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    The Genesee Charter Boat Association presents our annual fishing flea market at Point Pleasant Fire Hall in Irondequoit NY. It's right off 590 north before you get to Sea Breeze! There are still some tables available if you want to sell some gear. Contact Greg Arnold at [email protected] for information on tables. Proceeds will help our steelhead and salmon pen rearing project in the Genesee River. Captain Larry Hammond
  2. We are excited to announce that FishUSA is now a sponsor for the Monroe County Offshore Classic. Our local shops; B-E Fishing Tackle, Mitchell's Bait and Tackle and Southbay Bait and Tackle are also sponsoring the event!
  3. Tune in this Sunday February 2/26/17 to Jeremy Newman's show on WBEE at 7 a.m. The Genesee Charter Boat Association planning committee for the Monroe County Offshore Classic recorded the show today. From left to right: Captain Larry Hammond (Len Brozak's Bullseye Charters), Captain Matt French (Class A Sportfishing), Jeremy Newman (WBEE), Rich Hajecki (Crazy Yankee Sportfishing) and Lucas Falkner (Make The Turn Charters). Let's put Monroe County's awesome fishery on the map!!!!! Contact Matt or Rich to sign up by messaging them on here or emailing them.
  4. That's awesome Lucas! I want to pick up some of those paddles. Can you post the links for the gear you mentioned? I will be sure to shout you out to them when I buy!
  5. Northport Nailers "Northern Lights" and "Lemon Ice" in the 300. www.northportnailer.com
  6. Nice work brother! Larry
  7. That's awesome Matt! Very cool
  8. I found one and thanks to all! Larry
  9. Centerpin rod needed and ultra light I managed to step on and break my Aventa centerpin rod. I need another one comparable or better. I am also looking for a nice ultra light rod for small stream/panfish. Larry
  10. Look into Charter Lakes Insurance
  11. The alevins have mostly consumed their attached egg sacs and are swimming freely around. About 1/2 the fry have left the basket and are swimming in the aquarium. The kids are adding gravel a handful at a time a couple times a day so the fish don't get shocked. I'm amazed at just how fast and agile they are after only a couple of weeks. We have 2 very large aquariums that we will begin pumping water into with a 2-way hose outlet coming off our chiller. We will add another pump as well to create an artificial current. This next stage of development has been interesting and only 3 or 4 died before consuming their egg sac. Interestingly there is one little fella that seems to have a very curved body but he is quick. We are waiting to see the growth difference between those who left the hatching basket early to swim freely in the harsher turbulent water of the open aquarium vs the fish that are 'chillin' in the egg basket still. Larry
  12. When I came in this morning the water temperature was exactly 52 degrees and this was great news. The chiller is doing it's job and the kids were rewarded with thriving brown trout alevins. In two weeks, we may have a few that begin swimming up out of their egg basket to feed. Of the approximate 150 eyed eggs we now have around 130 alevins.
  13. So far I am super psyched with the Okuma Komodo. I've only used it for 2 weeks but It is the best reel I've owned. Silky smooth, great casting distance and easy to use. I love the bait clicker too. I'm using it for float fishing primarily but it's been great as a casting reel chucking spoons and stuff.
  14. My son and I fished Artpark today. There's a few lakers jumping around but the bite was tough. I got bit off once and my buddy landed a nice walleye on a vibrax.