking in on their trail and he is also bristled and angry! The 9 walks directly into my shooting lane at 18 yards (EXACTLY WHERE THE CARDINAL CAME OUT) and gives me the broadside. I whispered "Thanks Tom", and let it fly. Perfect double lung with the 2" Killzone. He jumped twice and fell over dead. Had a bit of an emotional moment when I watched him fall a mere 50 yards away. So, while not the biggest buck in the world, it's one of the most memorable hunts I have ever been on. National Geographic stuff with a fair amount of God's providence mixed in. It is a morning I will not soon forget.
  12. Seems like the wind is killing the evening movement today.
  13. I’ll def be available to compare notes I want to help other guys out! And I have noticed the EXACT same thing on cam. Does are skittish and every buck in the neighboring areas are pushing them when they show up to feed. Just unusual cause I normally have reliable movement patterns into November and I lost them about a week ago.
  14. Interesting you are seeing the same. The current conditions have to have something to do with it. Maybe more greenery around means less of a difference between our plots and the food sources they currently have. During the drier parts of August and Sept they certainly got used quite a bit more.
  15. So I have beautiful green brassica plots that are not getting hit right now. These same plots got absolutely demolished last year and looked half as good. This year I got hundred of turnips the size of softballs! They should be all over this stuff! The plots I have now saw good use in sept but it seems like the deer have just not been on them heavy. I still get deer every other day or so. The wet weather got them not wanting the brassica? Should I see an uptick when the cold finally comes? What gives!
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