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  1. skunked again!

    Hudson River Spring striper update

    Don’t know much about stripers. Do guys fish for them for the fight or to eat them?
  2. skunked again!

    Alaska Fishing trips

    For the past 2 years I’ve been going to Lac La Martre in the Canadian NWT for lake trout and pike. I’m thinking of trying a king salmon trip this year instead. I’ve been doing alot of online research, but there's so many , its tough to tell which ones really are worth the money. I need a lodge that provides a guide, any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  3. skunked again!

    Share your best catch(es) for the 2017 fishing season

    [at tachment=60860:9101.jpeg] Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. skunked again!

    What kind of net ?

    What kind of net ? I've been using a Cummings landing net with a telescoping handle ( gotta be 7 ft ) on the piers for salmon. The handle is fine , but the net is the basic big hole mesh. A big salmon flopping around can make a tangled mess. I want to upgrade, but I'm not sure which kind works best. Rubber, Rubber coated mesh, PVC coated ?
  5. skunked again!

    Spinning rod and reel for Kings

    A stradic 4000 is a great reel. I started out witha Cabelas 9 ft heavy power salmon rod for $99 4 years ago. This year I decided to try an upgrade and bought a St Croix Wild river 9ft heavy power salmon rod for $199. No difference in my opinion, I just spent an extra $100 for the St Croix name. I like the 9ft rod for casting on piers, but everybody has their own preference. I also like #20 power pro.
  6. skunked again!

    Black Marlin Fishing in Australia - A trip of a lifetime!

    Awesome looking trip. Pretty sure I woulda been getting seasick around the 4:05 mark.
  7. skunked again!

    Fishing out of a kayak

    I started reading "The Ultimate guide to kayak fishing" by Joel Springer. Sounds like hes a local guy. Sounds quite helpful so far.
  8. skunked again!

    Return to Lac La Martre

    Sounds cool. And I am most likely going back next year. Love that place.
  9. skunked again!

    Return to Lac La Martre

  10. skunked again!

    Return to Lac La Martre

    Went back to LLM in the Canadian NWT at the end of July. Fished for lakers in the morning and pike in the afternoon. Capt. Vince gave me a couple spin doctors and said to put some hooks on them. They absolutely crushed the lakers. It was my "secret lure". The other guides were asking mine what we using, but he wouldn't tell them Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. skunked again!

    Back From Lac Seul

    What were the pike hitting on?
  12. skunked again!

    Punta Cana

    Punta Cana Looks I'll be going to Punta Cana in mid October. I'd like to get in some fishing for 1, maybe 2 days. Does anyone have a good captain or charter service to recommend? Prefer deep sea for big fish but will consider anything thats biting in October. Thanks.
  13. skunked again!

    Sold / Closed Shimano Stradic 8000

    Sold, pending finalization of transaction.
  14. Shimano Stradic 8000 Used 1 salmon pier season in 2014. Took it out to the river last week to make sure everything was still working fine and it was. I would say its in VG to EXC condition. Includes extra spool. $ 120. Will work with you on delivery/shipping.