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  1. very nice,there good eating this time of year,Have you ever tried lemon pepper broiled ?
  2. The kings will find them Maybe a chum line from out west may work lol
  3. We caught a laker a few years ago Our fly hooked a lost flasher spoon combo pretty sure we had maybe a lost
  4. Went out deep good action on steelhead to 35 ft lake was perfect Small red spoons We will have to have a round up for the lost kings.lol
  5. fishing was slow early .later around noon like last year they turned on between 250 and 400.Look for the cold water 45-47 .No big kings but some nice steelhead
  6. Today's news of what happened in DC was disheartening .Peaceful protesters attacked with teargas and battens .All for a photo op.for him. Dr.Abraham Low famous quote."Peace is the purpose of life.To keep yourself and all those around you peaceful".He also said in times we are in you must put intellect over emotion.Of course we should always apply that rule Now back to fishing ,good salmon action expected this week,
  7. Water was cold 44 Hughes did mark some small browns in 60 ft The rain is here maybe try later
  8. I'm having difficulty taking out. Cable Seems nut is stuck in housing tried soaking it Any suggestions welcome Thanks John
  9. It should be good Raingear days ahead
  10. There is a old group for people who have nervous problems.Its called Recovery Inc.It was founded By Dr.Abraham Low a few years after AA started in 1937.They(former patients) teach you a method of will training You can handle stress a lot easier I was a group leader for over 25 years.Now I concentrate more on fellow veterans and my fishing..www.recovery-inc.org.Its also free.
  11. Went out friday late morning thinking the kings were in deeper water so I didn't bring surface rods.Trolled out to 100 and marked few fish or bait.Came back in 20 ft and took a small king on a blue dolphin stinger.It also hit on a leadcore down about 15.Started to look like rain so I pulled up . Later found out the kings were shallow for next time.Today there was a dark mudline along the shore from the storm.Looks like later this week the weather is headed for where it should be and south winds but also a lot of rain.Another year kings have shown up early.
  12. Survival went from 50% to almost 90 %.I have often caught them along with kings.If you can greatly reduce mortality why not catch a few if the kings are scarce.Last year we tried towing them on the surface awhile but it didnt work as well if you got them deep and released them
  13. I saw this article awhile and wanted to share it.Studies now show a high mortality in releasing lake trout.up to a 60% mortality in warmer water about 50 degrees.I tried this last year using a downrigger and never saw one surface.A nice idea would be using a camera.The salt water rockfish sportsmen have been using this with great success. http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/newsletter/2013/05/let_em_down_easy_returning_a_fish_to_deep_water.html
  14. the kings will like that,there here already
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