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  1. henrybud


    Make The Turn Charters (Capt. Lucas Falkner) turned me on to Kischel's scent. There's been days when artificial bait in the meat heads works better and it has to have the Kischel's on it. I put the Kischels directly into the bait head before toothpicking the bait in place exactly as Captain Lucas taught me. That stuff has turned otherwise unproductive days into awesome days. Mid day, high sun means dropping a side downrigger deeeeeeep (over 100 foot down) with the artificial meat MC Rocket in glow inside a Minion Carbon 14 meat rig with a large Minion Glow white paddle. Don't forget the Kischels. This combo has taken some big shouldered kings for the Bullseye! These kings couldn't resist the Minion combo listed above. One last thing! Forget the temperature down there deep, there are monsters that lurk in the ice water down below the smaller fish up higher. I don't even bother looking at the temp when dropping that Minion down into the darkness. They just fire all the time.
  2. henrybud


    Look up Minion right here on LOU. He has everything you need and it's right here in the Rochester area. Nothing beats his rigs. They are always in the spread.
  3. henrybud

    2nd Annual GCBA Kids' Fishing Derby

    Club Terrace, Rochester NY 14617 (Summerville) Cost: FREE!!!! No license needed for parents! Prizes: 1st Place- Longest Fish- Fishing Charter, Okuma Pole 2nd- Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo, FishUSA Hat 3rd Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo, FishUSA T-Shirt 4th Place- Brand New Okuma Rod and Reel Combo FishUSA donated lures Contact? Larry Hammond [email protected] kid fishing derby.docx
  4. henrybud

    Pen Rearing Projects Information

    Awesome KilliansRed!!!!
  5. henrybud

    The Monroe County Offshore Classic

    Join us for The Monroe County Offshore Classic put on by the Genesee Charter Boat Association on Saturday, June 29th 2019. Check Facebook "Monroe County Offshore Classic" for upcoming details. You will be able to sign up for the event at Mitchel's Bait and Tackle, Southbay Boat and Tackle and B-E Fishing Tackle Inc. We will also have the Friday event on Friday, June 28th 2019. Contact Mike Lavender for information about this. 2019-Monroe-County-Offshore-Classic (1).docx
  6. Someone will get a beautiful rig! This boat is kept meticulously; I would know, The Bullseye is a few steps away from this boat. The seller is an honest and great guy too!
  7. I bet a two face would work on him.........
  8. henrybud

    Spiny Water Flea BEST LINE?

    X2 with Captain Rich. I stripped off some of my normal duty 25 lb test Bull Buster and ran 225' of 50 lb Ande. Just enough really to cover the max you are going to be fishing vertical. Little to no fleas. Good luck
  9. Tonight, Thursday 6/28/18 is a great opportunity to come sign up for both the Friday event with Captain Lucas Falkner and the Saturday event with Captain Matt French! We will be at the event's weigh-in which is Shumway Marina at 40 Marina Drive, Rochester NY 14617. After you pull onto Marina Drive, take a right at the big white light beacon with a flashing green light on the top toward Shumway Marina. If you can't fish the event, bring your family down on Saturday afternoon for the weigh-in which starts at 2 p.m. There will be a food truck and beer truck. A d.j. will be spinning music too! Most importantly though, this event is a charity for "Dream Factory". Those kids need us!!!! Stop down and throw a few bucks in the jar for Dream Factory!
  10. Awesome!!! Next year let's try to get double the kids. That was a lot of fun! Liam is a fish magnet!
  11. henrybud

    Meat Rigs

    I will second that Minion. Minion's Night Fury, Flobot and Uv Ghost meat rigs narrow it down for me. The Bullseye has TOO much tackle on it. I don't like messing around with tuning the heads either. Minion Meat Rigs run right out of the pack. When it comes to meat these 3 are easy choices. If I didn't get bit on them, they don't want meat. Period. First Choice: Night Fury- It is on a paddle attached to a dispy every trip, any time of day. 2nd Choice: UV Ghost- this will start the day and usually matches Night Fury's percentage but may be substituted for Flobot 3rd choice: Flobot- if UV ghost won't go, run the Flo'
  12. Awesome!!!! I hope to see the kids at the fishing derby this Saturday 5/19/18 a.m. from 7 to 10 a.m. at Summerville! Some big carp, cats and sheepheads being caught. It's free and the kids can win fishing gear from Okuma and FishUSA. Beautiful fish and great job!!
  13. We are about a week away!!!! Come bring your kids to fish for some trophy carp, catfish, perch and whatever else the Genesee River has to offer on Saturday, May 19th,2018 from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m.! This is a free fishing event which means that parents can fish without a license as long as you are registered on the day of the event (register at the Summerville Breakwall) directly next to the Rochester Yacht Club. Okuma and FishUSA have donated prizes and the kid who catches the longest fish wins a fishing charter aboard the Bullseye with www.bullseyecharter.com for their family! Contact Captain Larry Hammond @ 585 851 6383