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  1. Sorry. Just saw your message. I was at a funeral. I still have them. Located in Ontario,NY. When would you like to see them?
  2. For sale is a nice pair of Big Jon Manual downriggers with cable and counters. No bases included. Booms are 21 inches from center of spool to pulley. $110 for the pair. Call 585- 2 one 7 two one 5 1.
  3. For sale is a set of Proos 48" manual downriggers. Cable, counters and bases. Missing two hold down knobs for bases. $145 for the pair. Call 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  4. For sale is a Fish Hawk model 520 manual temp gauge with a 200 ft. range. Needs a 9 volt connector soldered on. No history with it. $40. Call 585- 2 one 7 - two one 51.
  5. Sorry Frank. I just sold the rodholders tonight. Thanks for your interest.
  6. For sale are three Tite-Lok adjustable rod holders. $25 each . New in package Tite-Lok. $35. Call or text 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  7. For sale is a Dual Big Jon Planer board pole I believe to be about 4 ft. $185. Also available is a pair of Big Jon Planer reels that mount on rails or radar arches $125.(reels sold pending payment) Call 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  8. For sale is a Cannon Digitroll II downrigger. Included isca Cabelas rod holder. No base. No history with it. Goes up and down on 12 volt power. $250. Call 585 - 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  9. For sale are three Scotty Powerlock Rodholders. $35. Call 585 - 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
  10. If I did you would be responsible for shipping, duty and all associated costs. The price and payment are in US Dollars through PayPal. Shipment upon PayPal confirmation of payment. I would need your zip code and city to get an estimate. If you agree I can approach a shipper that is familiar with international shipping. I have only done it through Ebay global shipping.
  11. For sale is a pair (2) of Big Jon electric downriggers. 3 ft. booms. Manual handles. Could be captain's pack style. What you see is what you get, No bases or rod holders. I have no history with them. Big Jon specs say they are rated for 10-12lb weights. They go up and down with 12 volt power. Packed for shipping. 25 lbs. to your location from 14519. $450 for the pair. Call 585- 2 one 7 - 2 one 5 one
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