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    Sold pending payment
  2. 3 - Okuma Magda 15 3 Okuma Magda 15. Nice reels for spring browns and walleye. Spooled up with new 16 lb bloodrun tournament mono. 3 seasons old but very little use. Some very minor boat rash on a couple but in very good condition. Would like to sell in one lot. $80 Shipped.
  3. TTT. Still available.
  4. What do the different color lines represent?
  5. Slide diver with weight kit Anybody have any info on a depth chart for a #1 Slide diver with the weight kit, no ring on powerpro? Cannot get a hold of the folks at slide diver.
  6. Bar to Olcott, still worth a shot? Well, my freezer is packed with walleye fillets. Was thinking of making a trip up to lake o this weekend. Is there still an inshore bite going on? Or would I have to go offshore for chrome and immature's. Never fished up there this time of year. Typically make my last trip around labor day. Thanks for any input. PM me if you'd rather pass along info that way.
  7. Sold pending payment
  8. Small folded clevis. PayPal preferred but not exclusive. Tossed in about 15 or so.
  9. Anyone know member e1fire? If anyone knows this member please tell him to check his PM's or email. He bought 8 spoons from me and paid but I do not have his address. Would like to get them shipped to him ASAP but he has not returned any of my contacts. Thanks.
  10. Sold / Closed

    PM me with your address. Thanks.
  11. Sold / Closed

    Sure do. PM sent.
  12. 8 spoons 8 spoons. Stinger mag blue gander glow, stingray purple gander glow, 2- silver streaks not sure of names, 1 nk 28 ssw, dwss yellow nbk, dwss hawg wild, standard stinger steely Dan. $20 shipped.
  13. Daiwa 7'6" ML Heartland Rod Looking for 1. The green rods that aren't made anymore. Would like to have all matching core rods and I'm one short. PM me if you have 1 available. I'm in Buffalo area but would consider if shipping is reasonable. Model 762ML I believe. Thanks.