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  1. Yes that is correct. It’s not blood. But it’s several small black (almost deflated eggs) throughout the skien
  2. Anyone ever see a trout skien look like this? Fish seemed super healthy and loaded with eggs, so I kept her and got this mess! Her meat is pristine so is it just a disease in the formation of the eggs?
  3. Trout don’t nibble, they inhale. If you feel something, stick em. I wish Lake Ontario lakers would hit on the retrieve but those fish are so well fed you just gotta bounce it in front of them and then smack em when they hit.
  4. Hey DJH any chance you could PM me with the setup for still fishing for Browns and rainbows?? I am so curious about that method of fishing for finger lakes trout and I will be on Seneca in two weeks. I would love to give in a shot there!
  5. Had a huge mark out over 400’ (out of sandy) come up and trip the bottom rigger and stacker within 7 seconds of each other. Both lines had been cut clean several inches inches in front of the spoon. My buddy and I just stared at each other, had zero idea what fish could have done that. In looking back, we both think it was a suspended musky, but that’s total speculation.
  6. Thinking about making a trip to the bar to drift the shoals in front of the fort for smallies. Is it worth the trip? Or should I just hit Erie? Trying to maximize the fishing for the hour long drive, but if there is a decent amount of fish on the bar, I would like to give in a try.
  7. Oh yah, jigged up quite a few lakers in the last two years with the one below being my biggest and I am running a 18 ft Lund now! It was a good boat choice for the waves out there!
  8. Been out jigging twice this year and both times on an east wind. Only one laker to show for it. I have to say, east wind and jigging do not mix out there. You’ll get a 1000 lookers, but they will not touch the jig.
  9. Yah, my sense is that the bay is largely ignored in the summer cause people don’t know how to properly fish it. As you have clearly showed, there are nice fish to be had.
  10. Look like some good fish out there!
  11. This is why I ask! Looks like it just probably isn’t feasible on the big pong. Looks like I will stick to jigging out there, now that works pretty dang well on those big Ontario greasers!
  12. So anyone ever drift for trout (like over 100 FOW)? I was thinking, bring four steelhead noodle rods, 10lb main lines, 1-2 oz egg sinker, swivel, three ft Fluro leader, and common shiner (sawbellies sound like a nightmare to get and keep). Drop the rigs to staggered depths, slap em in a rod holder and let the wind take it over while you crack a beer and rod watch. Anyone ever do this? I was thinking about bringing it to Lake O and seeing if I can’t get a king to take a crack at it.
  13. I live in Chili and I fish all the surrounding lakes it seems besides I bay. I am getting real tired of what seems like a 50 minute drive everywhere and wanna focus on that body of water 20 min from me. I dont want specific spots but can anyone provide insights on the general largemouth pattern on I bay? I know that with the bait in there and being connected to Lake O it has to have a couple of big fish swimming off those ledges.
  14. Is it just me or are there wayyy more spring Kings around the south shore than in years prior? I follow many social media accounts that are just hammering Kings (almost as much as browns) all up and down the south shore of Lake Ontario. Good sign if you ask me.
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