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  1. I had 3 deer cross the pond last cold spell probably 4 inches now
  2. Any good report of broadbills on Seneca yet? Thanks John
  3. According to reports from sodus bay it will be awhile before any safe ice Boats are still being launched at the county ramp Thurday looks like a good day for cast and blast Bluebills and perch lol Happy Holidays John
  4. john1947

    Sodus Bay

    finally got perch fishing again.The low water has kept in off the water till today.Arneys has a decent ramp if you need deeper water.$10 charge or take your chances at the town ramp where I couldn't launch(shallow) I looked around seems 35 ft was a good place anywhere in the bay.(middle of bay) Fishing was good but not many big ones stingnose jigging spoon worked great. Happy Holidays john
  5. Last sunset on the lake for the Blue Dolphin this year Not many fish in harbor now
  6. I bought a used 91 seanymph 19 ft gls for $700 It was a trade in Put my 88 120 evinrude and 9.9 kicker Very fast .deep It's open now so I put a minkota for bass It's also a great duck boat handles big water well
  7. Thanks for your taking time to visit with the vets.There are some loyal staff there . I've tried to get the va to bring the vets up for fishing without any sucess One guy brought some vets to Hughes ,the VA fired him. It won't change till veteran groups make it happen. They have lost many vets there this year just plain neglect.
  8. I have volunteered there for several years. Care there has gone downhill so much I had to report the neglect The vA retaliated by revoking my volunteer status They run the place like a POW camp.the few vets who live there a sad way the end your life. It's all about jobs vets are a nuisance. Do every vet a favor shut it down.
  9. It was like summer today Lots of trout but you had to find colored water 50 deg on top Hope it sticks around
  10. Went out late marked tons fish water temp 48.lots of bait 35 ft Hey get out if you can summer is back Lol
  11. Back in 2000 we went to alaska in july.It was a great trip except for fishing.Made one boat trip up kenia and no catch.I saw few fish being caught.Saw some moose on shore. I catch all the salmon I want all summer long here and its only a ten minute drive. lake ontario is by far the best fishing for salmon . I didnt catch many browns during summer as I fished cold water.The browns are here best run Ive seen in years How is erie walleye now?
  12. Yesterday was great on browns Today was slow ene winds Typical 5 lbs some big ones Bayrats 20ftw
  13. Took a ride today Kings are still offshore Best views 40 to 60
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