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  1. Looking to sell my Okuma Aventa reel with backing and hi vis mainline, paired with a Browning Six Rivers 13' Ultralight rod. Both rod and reel are in great shape. I will include some assorted raven floats and a green raven shot dispenser full of shot. Looking to get 175$ buyer pays shipping.
  2. Richard, Im guessing this is the reason We can see them go down but once they are down a certain depth they disappear. Makes sense.
  3. Ya rlconverse, we decided to get the non dsi version becasuse it seemed easier to read and pick up fish on. But I cant figure out how to adjust sensitivity to pick up downrigger balls and such
  4. Can someone give me a good starting point for what my settings should be on my new Elite 5. Cant get the hang of adjusting the settings to pick up downrigger balls without too much clutter
  5. Not to steal the thread buy how can you tell they came up and looked? Still getting used to reading our new sonar.
  6. Thank you everyone! Tight lines!
  7. Thanks for all the replies everyone! Big help
  8. Do the fleas on lake Ontario ever stop becoming a nuisance like in fall or early spring or are they there all year round, planning two trips by Wilson/Niagara bar and just wondering if fleas will still be a problem. One trip is 8/23 and the other is 2 weeks later. Thanks!
  9. Steelfire, I thought so but wasnt sure. Thanks! Very cool
  10. Thanks guys, as you guys are well aware, flasher fly setups and dipsey rigs are too expensive to risk not having heavy enough line. Thanks again. Also the flys we have came pre rigged on 50lb test is that ok or should we switch it out for 25 or 30 lb?
  11. Currently our rods are set up for Erie trolling for walleyes. We have 20 lb braid and fish a 12 lb fluorocarbon leader. We are going to Lake O. in two weeks for kings, steel and browns, what pound mainline should we run? our flies have 50lb fluoro leaders. Is mono ok for a mainline or should we run braid?
  12. steelfire, what is all that other clutter at about 20 feet
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