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  1. figed late yesterday.Started at 60 to 100 few fish.Came in shallow first fish a nice high teen king 20 ft down ,i125 back over 30 ft.Black and orange silver NK 28.Marked lots of fish off hughes
  2. Salmon have returned like last year.Good catches reported.Fisherman report black with green or orange spoons off riggers Ramp is open waiting on fishermen,lol lots of parking Hughes is great place to come, Get out today don't delay
  3. I have used a Xintex gas fume detection for five years,It cost about $100 and still works great.If my boat stlls it would detect the flooded engine and sound alarm.They should be mandatory on all power boats. You can easily check the sending unit with a unlit cigarette lighter.
  4. Has anyone heard of a run yet this year? thanks john
  5. unfortunately even fish 307 does not carry the motors for the 10a
  6. Hi I have a mag10a with a tired motor.Ive tried having a electric motor man try and fix it.he said he could not find any issue with it. The motor definitly stalls pulling in a 12 lb weigh.I dont mind slower speed retreival.Anyone have any ideas where i could fix this problem. thanks john
  7. hopefully someone will come up with a control for gobies.I thohgt maybe we can rig up a device to elctrocute them aybe drag a cable over the bottom seeing they are shallow water fish
  8. thanks for the report,
  9. thanks for letting me know
  10. has anyone info on whether the smelt run wasstill on at lewiston? thanks john
  11. john1947

    perch bite

    perch have moved out of bays and can be found in places like hughes ,bear creek area.You can get permits to fish the east side of pultneyville harbor through the mariners club there.
  12. there is a easier way down to river,a path by the parking lot is faster,it had a rope railing the last time i was there
  14. Nice job on the lakers,Did you find any good king waters yet?Last year the kings came early to sodus,hope they return this year also.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o9jC_1dXvQ
  16. Fished in the harbor today.Green and glow cleos was best.Mostly browns ,some good ones,lots of fight
  17. saw a small boat outside pultneyville yesterday,some charters in already here
  18. john1947

    perch bite

    caught a 6 lb atlantic on a perch minow off my dock
  19. great post,cant wait to get at them at ginna soon.ramp is clogged some with debris but manageable at Bear Creek
  20. ITs ce out and the crappie action is next in line,check out sodus float bridge.
  21. john1947

    perch bite

    If you can get out in a boat there is good action n fingerlakes
  22. Every Year I pull my outdrive just to be sure.It only takes a couple of hours .This year no water in bellows just needed a grease job and new seals.The bellows are somewhat stiff but no leaks on there 9 th year.Is there any good way to know when to replace them? thanks john
  23. we hunted the lake by pultneyville sunday.Had quite a few goldeneye come by.Lots of mergansers but let them pass.Only flocks of broadbills were hgh and distant.Might be a plan to set up a mile or so offshore.next trip will be the finger lakes. Any day we get out is a great day ,limit or not
  24. hi i bought this unit on ebay a few years ago.The unit will display sonar at the dock but it is erratic .I made all the updates .The transducer works fine on another umit so its not that. Wondered if another had a simular issue.Be wary of buying on ebay for electronics. Thanks Happy New year everyone john
  25. 2 dozen carrylite magnums shell need neck repair but work,$75 dozen as they are over 200 new 4 dozen sillioettes various manufactures.$150.00
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