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  1. Another solution is go slower with lures like suttons or small flashers and squid silver horde killer setup It might be derby winner this year
  2. fishing was good inside tuesday we stayed inside where the thermocline hit bottom,seemed 48 degrees was the place they liked the best.all presentations worked ,dipsys and coppers seemed better.Thursday looks good south winds,hope to see more boats,we had only a few for company tuesday,if you come Ill be on channel 69, Everyone seemed caught more fish and were a happier bunch when we all chatted on the radio in past years
  3. Did fair inside yesterday ,the big boys are also inside so I would stick to huntng close to where the thermocline hits bottom.Another big point is visibility down deep is back to pre zebra days(erosion lake shore) so some of the old tricks might be a good bet like shorter leads and stackersThe fish hit just about everything put before them,lol We had a great hit on a copper,saw the big board I made go back suddenly turned out thought a 8 lb steelie
  4. 500 ft was great mid week I think majors are moving in thpugh. Lots of teen agers steelhead
  5. I was out for bass didnt see a boat out deep i drop a probe at 100 and go from there0 Never brings high expectations fishing Lol
  6. tons of browms in close last night,30 over 50 solid fish as temp was high.46 degrees 50 down over 90 few kings in close where I was west of port
  7. 51 deg 100 ft 200 ft looked best for am Los of firewprks onshore coming in
  8. Pultneyville Setting up in 100 nice hoks 80 down
  9. Hi nick Carbon 14 has been hot this week Along with 450 copper f/f Inside 250
  10. Tuesday evening we could only keep one rigger going.All the hits came on a carbon 14 70 75 down. Wednesday we got a late start and ended up with 3 losing a nice king.Copper 450 with a spin doctor chartreuse seemed the most active Lots of good fishing need more fishermen out there for sure
  11. Its easy to find fish buddies another to get them to get a derby ticket lol
  12. Good to hear. We foished inside oh 200 Lots of f &b but slow
  13. Great report It was slow 4 us 1 8 lb brown.9 lb king
  14. im not sure what you mean by the seems you just tighten the nob on mine.Thanks for your reply.
  15. my boat came with a bennett auto leveling control system.It works great when working,it does have electrical corrison issues .The company could have done a better job on wiring to make it more reliable.