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    Sold to stonearm pending payment
  2. Walleye Spinner Blades (29) assorted spinner blades. Size 3.5/4 willows and 4,5,6 Colorado blades. Most painted with a few taped blades as well. Good assortment. $19 shipped to your door.
  3. 8" Spinny's (4) 8" Spinny's $25 shipped to your door. Picture didn't come out great but back of bottom spinny is chrome and chrome blue.
  4. We finished up 7/9. Two skips, two 2 yo, one 3 yo, and 2 lake trout. Dropped two decent fish. Mostly spoons, one ff bite. No real pattern. Now on to walleye until the lakes sets up. Maybe there will be another awesome late June early July bite like last year. 60-70 fow was loaded with bait and hooks but didn't move a rod in there.
  5. Another skippy and a laker.
  6. Wilson 6/10 Out now. Two decent kings early, one skippy since. Haven't moved a rod in about an hour. Waters pretty warm. 150-200.
  7. Wish they still made them, best all around trolling rod for multiple species.
  8. We fished out of Wilson this morning. Struggled, 3 kings in the 6-8 pound range and a beauty of an atlantic around 10 pounds that put on an aerial show unlike any other. We fished 100-360. All spoon bites, not a rip on FF.
  9. Just read a similar article, not good news. WH has also reportedly delayed the release of the Asian carp containment plan.
  10. Common sense goes a long way, unfortunately it seems many are lacking it these days. I fish Erie and Ontario exclusively out of a 16 foot tiller. Pick and choose your days wisely and you'll be fine. With your lack of experience you may want to hitch a ride with some experienced anglers first like someone else mentioned. I've essentially grown up on the lakes and feel comfortable out there. I've made 8-10 mile runs on both lakes under the right conditions, you just can't push the envelope. Fortunately I have time off much of the summer so I don't need to force trips, When it's blowing less than 10 I'm out there somewhere. And by chance the weather man was wrong I know enough to turn around and go home, even if I drove an hour to get there.
  11. Looking for a few of these around the Buffalo area. Old style 7' medium action 1 piece rods. Model CAL 1100.
  12. 2 J Plugs, dozen spoons, 6 unrigged flies. $35 shipped to your door.