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  1. Is it just me or are there wayyy more spring Kings around the south shore than in years prior? I follow many social media accounts that are just hammering Kings (almost as much as browns) all up and down the south shore of Lake Ontario. Good sign if you ask me.
  2. idn713

    Finger Lakes Salmon Casting

    Sounds like more of a trolling lineup
  3. idn713

    Finger Lakes Salmon Casting

    What stickbaits do you like? Husky jerks and x raps?
  4. Hey guys, long time no post. I was looking to see if anyone had any advice on casting from a boat for Cayuga and Seneca Salmon. I want to get into these land locks. but I don’t really know where to start from a lure stand point or location wise. Kinda figured I would work down the lakeshore throwing buck tails and flukes. Specifically looking to cast and not troll. Any advice? Feel free to PM if you would rather go that route.
  5. Would he have any interest in the tracker rig below in the classifieds (mine)? In super nice shape and also turn key. I could throw cash on top as well.
  6. 2001 Tracker Pro Guide 16 Trade Hey guys, just throwing this out there as a potential for a trade for a salmon ready trolling rig. Been wanting to really get into the trolling game for a while. If you are looking to downsize, this could be a good rig for you. Comes with the brand spanking new trolling motor (last year) and very nice Garmin 73dv graph. Motor fires up every time and runs perfect. Never had a worry about it. Might also be interested in selling outright for $5700. Text 585-943-3305. Isaac
  7. This still for sale? Might be interested