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  1. You even got the fox to wink for the camera. You never cease to amaze 😂
  2. I got my bait pile out for coyotes and fox today. Already helped my buddy take out the three foxes above. When I hear gobbles in the spring , I’m gonna be SO proud of myself.
  3. Reveal tactacams have been flawless. But I have also run the base model SPYPOINTs for a few years with zero issues.
  4. Difference between cold bore and fouled should never be more than an inch. If it was, i would be calling CVA for a new gun
  5. Walleye54 is a terrible post. Joke of a sportsman. Good catch and I hope many 9 lb fish get plucked out of Walleye54's pocket when you roll by him In the bay!
  6. Had a heck of a hunt Sunday morning. Pulled up to the property to a driving rain and was bummed. Decided to play out the morning rain in a box blind near our back property food plot and see if I couldn’t luck into a doe dragging a buck through. So there I sit, warm and dry playing on my phone and right about 7:20, I set my phone down a there is a head just poking into the food plot, staring at me. Dang it, she doesn’t smell me but she caught the movement. She nervously backs out (not spooked per say) and pulls a few more deer with her. I don’t confirm what they are but if there was a buck following, that was a costly error. Around I decided to walk our small strip back field (about 70 yards wide) that is between hardwoods and an Ag field and play a ground sit where some giants have been cruising. I silently (everything is soaked) push to the back corner and as I get about to my spot I see a big body out in the Ag working a scrape. I’m thinking, wind in my face, chest high golden rod between me and the hedge, if I can pull this deer, I can put a stalk on him. Ok here we go, slip off the backpack hit the grunt tube and look. No reaction. Ok one more grunt, louder longer challenge. Bang head up, swiveling to catch the sound. Starts slowly moving from the ag toward my hedge. Holy crap phase 1 is working. Ok now I gotta get to 20 yards of that hedge, be ready for him to pop out and be in position. He stops to work another scrape, here we go. Hands and knees slide to the hedge, I cover 30 yards in a minute, dead quiet. Pop up to check him, he is now 50 out and coming slow and steady on a rope. Holy crap this is gonna happen. I get greedy. Give me 10 more yards to get within 15 of the hedge, I make the move, pop up, he is still coming. He is now just behind the hedge within 25 yards, I slowly rise to catch his position. I lose him. He vanished. I look for a full three minutes, how could he be gone? It was right there? Flash of antlers just behind hedge, oh holy crap he’s at 15 yards. I quickly pop down into the golden rod and holder the crossbow. He clears the hedge into my field at 10 yards I have my crosshairs on him but I don’t want a frontal through golden rod. Comon dude, little more. After what seems like an eternity of looking, he steps through fully and turns broadside to the left at SEVEN STEPS. I slowly raise up, on his shoulder, he sees me, tenses up, I have golden rod in the scope still, but screw it, pull the trigger. He makes two bounds, flickers his tail, falls over dead. HOLY CRAP THAT JUST HAPPENED. I was over the moon. Was a story book spot and stalk that was out of a freakin TV show. Not a giant deer, but certainly respectable and probably one of my best hunting memories of all time. Absolutely incredible Sunday morning.
  7. Activity around me is deader than dead tonight. With high temps, it’s not shocking
  8. Day late and a dollar short. Been a killable shooter buck in front of one of my stand locations (sometimes several) every day for the last four days and I’ve picked wrong every time. I know eventually I’ll pick right but my goodness this is getting absurd. Playing the wind is my highest priority so nothing spooked or bumped but man, unlucky so far.
  9. I have the doe patterns pretty well dialed. Took my buddy (very new hunter) out and gave him some strict rules about taking a nice mature doe. He got it done within 2 hours on the stand lol. Easy 5 yd shot, had totally unspooked does in the plot an hour later. Two evenings later I directed my younger brother where to sit and another mature deer was taken. I have noticed only an uptick in deer movements and usage in all my plots since the two mature does were taken. If done properly and quickly, I just think it has almost no impact on properties. Especially where deer pops are high.
  10. Little staging dark on the back, but chrome on the sides, you are good. Once the fish gets entirely darker from staging, I believe they should not be eaten. That is natures full fledged sign that they are starting to deteriorate
  11. If they are chrome, they are good. If they are dark, they are in the process of dying. Simple as that.
  12. I would just jig, With a lake that shallow, it should be a pretty easy one to do that on.
  13. https://www.jsonline.com/in-depth/archives/2021/09/02/lake-huron-saw-revival-after-demise-alewives-and-salmon/7847622002/ Interesting article. Seems eliminating the alewife was never the intent (as it should be with an invasive) but rather a creation of a sportfishing industry? Does that make us the fat cats? In any case, if eliminating the alewife was priority it could be done. Stock kings till we are blue in the face and then watch the lake heal. Right now, snap decision? Yah I would do it. Seeing returns of atlantics, steel and browns exclusively to the rivers along with booming walleye and bass would be high on my list. BUT, if you were to ask me if the kings were gone? I would tell you fondly of screaming drags (both pier and diver) and sinking bobbers in the fall. I would tell you how nothing fought like a king and how I miss them dearly. Ontario is King water now, and I do believe it should stay that way.
  14. I personally shoot the CVA Paramount, with 98grains (weighed) Blackhorn and the 270 grain power belt made to go with it. Same hole accuracy at 150 and easy ability to shoot out to 400 (where my skill about ends). For all intents and purposes its like a single shot rifle. In my opinion it's the best "factory" offering for accuracy. If you go the custom route, then its a whole new ballgame of accuracy and ability to use smokeless which is a delight.
  15. Lol. We ain’t Alaska. So it’s #2 at best and we get kings are great and not going anywhere. Can’t blame people for liking variety 🤷🏻‍♂️
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