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  1. Dang, must have forgot to hit send last night. I'll take a number in case it falls through.
  2. PM sent
  3. Wilson 7/11 Definitely a quantity over quality day. Well over 20 bites with seven 2 year olds and a bunch of shakers. Lost our best three fish, all screamers after long runs. Mostly a ff bite with a moonshine geezer firing consistently as well. Biggest fish of day was on the geezer but lost him after he peeled out 250 in a blink. Best was 170-200. Good break down around 65-70 feet. Was a fun morning. Fished 630-11.
  4. for sale : usa

    Sold. Just PM your address to me robert. Thanks.
  5. for sale : usa

    Sent in pm robert
  6. for sale : usa

    Still available. All new flies. Atomik, Howie, Dreamweaver, Carlson Frog Flies.
  7. for sale : usa

    Sold pending payment
  8. for sale : usa

    Sold pending payment
  9. Walleye Stick Lot 9 assorted walleye sticks. 2 F11 floating raps custom color, 2 F13 floating raps custom color, 2 renowski's, 1 reef runner 700, 1 deep HJ 10, 1 reef runner deep little ripper. $28 shipped. shipped.
  10. 10 Flies/9 Rigged 10 flies, 9 rigged, 1 unrigged - $24 shipped
  11. for sale : usa

    Sold to stonearm pending payment