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  1. Ok thanks. Around here we dip for minnows in the niagara river to use in erie for perch. No problems with the DEC since it is from the same waters. We are allowed to transport non certified bait within the lake erie corridor. Any suggestions on bait shops near wellesley or abay? Or are there enough around that I shouldn't worry?
  2. Thanks Kevin and spinfly. I might do a trip by myself to try and locate a school of larger perch before I take the girls. Every time I take them fishing they ask we if we are going to catch something we can eat lol. On another note is there anywhere good to dip for minnows or will I be needing to buy some. Thanks,
  3. Thanks!! we will be on Eel Bay. But will possibly dock the boat at the marina if they have shore power for me to charge the trolling motor batteries. Otherwise I will launch the boat when we go so I can pull it and charge back up at the cottage.
  4. Here's a few of the little ones. My oldest has always been all about perch, but is coming around to Walleye too!!
  5. All, Pulling the 16' Lund Tiller up to Wellesley Island this Friday. Bringing the girls with me and would LOVE to get them on some perch we could fry up. Anyone have any pointer about were to look this time of year? I have read 18-30' on breaks off Picton Island or canoe point. Any other advice? Would also be interested in chasing walleye while I was up there. I usually fish Lake Erie and Chautauqua for Walleye and Perch so I am outfitted pretty well. Also anyone know a good spot for getting non-ethanol gas near Wellesley Island? I imagine there are plenty of places to get it, but would also expect it might get more expensive as you get closer to water. Thanks,
  6. I think i meant to say the impact on Seneca Lake! Please go to the website and let us be heard!!!
  7. Fellow Fisherman, I just read that there is a bill in front of the NY Senate to ban crypto mining in NYS. Given the impact it has had on Cayuga Lake I expected that this community might be interested in supporting this action. If you want to support this bill you can go onto the NY Senate website and send a message to the Senator for your district to ask them to vote yes for the bill. On the right hand side of the webpage you can click on a button that says Aye, once you do that you will be prompted to setup an account. I believe you have to confirm your account via email and then login in and take the steps again for your vote to go through. Below is the link for bill S.6486D. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/S6486
  8. Thanks a lot for the input guys, I really appreciate and respect it. Having 3 young children at home, I do not get to pick my days or how frequently I can get out. I always try to make the best of it when I can get out. It sounds like I will be better off sticking close to home and we'll go drift the lower river with my boat.
  9. Hi everyone I want to hit either Cayuga or Canandaigua to try for perch this weekend. I see 14 mile per hour West wind on Saturday in 11 mile per hour southwind on Sunday. Curious what that 11 mile per south wind will mean for the northern tip of Canandaigua or cayuga will it mess the lake up bad or is 11 mile per hour South wind tolerable thank you
  10. Needs to be 12v. Anything 36# of thrust or less and the most I am willing to pay for used is $50, since I can buy new for $100 and have a warranty against it. Anything 45-55# and we can discuss price based on condition, model, and what you are looking to get. PM me if you have anything. Thanks,
  11. Thanks for the replies. I saw the Fat AZ this weekend at Hogan's. BR, if not 60 then what would you recommend?
  12. Hi all, I grew up fishing for Salmon and Trout in Ontario and streams, Walleye in Erie, Calicos and Walleye in Chautauqua since I was 2 and bought my first boat a couple of years ago, Something I have really wanted to get into is Musky fishing, given the world class fishery we have here. I have been able to find plenty of information on trolling, especially for Chautauqua and have outfitted myself with needed trolling gear and lures. I am very interested in casting too though. Hoping that people might be able to share some pointers on that front. I would like to catch some casting in Chautauqua. I am not looking to be spoon fed, but not interested in completely wasting time and especially money. Happy for people to PM me if not interested in sharing with the general public. If left to my own devices I would likely target Bell Tower, Dewittville, Maple Springs, Mayville Flats looking for weed edges and suspended vegetation. I have looked at what is out there for casting for Musky and there are quite a lot of options. Any suggestions on what to look at for casting in Chautauqua? Gear: 2 - 8' Mojo Musky Heavy power trolling rods with Daiwa 57LC, loaded with 10 colors of 45# Mason Leadcore 8' St Croix Premier Heavy / Moderate, with 400 Tranx and 60# Braid 8'6" St Croix Premier Med - Heavy / Fast , with 413 concept A3 and 60# Braid Tools: Beckman net w large hoop and deep net Hook Cutter Long needle nose Hook sharpener Bump Board Thanks in Advance.
  13. Sold this about a year ago. Can't figure out how to mark it as sold.
  14. If you cut the shaft you can splice the wires to lengthen them. Then you can remove the handle and mount the control head near you. Bow mount trolling motors are MUCH heavier than stern mount and not a good option for a kayak due to weight. The battery alone will already be weighing you down quite a bit. Regardless if you chose to bow mount or stern this setup will save a lot of weight. Just make sure the trolling motor you choose has infinitely variable speed if you want to troll. And oh you take care of steering with a coated cable and eye bolts. Attaching a few pics of my old rig for ideas.
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