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  1. The numbers are growing for the Friday Multi-Species event at the Port of Rochester. To clarify about ports; please fish in Monroe County Waters after 5:30 a.m. and be in line at the Port of Rochester LOC weigh in station by 3 p.m. sharp! Not a minute after!!! Remember, DeGeorge Ceilings has put up $200 for largest salmon, $100 for largest lake trout, $100 for largest brown trout and $100 for largest steelhead! The registration is easy. Just stop by Mitchel's Bait and Tackle, Southbay Boat and Tackle or B-E Fishing Tackle to sign up and grab some gear. Support these shops!!! They support us!!!
  2. Minion Fly Company meat rigs in Flobot, Night Fury, and Carbon 14. He has matching paddles as well. "Rigged" meat rig is just always on a 300' copper line after 9 a.m.
  3. Friday's Multi-Species event being held at the Port of Rochester on 6/28/19 is gaining momentum! How about a nice warm cup of....$200 for the largest salmon, $100 for largest brown trout, $100 for largest lake trout and $100 for largest steelhead trout? Yep, that's right www.ceilingsbydegeorge.com has put up the money to be awarded ON TOP of the 100% pay out! Thanks to Double D and Lake Ontario United for all that you do in promoting our awesome fishery!
  4. Look up Mark Brozowitz "Reel Crazy" for electronic stuff!
  5. The registrations are starting to roll in! Stop by Mitchel's Bait and Tackle, SouthBay Boat and Tackle or B-E Fishing Tackle to sign up for either of the Port of Rochester's Events!!! 2019 Port of Rochester Multi.docx Monroe County Offshore Classic sign up.docx
  6. 4 Fish box- only 1 each: 1 lake trout, 1 brown trout, 1 steelhead/rainbow and 1 salmon. 5:30 a.m. start and must be in line by 3 p.m. SHARP at the Port of Rochester LOC weigh station. $100 a boat with optional spot to donate to the Genesee Charter Boat Association Pen Rearing Project. Sign up at Southbay Bait and Tackle, Mitchel's Bait and Tackle or B-E Fishing Tackle Contact [email protected] for questions.
  7. The Multi-Species event is back again this year to get the Monroe County Offshore Classic revved up! That's right! Contestants will need to catch 1 of each species; 1 Brown Trout, 1 Lake Trout, 1 Steelhead/Rainbow and 1 Salmon for a 4 fish box. Each fish will count as 10 points with 1 point per pound. You may only weigh in 1 of each species for a total of 4 fish! It's easy to sign up! Go to Southbay Boat and Tackle, Mitchel's Bait and Tackle or B-E Fishing Tackle. It's $100 a boat with an optional spot on the form to donate to the Genesee Charter Boat Association Pen Rearing Project. This is a 100% pay out (we will decide how many places after we get final number of entrants). You may begin fishing at 5:30 a.m. but must be in line to weigh your fish in by 3 p.m. at the Port of Rochester Building on the Genesee River. We will use the same weigh-in location as the LOC. Look for the big yellow LOC sign on the Port of Rochester Building. Please Contact Larry Hammond (Henrybud on LOU) or [email protected] You can also contact Minion Fly Company on Facebook for information.
  8. Great report!!! You had a solid plan and it came together!! Awesome
  9. Make The Turn Charters (Capt. Lucas Falkner) turned me on to Kischel's scent. There's been days when artificial bait in the meat heads works better and it has to have the Kischel's on it. I put the Kischels directly into the bait head before toothpicking the bait in place exactly as Captain Lucas taught me. That stuff has turned otherwise unproductive days into awesome days. Mid day, high sun means dropping a side downrigger deeeeeeep (over 100 foot down) with the artificial meat MC Rocket in glow inside a Minion Carbon 14 meat rig with a large Minion Glow white paddle. Don't forget the Kischels. This combo has taken some big shouldered kings for the Bullseye! These kings couldn't resist the Minion combo listed above. One last thing! Forget the temperature down there deep, there are monsters that lurk in the ice water down below the smaller fish up higher. I don't even bother looking at the temp when dropping that Minion down into the darkness. They just fire all the time.
  10. Look up Minion right here on LOU. He has everything you need and it's right here in the Rochester area. Nothing beats his rigs. They are always in the spread.
  11. until
    We are currently monitoring the water level at Club Terrace. Please check back tomorrow for an update on if the event will be postponed or moved to another location!!! For information, contact Larry at [email protected] Thanks! Club Terrace, Rochester NY 14617 (Summerville) Cost: FREE!!!! No license needed for parents! Prizes: 1st Place- Longest Fish- Fishing Charter, Okuma Pole 2nd- Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo, FishUSA Hat 3rd Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo, FishUSA T-Shirt 4th Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo FishUSA donated lures Contact? Larry Hammond [email protected] kid fishing derby.docx
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