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  1. Thanks I will have to get a few of those...That's the one piece I don't have yet.
  2. Here's what I came up with, bought a Cannon terminal end kit, and clipped off the wire from the Chamberlain then threaded the rigger wire through the hole in the Chamberlain. One less variable...
  3. That's a great idea, clipping the wire and running the DR cable through the space where the wire was...Thanks! I may try that with a rubber stop above the terminal end as you did...
  4. Thanks all for the great feedback. I think I will just try a Chamberlain stacker on the port side rigger to remove 1 variable from the equation...But its good to know my original setup would work as well. Mike
  5. I really like the performance of Chamberlain releases, and decided to try a couple inline with my riggers this year. On the port side I have to incorporate my FishHawk probe, and the pic below is what I think I will try. But I am concerned the wire clip on the Chamberlain could be the weak link. Anyone else run a setup like this, and how do you rig it if you do?
  6. ok yeah i got confused because you responded to my post! I send the duckman a PM... Thanks, Mike
  7. Ok I was interested in the riser, I just posted a pic of it above...I am looking for something to mount 2 rod holders and slide it into my Berts track for downrigger rod holders. Is that top plate adjustable or does it swivel? Thanks, Mike
  8. How tall is that riser? Will it fit in a Bert's track? Thanks
  9. ^^ X2. But throw the old points and condenser in a ziploc and put them in your boat just in case...If the Pertronix fails you can swap out those parts for the old ones and still get home...The flamethrower coil is what really made the difference in my boat.
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