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  1. I have the one still. Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. There is one left. It does not have autostop, the extended boom had a crack in it so I replaced the first section of the arm. I am selling this for 150.
  3. 2 Cannon Mag 10 Electric Downriggers - $400 2 Cannon Mag 10 Electric Downriggers, extended boom, ball retriever lines. Comes with the sockets to connect to the battery. $400 for both...would like to either have them picked up or delivered near Rochester. I have several down rigger weights ...all 12# - $15 each
  4. Cannon Downriggers - one minimal mag electric ($100) one mag10 electric extendable boom with short stop ($150) Pm me
  5. I have one for sale...$20 bucks plus shipping )it was completely coated with the plasti-dip
  6. I can let you have the swivels and the ball cradles for that, but the lake troll bases go with the mini mag downriggers i am selling
  7. Yeah, I tried to do that and no one contacted me. I am sorry it bumped you down the page but I am trying to sell me stuff and selling them I dividually has seemed to work. I understand that this.might be something you think detracts people from seeing your stuff, but I have come to find out that everyone on here doesnt seem to stop looking down the list just because it is not on the first page. Once again, I apologize....
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