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  1. Check the deadrise of that Sea Nymph hull. If it's above 23-25 degrees, you will get a smoother ride at higher speeds, but will flop around more at trolling speeds. Google how to measure deadrise at the transom and up the hull if you're not sure. I have a 17' open bow fiberglass runabout I use as a fishing boat, and it has a variable deadrise stepped hull (angle gets less from back to front) its pretty deep in the back, and anything under 3 foot rollers I don't get pounded too bad...Anything bigger than that and I'm off the lake for safety's sake. I also agree with the posters above on having a backup plan- I usually fish out of Irondequoit Bay or Sodus Bay, so I have somewhere to go for bass or pan fish if Lake O is too rough.
  2. Glad I read this thread...My fishing boat is compliant but I didn't know I needed a whistle when out in my kayak...I will have to get a couple for my son and I.
  3. Got in a few hours last night, went 5 for 10 with 2 nice teenager kings...Throw in a couple of 6 pound salmon and a stray steelhead and you've got a couple happy kids in the boat. Not bad for 3 hours of fishing. Started out due east in 120 FOW running 50-75 feet down, had to get down to 80 or so to find that 44-48 degree water. All the hits were on silver and red NK's...No action on the dipseys. It seems like the smaller salmon are short hitting the spoons, or they run at them so much there's slack in the line and we miss the fish...
  4. Thanks that looks nice. Do you need to buy brand-specific adapters to attach from the back of the screen to the RAM ball, or did you make something yourself?
  5. I'm interested in seeing pics of mounts with RAM if anyone would like to share...I have a small Garmin 5" FF mounted just to the left of my steering wheel, and sure as **** I bump it with my left thumb sometimes...I also just installed a FH X4D on the right of the dash and it's a little tight...I have an older '80's 17' open bow I converted into a fishing boat, so the dash is not optimized for any extras... I did just buy a couple of RAM mounts, want to see how others use them to clear up a crowded dash...
  6. Ok the overall length is 11", with the fin 6" and the lead pancake 5" in diameter. The pancake is 2" wide in the center and tapers to 5/8" at the edges. Hope this helps
  7. Right I'm not saying I would do it personally, I actually kind of enjoy the bay right now with the 5mph speed limit, makes it 100% fishable currently...
  8. Bosco I hear you...My friend has his boat at South Point, at the south end of I Bay. If he idles to the lake it takes him 45 minutes...Each way. I know the restriction says no more than 5mph/idle speed up to 500' from shore, but I am pretty sure if you stuck to the middle of the bay you would be more than 500' from either shore and could open it up... Although most people watching you wouldn't think it was ok and would probably be screaming at you...;-)
  9. I'm pretty sure the launch on the east side at Mayer's is still open...
  10. Thanks, I will try to figure out an excuse to get up there LOL...Maybe to buy some stuff at Fat Nancy's.... I would be more than willing to pay shipping and for your time and trouble to ship if you would be open to that, just let me know. I live just outside of Rochester.
  11. I will get you some dimensions from the one I have tonight and post it. The Tru-Trac that I have shown is a 10 pounder...
  12. Thanks, got any pics of them? How much are you asking for them? Mike
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