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  1. What a great turn out today! We raised nearly $200 for the Genesee River trout and salmon pen project. We need volunteers to assist with tending to the pens and fish. Look for updates to come.
  2. Genesee Charter Boat Association's Annual Flea Market 3/19/17 That's right folks! Come on down to the massive angler's flea market at the Point Pleasant Fire Hall (right off of 590 north) near Sea Breeze (Rochester NY) Sunday 3/19/17 from 9 a.m until 3 p.m. Rods, reels, lies, lures, lies, antique gear, lies, line.....something for everyone including lies about fish that may or may NOT have been caught! Last year I was able to corner the skipper of Rabid Weasel (YSM) who was gracious enough to explain the finer points of goby angling, filleting and preparation. Before leaving, that same skipper ran over someone's copper and managed to tangle up 3 rod and reel combos; all this and more at the GCBA Angler's Flea Market. Please don't try to sneak in before 9 a.m. because the Department of Constipation (D.E.C.) has brought back SNAGGING for this event and the door guy will have a coffee can of snag hooks (ala Matt French), 50 lb test (from the sailboat bargain bin at Woolworths), and had bean borritos for breakfast.
  3. Whoops! Sorry, Irondequoit Fish and Game Club! Thanks!
  4. How does wind direction effect the Rochester Basin? Next Tuesday, March 7th at 7 p.m. at the Irondequoit Fish and Game Club this question and anything else you've wanted to ask can be answered by some of Rochester's top captains. This event, brought to you by the Genesee Charter Boat Association is literally a chance for anyone to ask questions and learn about the Ports of Rochester and Irondequoit's awesome fishery. You will also learn about our trout and salmon pen rearing program and have a chance to sign up as a volunteer to help with it. There's still no substitute for hours on the water, but the next best thing is researching, reading, listening and asking questions! The 4 captains on the panel are awesome guys; down to earth guys and flat out LOVE fishing. These are the same guys I follow on facebook, twitter etc. I gobble up their weekly reports. I, for one, will be listening and learning from them and you. I have a feeling we will all come out of this better anglers. This is a free seminar about spring and early summer trout and salmon fishing. If it goes well, there will be more! Stay tuned for a kid's fishing seminar in May by the Genesee Charter Boat Association.
  5. until
    The Genesee Charter Boat Association presents our annual fishing flea market at Point Pleasant Fire Hall in Irondequoit NY. It's right off 590 north before you get to Sea Breeze! There are still some tables available if you want to sell some gear. Contact Greg Arnold at [email protected] for information on tables. Proceeds will help our steelhead and salmon pen rearing project in the Genesee River. Captain Larry Hammond
  6. We are excited to announce that FishUSA is now a sponsor for the Monroe County Offshore Classic. Our local shops; B-E Fishing Tackle, Mitchell's Bait and Tackle and Southbay Bait and Tackle are also sponsoring the event!
  7. Tune in this Sunday February 2/26/17 to Jeremy Newman's show on WBEE at 7 a.m. The Genesee Charter Boat Association planning committee for the Monroe County Offshore Classic recorded the show today. From left to right: Captain Larry Hammond (Len Brozak's Bullseye Charters), Captain Matt French (Class A Sportfishing), Jeremy Newman (WBEE), Rich Hajecki (Crazy Yankee Sportfishing) and Lucas Falkner (Make The Turn Charters). Let's put Monroe County's awesome fishery on the map!!!!! Contact Matt or Rich to sign up by messaging them on here or emailing them.
  8. That's awesome Lucas! I want to pick up some of those paddles. Can you post the links for the gear you mentioned? I will be sure to shout you out to them when I buy!
  9. Northport Nailers "Northern Lights" and "Lemon Ice" in the 300. www.northportnailer.com
  10. Nice work brother! Larry
  11. That's awesome Matt! Very cool
  12. I found one and thanks to all! Larry
  13. Centerpin rod needed and ultra light I managed to step on and break my Aventa centerpin rod. I need another one comparable or better. I am also looking for a nice ultra light rod for small stream/panfish. Larry
  14. Look into Charter Lakes Insurance