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  1. Looking for one Daiwa Accudepth 17. Let me know if you have one collecting dust. Thanks.
  2. overthelimit


    Did you pull those fish up high in water column?
  3. 14 baits - Dave's kabooms, jr. Thundersticks, rapala, cotton cordell. $34 shipped
  4. 9 assorted sticks - bomber, reef runner, renowsky, flicker minnows. $24 shipped.
  5. 8 spoons, 1 DW Mag, 3 DW, 3 DW SS, 1 Stinger. $22 shipped.
  6. Is the bite still well offshore? I'd like to take my 5 y/o out this weekend and it would be great if the fish have moved back in a little tighter to shore. Thanks.
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