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  1. For sale are three Scotty Powerlock Rodholders. $50. Call 585 - 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  2. If I did you would be responsible for shipping, duty and all associated costs. The price and payment are in US Dollars through PayPal. Shipment upon PayPal confirmation of payment. I would need your zip code and city to get an estimate. If you agree I can approach a shipper that is familiar with international shipping. I have only done it through Ebay global shipping.
  3. For sale is a pair (2) of Big Jon electric downriggers. 3 ft. booms. Manual handles. Could be captain's pack style. What you see is what you get, No bases or rod holders. I have no history with them. Big Jon specs say they are rated for 10-12lb weights. They go up and down with 12 volt power. Packed for shipping. 25 lbs. to your location from 14519. $450 for the pair. Call 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  4. For sale is a pair of used Eagle Feet downrigger board mounts. Mounts on many boats without drilling holes. No longer in production to my knowledge. $40. Call 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  5. For sale are four lightly used Roemer downrigger releases. $35 shipped to your door in the USA. I only accept PayPal or cash with pick up.
  6. What year is the outboard? Is it in good running order? Price ?

    1. Agentorange


      1980. Just had the carb rebuilt and the recoil fixed. The mechanic started and  tested it. I have no history with the motor. I purchased it and had it repaired.

  7. Just sold 15 Victor long springs. this morning. I only have a few now at the sale and a few more at a local antique shop. ( double coils and a victory stop loss. )
  8. No. I will only provide a bill of sale. Never used with a motor Brian.
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