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  1. Track questions

    Here's another option that works and its a lot easier to drill and tap your own holes...Cheaper too if you are ok with glass-filled nylon which is pretty strong... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004I2IKCG/?coliid=I2H1LZVR2YFOZ2&colid=37CDLOX8QGM0E&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  2. Track questions

    Here was the finished result...
  3. Track questions

    The PA450's are nice, I would have ordered those 1st if I knew about them. But the website where I got my adapter plates from wanted me to pay for the return shipping, even though their website said they were compatible with Angler's Pal (which they were not!) So I opted for the old drill -n- tap...I also like that the plates I got are about 3 inches longer than the PA450's.
  4. Track questions

    I run Traxstech tracks and Berts tracks, they seem to be interchangeable. Cannon track was slightly larger (wider and taller) but has a nice bead blasted finish. I just bought a set of Traxstech adapter plates to mount my Anglers Pal rod holders, and had to drill and tap a new hole for the 3rd mounting hole on the Anglers Pal. I also had to shave down about 1/8" on either side of the Anglers Pal base to get the whole setup to slide into the Bert's track. I will add some pics later. But it was all worth it as I really wanted that removable setup to go from fishing to a family boat.
  5. I would love to have them...just built a homemade planer board mast. Let me know if I can pick them up today, I live in Webster also.
  6. Sorry mines a Cannon GSTL805C 8' line wt 12-20. Dark green with the lighter green gussets...So not exactly the same rod
  7. Wanted LOU Stickers

    I'll take 4, let me know how much and the paypal address...Thanks
  8. I'm pretty sure I have a Cannon 8'6" Med or MH, not using any more. I will check the model # and send a pic when I get home tonight.
  9. Catching Browns

    Mostly egg sacs on the casting rod, and some flies on his fly rod. Color and presentation did make a difference day to day...
  10. Fishing stuff

    Sent you a PM...
  11. Catching Browns

    Catching Browns Here are just a few of the many nice browns my son has caught coming into the creeks from Lake O...Got a few steelhead too, and a couple nice Coho's as well, will post those later...
  12. Thanks all for the feedback, I went to Dick's today and found a pair of 9.5 ft Daiwa Accudepth MH diver rods for $35 ea, after my coupon they were only 56 for both...Gonna go out tomorrow on Lake O and try them out!