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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate you experience. It sounds like Minn Kota is the way to go. Another expense for the wife to give me flak about....
  2. PM me of you have something you think I might be interested in.
  3. Just bought an Ulterra for my new tiller. Now I am looking into an onboard battery charger to ensure I keep the batteries in good shape and get the most out of the motor. Now the big question is all the money for a Minn Kota charger worth it? They seem advanced, but they are almost twice the cost. Is it worth it for a 3 bank charger to go with the more expensive Minn Kota?
  4. Minn Kota Powerdrive 55# thrust, 46 inch shaft. Speed control does not work, always runs at full speed. Everything else runs as it should. $100. Located in Amherst, NY. Local pickup only.
  5. Minn Kota Freshwater MK55/EM Engine-Mount Trolling Motor, $250, Like New. This unit sells for $750 brand new. Located in Amherst, NY. Local pickup only.
  6. For anyone else following this I bought a handful for Mag Lip 3.0s on the suggestions here. Availability was limited so I also got a couple 3.5s. The 3.0s are more like the old K9 kwikfish and what I would consider trout size. The 3.5 is more like the K11s and a more appropriate size for Salmon. Best,
  7. Consider them sold! I can meet tomorrow if you want. I am near east amhest so very close.
  8. Also we used to take the Kwikfish and put a larger hook on the back. It would give it a wider wobble and was a lot more effective. Anything similar with these mag lips?
  9. HI All, I grew up fishing the lower Niagara from a boat for lake run fish. We used to either drift eggs or pull K9 Kwikfish (Trout) or K11 (Salmon). I am not seeing Kwikfish in these sizes anymore. What are people using these days? Thanks,
  10. Hi, If these are still available, is $180 price per rigger or for all three. Also do they have autostop. Thanks,
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