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  1. Oak Leaf Grubs For anyone looking for a good source of Oak Leaf Grubs, S&R Bait and Tackle in Irondequoit has a good supply...Mentioning for those that enjoy using them for perch and or trout...
  2. Wasn't able to fish the ponds today...people have been catching them in the channel between the pond and in both ponds...every day has been a little different in regards to how close to shore the fish are, and the time they will bite...go early, stay late, try close to shore out to as far as you can cast...be willing to go hours without a fish, make sure your there when they decide to come around and bite... The past few trips have been fishing the north east corner of cranberry, parking at long pond and making the walk...in the past has been a trend to do better there when the fish are done spawning...imagine they are kinda congregating over there while they meander back to the lake... On arrival cast one rod close and one further...no bites, try further out and so on until you find them...rod in my hand is crawled back slowly and the other just chills on a bucket...sometimes they want it moving, gives them the impression there prey is escaping and makes them pounce on it and allows you to more quickly figure out how close to shore the fish are holding...sometimes they want a still bait and won't touch the slowly crawled minnows... Every other tidbit used to catch them has been mentioned in previous posts, and really not sure what else can be done to help you guys catch fish besides standing next to me and receiving play by play instruction... Had no clue this thread had so many views, maybe that's why so many people are pulling over and talking to me...have seen cars drive by quite a few people and pull over behind me to talk then continue on there way...watched one guy reverse 50' down the road to pull over and chat, and the nice lady school bus driver was a surprise conversation... This thread was to help all of you!!! All I've received is a few thank you's and a ton of people breaking my balls while trying to fish...is what it is, I'll catch my share and then yours lol... Best of luck, and have a great weekend when it arrives!!!
  3. Your very welcome and thank you for your appreciation!!!
  4. Pulled a limit from cranberry today during a 11 hour shift...3 or 4 of these fish still had eggs and a male or two was spurtin'... Morning was slow, and there was a 2 hour period where only 2-3 fish were caught...perseverance paid off as around 1:00 the bite started getting better and better, then slowed right back down around 5:00... Enjoy the weather, and pile'em up!!!
  5. My dad used to catch kings on them...
  6. Your quite welcome for the message...feel as though enough reports have been made, while providing plenty of information while attempting to help people catch these critters... All I'm going to say about today is the one person spoken with, caught 4 within 3 hours...first four casts his total was equaled while being 30 feet away...more would've been caught but a passer-by wanted to chat during a hot flurry where both of my rods were out of the water waiting to be baited after back to back 10" fish...typically pay zero attention to the rods when speaking with others... Sorry to anyone if I came across as rude and not wanting to talk...pounding headache and hurt like hell to talk, especially having to almost shout over a running engine and wind... Surely am nothing special...if there was a top angler of the year award, I would certainly lose...time and experience goes a long way especially if accompanied by want, desire and dedication...fishing's what I do, some are mechanics, doctors, engineers etc, and they are much smarter and better off then myself...I choose to be a bum fishermen and will fall back to residential/commercial hvac, plumbing, electric and facilities maintenance if and when it's no longer feasible to revolve this existence around fishing...
  7. Think I'll try and stay away from road kill, lol...at least it didn't make me sick...really can't be sure about people these days...some people I've come across seem like great people, only to be told from multiple sources they are evil, no good people that put on a good front...what you see is what you get with me and guess I've learned to trust nobody... Yesterday this Ukranian guy I've met many, many times gave me three shots of vodka, a piece of bread and a salted perch while at cranberry...hate vodka but whatever he gave me was tasty, and made the salted perch go down much easier and the bread was a good chaser...thankfully, it was a genuine offer and wasn't poisoned although should've declined... Some Russians do enjoy salmon eggs, way to fishy tasting for me...only know this from fishing and they froze solid in my pocket...swirled'em around in my mouth to thaw them...different cultures have different foods... Fish fries to me either come from wegmans, or where-ever perch can be caught...
  8. Know what you mean by those spring peepers at night...reminds me of my neighbor telling me she could see through my window, just said then don't look and if it bothered me would do something about it... Road kill lol...that guy that mentioned he traps critters to eat, think he fed me a raccoon/o'possum/road-kill burger...his token of appreciation for all the fish given was to grill some burgers and really no clue what he gave me...it was actually good, but after the fact it occurred to me he probably fed me one of his concoctions...last time I'll ever accept any type of food from him...
  9. Probably should've used a different term then "ol'timers", my mistake... Havent heard anyone except people with elevated years of life experience refer to that area as frog pond... Is a good spot, might try it this season...Wish everyone can enjoy the weekend!!!
  10. Your welcome samajm!!! Funny you mentioned we are one with the fish...have believed for a very long time there is a big difference between someone that likes to go fishing, and a angler/fishermen...we are anglers... Haven't heard much about them bullheads, bondouley and haven't tried for'em...couple times being there early, the guys that had lanterns going mentioned it was slow to non-existent... Maybe try the south end of irondequoit, the spot the ol'timers called frog pond...if coming from the west, hop onto empire blvd and make the last left before you go down the big hill, think it's orchard park blvd...follow it all the way down until you see the bay, and the lot is right there...have done well there in the past...
  11. Am usually very quiet, was being loud for a while lol...find it odd you happened to ask the day I returned after not fishing it for a week... Last post made was from Easter, crushed'em, lots of smalls but plenty of good ones...Monday morning was excellent till the 30 mph winds turned cranberry into raging white caps...teusday morning was slow and the afternoon was a steady pick...Wednesday outright sucked and caught about ten in 6 hours... Today was steady until about 2:00 and never had another bite and wasnt pleased that my timing was off today and missed more fish then hooked...got tired of dealing with the wind that kept increasing and went home about 3:30... Guys fishing the bridge between the ponds have been doing well, so they say, with all small fish...other then that, everyone says it's slow... Every fish caught today was spawned out...have been keeping some smaller fish lately for this guy that said he traps raccoons and o'possums in his backyard for food...ill let him have some extra fish,,, Most likely my last trip with the change of seasons, and other fishing oppurtunities...catch'em up!!!
  12. Yep, you can float fish them in the same areas steelhead are caught... Casting shallow shad raps is also effective and haven't found a technique as productive as bouncing 1/8 ounce black and brown buck-tails tipped with half a crawler...bring a lot of jigs, rocks like to grab them as well... It was mentioned there is a preference to troll and omitted this shore casting location and wouldn't recommend eating them...haven't heard anyone saying these river fish are good eating...
  13. Fishing in the river can be very good...As you troll up river the deepest stretches of water holds fish...your depth finder will show you this and as you get past all the marinas, the steep banks will visually tell you what side to be on...one side will look steep, while the other just a wide patch of cat-tails...if both sides have wide patches of cat-tails, go right down the middle... You'll be going back and forth a few times as you head up river...tried it once last summer and caught a bunch up to 8 pounds...there's good fishing above the 104 bridge as well, but the route to get through is kinda narrow and there are big boulders...be very careful and trim your motor up...
  14. Your favorite bright colored stickbaits will do just fine...j-11 rapalas, the biggest sized husky jerks and try some deeper diving plugs as in certaIn areas there is 15-20 feet of water...
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