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  1. I might be interested in coming to take a look. Have a number I can contact you at?
  2. This still for sale? Might be interested
  3. Hunting Land Lease Wanted! Hey guys, I am looking for a lease spot on a property hopefully within an hour of Rochester. I want to get this done early so I can have time to prep and scout, etc. I am 26 but I have been hunting for 10 years and I am EXTREMELY conscientious of my hunting practices. I don't do drives, I am strict on scent control and I do not shoot immature deer. I adhere to every landowner regulation and would be more than happy to text the landowner as I come and go. I am a very serious hunter and I also show the utmost respect for every landowner wish. If you would like to sit down and get to know me, then I would be happy to grab a cup of coffee and chat. I am am looking for something fairly reliable from season to season so can I get patterns down and chase the big boys. Please text/call me me if you have something available and we can work out details. 585-943-33zerofive Thank you for the consideration! Isaac
  4. Welp, got a pig in 115 FOW off of sandy. Great fight on 10 lb braid. Was a great 4th of July.
  5. We have our reasons! 😉
  6. Just an FYI I am not going to use the bags for trolling, just drifting. Allows me to cover deep bass structure more methodically without flying past it due to the Lake O Current.
  7. I have seen the effectiveness of the actual bags so I am looking to go that route.
  8. Hey guys, I am looking to grab at least two drift socks. They need to be medium or large size. Something that will really slow down a free drift on Lake O's wind and current. Please let me know what you have. Text 5eight5-943-zero78four or PM. I am in the Rochester area. Thanks!
  9. Well boys, it all came together this morning. After struggling mightly to figure out where to park myself opening morning, I finally decided to get in my nasty, thick stand is just surrounded by dense brush. This stand borders on the sanctuary for the does but is not quite there, more of a real safe way to travel when the deer need to get to the sanctuary. Well the day started at 7:00 AM with a small four going right under my stand. I flipped him the bird (for getting me all excited), and then watched him prance off (probably to his death at the hands of a less discriminating shooter). Then all was silent until 8:00 when I heard a lot of deer coming my way. Well it was a parade of mature doe and yearlings, eleven to be exact, and they were headed right to the safety zone. After ten minutes they pass me and then start to spook. I know they didn't wind me, and then I see three more does headed out in front me doing a concerned trot. Now these three does spook the other eleven and they all move off together. Well now I have seen 15 deer and opening morning is getting pretty exciting. Then less then three minutes later, I hear a very slow steady crunch crunch crunch. Well I can't see the deer that well, but I do know that it's coming my way. As I keep peering in, I notice the sunlight gleaming off antlers and I lose total control of my arms. This buck is massive. He heads right for me and I have one thought, "holy mother of god". Well I pull my gun up and just put the scope out in my shooting lane and wait. Five minutes go by and he just browses into my clear as day lane, neat as neat, broadside at thirty freakin yards. Well I settle my arms, take a breath and lay the crosshairs of my savage muzzleloader right behind the shoulder. The shot is perfect and the deer drops in 10 yards. My euphoria was out of control, I just sat in my stand and smiled and laughed like a crazy person. As I walked up to the buck, I could not have been more jubilant. 8:20 AM on opening morning and I had shot my personal best buck and had the best morning hunt of my life. God, I love the outdoors. Enjoy the pics!
  10. Sold / Closed

    I would drive but the gas cost would offset the rod cost, if you can find a way to meet me closer, I would buy the rod. I am in Rochester.
  11. Sold / Closed

    Interested in the float rod. Where are you located?