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  1. Just read a similar article, not good news. WH has also reportedly delayed the release of the Asian carp containment plan.
  2. Common sense goes a long way, unfortunately it seems many are lacking it these days. I fish Erie and Ontario exclusively out of a 16 foot tiller. Pick and choose your days wisely and you'll be fine. With your lack of experience you may want to hitch a ride with some experienced anglers first like someone else mentioned. I've essentially grown up on the lakes and feel comfortable out there. I've made 8-10 mile runs on both lakes under the right conditions, you just can't push the envelope. Fortunately I have time off much of the summer so I don't need to force trips, When it's blowing less than 10 I'm out there somewhere. And by chance the weather man was wrong I know enough to turn around and go home, even if I drove an hour to get there.
  3. Looking for a few of these around the Buffalo area. Old style 7' medium action 1 piece rods. Model CAL 1100.
  4. 2 J Plugs, dozen spoons, 6 unrigged flies. $35 shipped to your door.
  5. Red can and the bar refer to the niagara bar about 35 miles west of the oak. You would head out of fort Niagara or Wilson to fish there. The windmills are usually a Lake Erie reference.
  6. Two face with powder blue glow fly was stud. Went non stop and even got smacked while deploying a few times. Best king oddly enough came on a glow frog spoon fixed cheater out of temp.
  7. Quick report... Fished this morning from 6-11 solo. Beautiful morning. Went 17/19. 4 matures, bunch of 2 year olds, couple skippy's, 1 steelhead. Dipsys out 220-240 were hot with FF. Only two spoon bites on the riggers. Sorry no pics, fishing solo I don't mess around to much and handle the fish as little as possible. Fished 120-320. 200-275 was best for me. Fishing was hot till 9 then slowed a bit but had a couple quality bites from 9-11. Rarely had three rods in. Good times. Hopefully the east wind the next couple days doesn't mess things up to much. We'll see.
  8. Funny how we have to jump through hoops and the Canadiens coming in to fish American water don't have to do anything.
  9. It's lumpy up there? Erie is a sheet.
  10. Nice. Lake doesn't look to bad.
  11. Scroll down a bit. Lots of info.