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  1. Saw this recently on a website for 500 new. Orginal price was based on 800 to buy a new one. Lowering the price to 150.
  2. It was I haven't registered it for the past couple years.
  3. Includes: Cable steer Bow Mount Trolling Motor (Modified Minn Kota Endura Max 55) Garmin Oregon 550T w. Ram Mount Lowrance X4 Fish Finder Cell Phone Ram Mount 2 Rod Holders Toggle Switch for Mooring and Running lights 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter Fuse Terminal 40 Amp Blade Fuse for Trolling Motor and Spare Fuse Custom Net Holder Battery Box for Group 24 12V Battery Quick disconnect for 12 V Battery Quick Disconnect for Trolling Motor 10 amp fuse on FF 5 amp Fuse for Cigarette Lighter Adapter 5 amp Fuse for Lights Kayak Friendly Life Jacket (High Back) 1 kayak ceiling hoist Does Not include: 12V Battery Fishing Poles Net Safety Equipment (hand Flares, Air Horn, Etc) $300 Firm I have spent many years using this rig to fill the freezer with Walleye, Crappie, and Perch. I have also hammered Spring Browns and Coho in Lake O as well as Fall Kings and Browns. I am selling because I have bought a Lund Tiller and have not been using this rig very much as my family has been growing. Whoever buys this will have a real fish catching machine. For near shore trolling a kayak with a properly setup motor can be much more effective than a boat. Mainly by being stealthy and importantly highly maneuverable. When I find an active pod of fish I can turn back on them on a dime with this rig especially if I only have one rod out. Most of the time I only fish one rod as it is much more manageable.
  4. Thanks. I actually had the plug in upside down so glad I hadn't tried to force it any harder. When I originally set it up it was in the garage after dark. The groves on the female end of the connection only start half way through the hole which makes it hard to see.
  5. But will the unit not recognize the transducer if it is not in the water? Or will it just not return a signal?
  6. Thanks. I'll check again. I have a tendency to avoid forcing things bc it always seems to result in broken parts for me. I will give it some torque though and see how she fairs. Best,
  7. Hi All, I just bought a Lund Tiller which is my first boat. Want to take the family out for some perch / smallies while I wait to get through this painful 10hr break in period and can start trolling. I have mounted a Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 TS mounted the transducer to the back of the boat and ran the cord to the head unit. The Transducer cord seems to have a good connection to the head unit yet when I power up the head unit it says there is no transducer connected. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Thanks,
  8. Hi All, I just bought my first boat (Lund Rebel XL 1650 Tiller). I am looking to head to Canandaigua tomorrow morn to get the kids out panfishing. Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified Minnows in the Western NY area or close to the lake? I live in the suburbs of Buffalo so I would like to pick it up before I hit the road or once I get there. I am hoping to launch at the North end of the lake. Thanks,
  9. Hi All, I just bought my first boat (Lund Rebel XL 1650 Tiller). I am looking to head to Canandaigua tomorrow morn to get the kids out panfishing. Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified Minnows. I am hoping to launch at the North end. Thanks,
  10. I'll second ubetcha on recommending Peak Performance. Tammy trained my yellow lab (Junior) this past year and has done an amazing job with him. He was very responsive to her and she did a great job getting him ready for the field for me. She also did a a lot of work with him and water, although he is not quite ready for that (not her fault he just has a ton of drive and needs to calm down a little yet). I am very excited to test him out in the field in the coming weeks. I originally brought Junior to Sean Hager who owns Muddy Bay Retrievers. Tammy and Sean train their dogs together and since Tammy's dogs were training at the same level as Junior, she ended up training him. I would recommend either of them hands down. The do a great job with their dogs and Junior has been happy to be back with Sean and Tammy every time I have taken him to them. I had considered training Junior myself, but he is my first hunting dog and as you said: You don't know what you don't know. Hope this helps. Best.
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