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  1. kremer01

    My son to the rescue.....!

    I fished Okeechobee March 13 with Capt. Jim Taylor out of Roland Martin marina and we did well over 20 fish with an 8 lber and 2 that went 6 plus. Lots in the 3-4 lb range. I highly recommend Capt. Jim - he is a great guy and has a sweet rig that is very comfortable.
  2. Is anyone familiar with this or have used them? Looking for reviews...
  3. kremer01

    Mexico 4/12

    great job buddy! thanks for putting up the pics!
  4. will you consider splitting them up? no big deal just asking..
  5. kremer01

    2014 WHI results?

    It would have been a great day for a Lake Trout tournament.....
  6. you will not be sorry if you buy this boat. exceptionally maintained and fishes great. very fast and pretty good on fuel too. set up superbly for fishing! lots of great memories from that boat
  7. kremer01

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you to! And Merry Christmas to all you LOU'ers! and a Happy and safe New Years!!
  8. way to go guys! Joe, I am glad you are a better fisherman than you are a speller!! Congrats on a great finish - sounds like you really earned it the hard way.
  9. kremer01

    IBay 8-10

    Pig Brown - great fish!