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  1. The Northport Nailer 100's are nearly the same. https://northportnailer.com/product-category/northport-nailer-spoons/100-original/page/2/
  2. Great point!! Here's the total weights and stuff friday multispecies 6 25 22.docx
  3. For Rochester folks, I will be at the Bullseye (Shumway Marina) B dock on Thursday evening from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. for registrations. You can email me at [email protected] or TEXT 585 851 6383. Texting is best please Larry Here's the rules again. Be sure you READ them carefully Rules for mcoc.docx
  4. For anyone wanting to sign up for the event, The Admiral Len Brozak will be at the Bullseye to collect $ and entry forms on Tuesday, 6/21 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. I will be at the Bullseye on Thursday evening from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. for anyone wanting to sign up. You must be registered and paid by Thursday night at 7 p.m. to fish for Friday. For Saturday's main event, you may sign up at our weigh in on Friday. We will be there until 3ish. The Bullseye is located on the B dock at Shumway Marina, 40 Marina Drive, Rochester NY 14617. You can also make arrangements with me via email; [email protected] or texting me at 585 851 6383. I hope you're all well and Happy Father's Day! I am looking forward to a fun couple days with some great anglers mcoc 2022 reg form in word.docx
  5. Hi folks. Can you give this Word document a try to see if it's easier to print. Monroe County Classic 2022 reg and rules 2022 mcoc sign up and rules word format.docx If you are still having trouble with printing, please email [email protected] and I'll email it to you. Sorry folks for any errors!
  6. until
    Mark your calendars as the Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association and Lake Ontario United bring you the 2022 Monroe County Offshore Classic tournament! More information to come.
  7. To everyone who participated in the 2021 Monroe County Offshore Classic and Lake Ontario United, thanks so much for sponsoring Dream Factory of Rochester. We are all overwhelmed by the over 40 boats that joined us. Lake Ontario United is an amazing resource we all have and there's no way we could have made 2 kids' dreams come true without LOU! Yes, you all raised enough to make 2 kids' dreams come true! That's awesome and thanks so much.
  8. I guess there really is "Always Something"!!! I goofed and I apologize. Team "Always Something" actually had a score of 65.92 pts. I typed in their weight incorrectly as 25.92 with 3 fish when the REAL WEIGHT was 35.92 lbs. Congratulations on a top 10 Tim. You are having a great summer tournament schedule!!!
  9. After consulting with the committee and captains that I deeply respect, we have decided to postpone tomorrow, Saturday, 6/26/21 to reschedule on Sunday, 6/27/21. It's simply to risky to fish tomorrow and this tournament is for everyone, not just big boats! We will keep a close look at the weather for Sunday too. I did not take this decision lightly. We are a community of anglers and it's a great community!!
  10. Congratulations to Captain Rick Moll and Team Shark Bite winning the 2021 Friday Multi-Species event!!! Here's the results! Monroe County Offshore Classic Friday 6/25/21 Multi-Species Results! 1st Shark Bite- Captain Rick Moll 88.42 pts 2nd Missdemeanor- Captain Matt French 84.4 pts 3rd Fish Fin Addict- Captain Ron Molinari 80.65 pts 4th Into The Now- Mike 74.27 pts 5th Double D- Dan DeGeorge 73.79 pts 6th Rochester Sport Fishing- Captains Kip and Brandon 69.91 pts 7th Team Jagermeister 68.83 pts 8th Hells Bells- Chris “Minion” DeVries 68.13 pts 9th Reel Serious/Hammerhead- Captains Chris M and Jim P 66.98 pts 10th Time and Dime- Victor Husted 64.87 pts 11th Dream Catcher- Capt. Sam Zucco 60.5 pts 12th Always Something- Tim Skrip 55.92 pts Howell At the Sky- Joe Rosen 55.92 pts 13th Dandy Eyes- Capt. Jerry Snyder 55.39 pts 14th Slammin’- Steven Smith 54.85 pts 15th Jolly Roger’s Hookers- Roger Hollis 53.72 pts 16th Slam Pig- Mike D’Piazza 53.7 pts 17th Live Action- Rich S 52.95 pts 18th Screamin’ Reels- Tom Boddy 42.95 pts 19th Bullseye Charter- The Admiral and Larry H 42.35 pts 20th D and D Custom Baits- Derek 40. 01 pts 21st Richmond IV- Dave W 38.47 pts 22nd WestMO- Brett F 26.23 pts 23rd Rabid Weasel 18.84 pts Big King- Double D- 26.16 lbs!!! Big Brown Trout- Shark Bite- 12.12 lbs!!! Big Steelhead Trout- Reel Serious/Hammerhead- 10.88 lbs!!!! Big Lake Trout- Missdemeanor- 18.18 lbs!!!!!
  11. Unreel Into the Now Bullseye Hells Bells Reel Serious Time and Dime Fly-N-Fish Dandy Eyes Bull Dog/Schooners Rochester Sport Fishing Dream Catcher Double D D and D Custom Baits Hound Dog A-Lure-A Jolly Roger's Hookers Screamin' Reels Slammin' Rosebud Polish Moments Richmond IV Shark Bite Fish Fin Addict Howell at the Sky Billy Jack Team Jagermeister Lawyers, Guns and Money Monster Hunters Sure Strike King Slayer Missdemeanor Crafty Hooker WestMo Rabid Weasel Slam Pig Net Breaker Always Something Steel Dinghy Reel Serious/Hammerhead Fishlander
  12. 2021 Rochester Multi Species Friday Event (25 June 21) 1. All Fish must be caught legally and in accordance with NYS DEC regulations. All entered fish must be caught in US waters of Lake Ontario. 2. All boats must start in Monroe County Waters and return to the port of the Genesee River, Irondequoit Bay, Braddocks Bay and Sandy Creek. Vessels may leave from ports outside of Monroe County but must enter Monroe county waters before they begin fishing. For example if you leave from Hughes Marina (Wayne County) you can not start fishing or proceed to your fishing spot until you enter Monroe County Waters. 3. All boats must be registered and paid by 5:00pm on Thursday June 25th. 4. Each boat will have a minimum of 2 participants. The maximum number of rods run by any boat shall be eight (8). 5. Boats may not leave port prior to 5:00am and may not begin fishing until 5:15 am. 6. All boats must provide at least one cellular phone number with the tournament entry. Any cancellation due to weather will be made 6:00am on the day of the tournament. Committee members will contact each team via cell number provided and or on channel 72 in the event of a postponement or cancellation. Participants should monitor channel 72 prior to leaving port at 5:00. 7. Weigh in will be at Shumway’s Marina beginning at 1:00 pm and end when all the fish are weighed in. Participants MUST BE IN LINE no later than 2:00 pm or suffer disqualification. 8. Legal fish species will be any Salmon and Trout (No more than 1 Lake Trout). All fish must meet the minimum NYS DEC size limits at the time of weigh in. Any team bringing a non-legal fish to the weigh in will be immediately disqualified. 9. The total of four (4) fish combined per boat will be used for the weigh in. One of each species Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead/Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout. All fish must be brought to the weigh station. No more than four (4) fish may be brought to the weigh in. Any coolers containing more than four fish will be disqualified. 10. Scoring is based on 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound. 11. In case of a tie, the boat that weighed in the largest single fish will win. 12. Payout will be 100% of all monies Payout will be based on the total number of entries. Payouts will be determined by the tournament committee. A minimum of 30% of the teams will be paid out. 13. All participants agree to hold the tournament committee members, Shumway’s Marina, Sponsors, their agents, and volunteers harmless from any liability, of any nature or kind and/or damages suffered by the participant during the event. 14. Participants agree to grant permission to the tournament committee use any photographs taken during the tournament or the weigh in. 15. All fish will be examined by the weigh in personnel prior to being weighed. Any fish that has fungus, rot, freezer burn, clouded eyes, slimy gills, and unresponsive flesh will be disqualified and the team will be disqualified. 16. No disposal of fish will be allowed at the weigh in. All fish will be removed from the weigh in property at the conclusion of the weigh in. Any team disposing of fish on the weigh in property will be disqualified and will be barred from future events. 17. Weather..... In the event of a small craft advisory, the event will be delayed until it is lifted. In the event of a weather postponement, the tournament may be held the following day. The location of the weigh in may change in the event of a postponement. 18. THE "SPIRIT OF THE RULES WILL BE ENFORCED AT ALL TIMES. ANY AND ALL DECISIONS BY THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE WILL BE FINAL AND NOT OPEN FOR DISCUSSION.
  13. These are official. Please follow them. We appreciate all of your support as we get this tournament under way next week. It's been a tremendous amount of work and after consulting with the committee, you'll notice that there are some slight changes. We hope that you all have a great time and before anyone considers complaining or having a gripe about the rules, remember that you are helping to make a kid's dream come true. That is the sole reason we worked hard to put this together! 2021 Monroe County Offshore Classic Rules.docx
  14. Some people have asked about when the money and registration is due. PayPal MUST BE IN BY 6/20/21. After 6/20/21, you must make arrangements with me to pay in person, cash. The last day to do this is by 6/23/21. Only email me at [email protected] to make arrangements to pay in person.
  15. The weigh in for both Friday and Saturday is at Shumway Marina. Weigh in for both days begins at 1 p.m. but you MUST BE IN LINE by 2 p.m. Shumway Marina is located at 40 Marina Drive, Rochester NY 14617. Google "Schooners" for easy directions. You will see a tent up on the hill behind the marina. Even if you are not fishing, come support Dream Factory of Rochester by purchasing a meal at our pig roast. Email [email protected] for any questions! Thanks so much to LOCBA and Lake Ontario United for all your support and help with the tourney!!! Monroe County Offshore Classic sign up.docx Monroe County Offshore Classic sign up pdf.pdf
  16. I think it's a great question! The first thing many of us do is check the marine forecast where, at the bottom, you'll find "water temperature off of Rochester" info. Today it reads "47 degrees". This is taken at 30' of water near Port of Rochester. This temperature will tell you that fish may be in shallower (inside of 100' FOW). Then next thing I suggest is looking at a navigation map of Lake Ontario that has contours on it. Look for where the contour lines are closer together; this is a steeper drop off. Fishing marks and bait is smart too! Hope this helps some.
  17. Special thanks to Lake Ontario United for helping us out! Dream Factory and all of us anglers appreciate you being a sponsor of this great event! Here you go folks! We are a couple weeks away from the MCOC! The attached word document is editable on a Windows computer! You can open it, fill it in, save it and then email it to the address on the form. Some anglers will feel more comfortable printing it, filling it in by hand, and taking a photo of it and emailing it as well. Either way works. This document IS NOT EDITABLE ON A PHONE. Open it with a Windows computer or simply print it out. FOLLOW the directions on the form!!!! The email is on the form and the PayPal is also on the form. PayPal must be done by 6/20/21 or teams will have to register with cash and make arrangements with the committee to meet up!!!! PayPal must be submitted "as a friend". Monroe County Offshore Classic sign up.docx
  18. Hi everyone! I realized that I made an error in my post. For the Monroe County Offshore Classic, the cost for Saturday is $220 per boat with a small portion going to Dream Factory of Rochester. The original post said $250 which was a mistake. The other mistake was that it's the Minion 2-fish challenge side pot. Friday afternoon Capt, Kenny Beimiller will be putting on his Pig Roast up on the hill at Shumway Marina. Tickets are $25 can be purchased by contacting captain Kenny or Dream Factory of Rochester. Saturday's weigh-in will feature live music so come out even if you're not fishing and help us raise money to make a kids' dream come true!
  19. Thanks again to www.lakeontariounited.com for being our sponsor! Update! Weigh in will be at Shumway Marina, 40 Marina Drive, Rochester NY 14617. Pig Roast Friday and Band on Saturday
  20. The Port of Rochester is back for 2021's Monroe County Offshore Classic. Friday's event will be the usual Multi-species 4 fish box; teams of anglers will compete to catch one of each species (lake trout, Rainbow/steelhead, salmon and brown trout). Saturday's event will be the largest 5 fish box (only one lake trout allowed to be weighed. This year will feature our pilot event; "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" where teams will enter this side event to catch the largest 2 fish between both days. For more information, check out the Facebook page "Monroe County Offshore Classic" or message me here on LOU. Friday's event is $100 and Saturday's event is $220 per team. A portion of the $ will go to Dream Factory of Rochester to help make an ill child's dream come true! Larry
  21. Here's the gist of this year's Monroe County Offshore Classic for 6/25/21 and 6/26/21 Friday 6/25/21 will be the kick-off of the Monroe County Offshore Classic with the annual Multi-Species Friday! Teams will compete to catch the largest one of each species; brown trout, salmon, lake trout and steelhead/rainbow for a 4 fish total box (you may only have a total of 4 fish in the box at weigh-in). Each fish is worth 10 points with 1 point per lb. This event is $100 per boat with 100% payout. Saturday 6/25/21 is the main event. Teams will compete for a 5 fish box (only one lake trout allowed) with 10 points per fish and 1 point per lb. You may only have 5 fish maximum in the box at weigh-in. This event is $220 per boat with $20 going to Dream Factory of Rochester to make a special child's dream come true! The rest will be 100% payout! For both days: All boats MUST begin the day within Monroe County waters and fishing may begin at 5:15 a.m. or first safe light (subject to change for safety first). Weigh-in begins at 1 p.m. and you must be in line by 2 p.m. More details to come for the weigh-in site and where to sign up! Contact Larry Hammond (Henrybud on LOU) at [email protected] or on Facebook via the Monroe County Offshore Classic page. Please consider being a sponsor for the event as well!!! Here's something exciting and new for this year's Monroe County Offshore Classic! "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" will be piloted and sponsored by Minion Fly Company. Here's the scoop: Following the regular rules and regulations for both Friday's Multi-Species Challenge and Saturday's 5-fish box, boats may enter "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" ($50 cash or $60 paypal to Chris DeVries of the Minion Fly Company). Boats may opt to enter 1 or both fish on either Friday or Saturday. Each fish will be worth 10 points and 1 point per pound. In a Nut Shell: Boats entered in "The Minion 2-Fish Challenge" can weigh 2 fish total between fri and sat ... 1 each day or both fri or sat ... But have to be part of boxes from the tourney not in addition Any species 50.00 bucks cash in person to Chris DeVries 60.00 PayPal 1st place 50% 2nd place 30% 3rd place 20%
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