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  1. I will also trade for a center pin rod or 11' to 12' noodle rod n reel Maybe a fly rod and reel trade?
  2. I bought this for steelie and king fishing the rivers. It's barely used and loaded with Pline floating line. I'm looking for $175 Larry
  3. Catching Browns

    Those are some fine looking fish and great job! Here is a rising fishing all star!
  4. Since I was a kid, I've considered him a legend. I saw him in his boat at the marina a couple years ago and told him how much I admire him. He said, "Welcome aboard". He is such a great guy!
  5. The coho, walleye and muskie were cross bred in the early 90's. What you've got there is a Cowalski
  6. 2018 Stocking levels

    I just left the Genesee Charter Boat Association's monthly meeting. There's a few things that I left with from that meeting; the bait trawls have been conducted for many years on Lake Ontario to provide data.......around 30 years. The interesting thing though, this 30 years of data comes from the south shore of Lake Ontario and thus is 1/2 of the lake. Only in the last two years has data been collected from the north shore. These two years of data show nets teeming with bait on the north shore. I'm with Brian on giving us back some fish. Jerry's right, a 4 to 5 % increase won't do much at all but I believe it would be a sign of working together. I thought we were working together when the Genesee Charter Boat Association met with folks who are major players in the stocking decisions. Many captains are left with a bad taste in their mouths with the reduction in stocking, the failed pen (which was a result of miscommunication among hatchery folks) rearing, and baby salmon washing up onto the shore out west, we have closer to a 40% reduction in 2017. For every 1 fish we were SUPPOSED to put into a pen, we gave up 2 direct stocked fish. We got crushed this year! I want to know the science behind continuing the reduction of 20% and still maintaining a healthy predator/prey relationship. It does not seem balanced.
  7. I have learned a ton from Anthony on every trip! Here's to a great fisherman and a nice guy!
  8. That's a great night of fishing! Nice work
  9. Nice work. We are camping there in a few weeks.
  10. Bullseye 7/21, 7/22 I had an awesome trip Friday 7/21/17 aboard Reel Serious with Captain Chris and first mate Greg. These guys are great fishermen and a lot of fun to fish with. In quick order they pounded out 9 for 13 bites all kings in 140' west of Rochester. The highlights were a dandy steelhead and teen ager king. Part 2 of Friday 7/21/17 was an epic evening of fishing on board Lenny Brozak's 10 meter Trojan "The Bullseye". I am in my rookie season as the captain for Lenny and absolutely loving my job. 3:30 to 4:30 was a little slow with some schnitzel kings being caught and released. Around 4:30 I switched up the program to provide steady action for our guests who wanted to reel in fish. The lake trout we encountered were bruisers and the guests were psyched. As the night wore on I switched up the divers with speed tolerant rigs including my favorite new rigs by Minion Trolling Flies to target some of the bigger marks we were seeing in the middle water column. There was a slight lull in the action when Lenny made an abrupt turn and, like Babe Ruth calling a home run, Lenny called out the port side winger. I'm not exaggerating, the wire rod bent down into the handle and wire was ripping off it! It was a violent strike and we all just began laughing......until we realized that the wire was disappearing violently off the Daiwa Lexia! 20 minutes later the brute his the deck of the Bullseye. I have to admit, I forgot to zero the scale before I weighed it initially on my Mavarti Scale and it read 34+ lbs. Upon realizing my mistake we dialed it in and it was 31.5 lbs making it our biggest king of the year. Saturday 7/22/17- We had a group of 5 experienced anglers from Pennsylvania. These guys were a great bunch and it didn't take long before they were working collaboratively to put fish on the deck. We had a few doubles throughout the night with a couple fish in the high teens. One highlight (if you can call it that) was a particularly violent rip on the Minion Black Fury Meat rig. I was watching that rod when it struck and peeled only a dozen feet of wire off before it fell limp. What ever it was chomped through 50 lb mono and ate the hook. I quick retie and back in goes the Minion Meat rig. Another rip and a miss! No big kings on Saturday but I decided to leave a couple riggers down as I cleaned the catch and we finished with a double of healthy kings!