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  1. my partner did well on Saturday solo.I have marked many good fish and lots of bait this spring.It looks like a super summer here on the lake.
  2. hi im looking for a dependable motor for my 26 searay,8.5 beam.Do you think it would work on a boat that large.I have a 9.9 evinrude 2 stroke which struggled and could only use it downwind I live in wayne county thanks john my cell number is 315-945-5767
  3. boat trailer up to 19 ft Hi I replaced my old trailer for a new one last fall. needs some minor work $250 best offer
  4. nice report,we took just 2 lakers today,one on a surface spoon 225 ft back the other on a spin glo laker rg on the bottom.lots of fish and bait in 100 ft.temp was 55 down to 80 ft,a little cooler at 150 ,51 at 50 ft.was reported.surface temp was 56.
  5. Nice day today browns laker rainbow all inside 40 ft Water temp 50 Mix spoons worked best Orange yellow on white mid size spoon
  6. Bear creek is open Hughes is also open Permits at town hall
  7. SODUS RESTOCKING Saw three big DEC frucks with healthy LT go in today
  8. Kings are here Pultneyville Have marked many big fish Fished with captain Dick on Blue Dolphin Good day Dipseys for big fish
  9. duck and goose decoys I have a collection of about 10 dozen diver decoys 5 dozen assorted bluebills,5 dozen redheads, 2 dozed mallards.magnum mallards and 15 full body geese,@ dozen shell magnums and about 3 dozen silleuttes. Im retiring from waterfall hunting . diver decoys range from 50 to 80 dozen,no sinkers,lol
  10. I see many fishermen catching fish with the nylon nets and many throwing them back and not reviving them before they swim off.I use a rubber net and make sure they are breathing good before I let them swim off.Quality for me is better than quantity knowing the fish is going to survive.In years past ive deen hundreds of dead fish that would have survived if handled properly.
  11. Browns have come to my dock Gig and bobber
  12. years ago they built a tunnel to store the excess storm water till the plant could process it later.I would not belive everything heard os saw on youtube
  13. Sunday should be a good day fishing.The winds should be south and with the cold water in close to shore due to NE wind there should be many salmon close to shore.There were many fish offshore waiting for this change.Good luck .
  14. Fish same depth 70 down lots of streekers.nbk 450 copper dialed in Great day like summer Great thermocline 70 ft Lots of active fish Hope you get out today
  15. When the bait was thick.the thumping and the humming was all you needed. Along with a silver