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  1. Glad you got it fixed. I just got done fooling around with my Mercruiser trim system, found a loose wire from the fuse to the trim motor...All working ok now. But they can be a pain in the butt...
  2. I bought a 12" piece of track, cut it in half and drilled some beveled/chamfered holes in it so i could use both pieces with 4 screws...I got the beveled bit set at Harbor Freight for $10, less than the cost of an extra piece of track. Worked great!
  3. I love those hook jaws...I think it's the German variant of the brown trout but I am not sure...They always look surprised!
  4. I was looking at my slip at Mayers in I Bay today, I could stand in the water and I bet it wouldnt reach my knees...
  5. Beautiful morning on the water, launched at Mayer's and snuck under the swing bridge...Went 10 for 13 on browns, chartreuse and white bay rats/rapalas on long lines were the best producers. We found that 36 degree water just inside the mud line and followed it east and west, hooking up in both directions. Anywhere from 11 to 20 FOW they were active.
  6. Ended up with this butterfly plate, after re-purposing the rod holders from it for a different project. Only have the one, so if you can use it PM me for a front porch pickup. I live in Webster NY. Mike
  7. My son and I do an annual ice fishing trip to the Adirondacks, usually fishing smaller ponds and lakes. This year we learned how to catch lakers through the ice on Champlain, it was a lot of fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iz2lDZBB8Iw
  8. Is the screen wavy when powered up? How many hours has it been used? I have heard this happens to these with age...Thanks,
  9. Thanks...On the positive side that gives me a whole year to save up more $$$$!!!
  10. I am assuming yes, because its usually the 2nd Saturday in March... Anyone doing anything on line?
  11. Looking for a used TrollMaster or ControllKing for my 2012 Tohatsu 6hp kicker. If you have upgraded and have an older model I am interested. Thansk!
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