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  1. Anyone have any tips on boosting the cell reception on the Spypoint Link Micro? Just so happens that our acreage is a dead zone and then anything around the property gets fine reception
  2. Food plots are coming in nicely! Also, I said it was a matter of time till bigger boys showed up, well they sure showed up! Licking vines are amazing btw. You need to research them by Whitetail Habitat solutions, amazing pull power!
  3. Definitely looking forward to the season. I have a new bow, new food plots and some nice new sets that should produce nicely. Approximately 10000000000 does and fawns on the property with only small bucks for now. But come mid September some cruising bruisers will show up. Just an FYI, I have started to place "licking" vine scraps all around my property with a 5' section of vine and the deer are hammering it. Bucks, does and fawns are hitting each one with their orbital glands every day. Hoping that these will be the deal sealers on some big ones come late October.
  4. Well, I’m not taking any chances. The deer are hammering my undersized brassicas and I’m not gonna go without a good attraction this season. 300 lbs of winter rye went into the various brassica plots as filler along with 200 lbs of urea to boost the brassicas that are currently growing well. Supposed to rain tonight in brockport so this should be my last touches before season.
  5. You can all see what I am talking about now. My girlfriend and I did some major work in this first plot shown and weeded .5 acres by hand! Milkweed was taking over and you can see the middle portion that we hadn’t gotten to yet in the videos below. The first and second video are the before and after of the same plot, the next two are the other plots to show the growth rate. So what do you guys think I should do? Ride it out? There are clearly plenty of plants and actually the cameras show The deer already lightly grazing. That said, I am not above throwing down some cereal rye to hedge my bets. IMG_2647.MOV IMG_2646.MOV IMG_2648.MOV IMG_2649.MOV
  6. Yah, my plants might need to just hit a threshold of growth or something but they definitely aren’t as tall as the other brassica pics here. I planted aug 1st
  7. Didn't do the initial fertilize but the PH was a dead on 7.
  8. So its been exactly three weeks since my brassicas were laid down and I would say the tallest plants are maybe 3 inches tall with most of the plants being around 1 inch tall. Good germination, just sorta wondering if this is typical. I guess I was hoping they would be a little further along three weeks in? I plan on hitting them with Urea the first good rain in Sept (if we ever get one). I guess I am wondering if that growth rate will really take off in Sept and fill in the plots which are looking a little thin with all the small plants. ( I also broadcast on a not super generous setting as I was advised against overcrowding the brassicas, but there are plants all over. Just not tight bunches). It's my first time with brassicas so forgive my constant concern.
  9. Yup all my plots got a good soaking! I will have to post some picture updates as well!
  10. I would water them if I could, but that is not possible for us unfortunately.
  11. Quick question, I put down 1.5 acres of Imperial Whitetail Beets N' Greens (several people highly recommended it) August 1 and then had good soaking rains the next 3-4 days (fields all have a beautiful 7 PH). As predicted all three plots are germinated perfectly and the plants are coming up nicely. At this point, do you worry about rain or are the plants just gonna do their thing being brassicas and quick growing. I ask because the extended forecast has me a little worried that there is not much rain coming the Brockport/Rochester way. Kinda makes me wonder why they always recommend planting in last week of July/ early August.
  12. It really depends on age and condition of the riggers. I would say $400ish
  13. Looking for some used short boom electric riggers. Need the smaller booms as my downriggers are Lund sporttrack mounted and big booms put too much flex in the gunnels. I am open to all brands and as long as it is a decent deal I am interested. Feel free to PM me if you have anything!
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