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  1. I'll be up with my 7 year old today and tomorrow. Was hoping to fish the lake but winds are a little higher than expected for our boat. Worth exploring the above for some panfish? He just likes to fish. If we can't get on the lake thought it might be a plan b option. Thanks for any info.
  2. I was out there yesterday and it was pretty slow. Landed 6 kings, no majors. Lost 4 screamers. I didnt see many nets flying. Best for me was 90 to 130.
  3. Yes, please keep us posted. Would like to take the kids for a field trip.
  4. Will be staying in Port Bay in July with my family. How is the fishing in the bay itself in the summer? My kids are 2,4,6 so anything to keep them busy and interested. Panfish, bass, whatever. Any info, tips, tactics, greatly appreciated. PM me if you want to. Thanks
  5. Fished east towards the plant Tuesday morning. Went 5/5. 4 spoon bites, 1 ff. Took a new PB, 29 lbs of fury.
  6. Fished 25 to 250. 2 kings. One at 140. One in 35.
  7. Off the plant. 45 degrees down 35. Have my 6 year old out and just want to move a couple rods. Head offshore, stay put around 100 fow, head inside for browns? Any input appreciated.
  8. Will it flip? Heading up for evening and morning with my 6 year old?
  9. Will this NE wind be enough to flip the lake? Heading up this afternoon.
  10. Just add hooks, leader, clevis. A nice assortment of blades (Colorado, Indiana, Willow, Montana, Smiley) sizes 3 and 4. Bead bodies, 6mm bead assortment, rig floats, and rig bodies. $20 shipped to your door.
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