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  1. john1947

    Perch bite still on

    2 or 4 lbs vanish or florline makes a big difference in clear water
  2. Fish were more scattered but still around
  3. We are doing good today 7 for 8 salmon. Leadcore off planers best presentational Pink copper spoons
  4. john1947

    niagara smelt

    a few years ago I went to lewiston in april for smelt by art park. Has anyone heard of a good run in the river yet? thanks john
  5. john1947

    niagara smelt

    thanks,i stay at the motel in town if I hear anything Ill let everyone know. best john
  6. john1947

    Sea nymph help

  7. john1947

    Sea nymph help

    I have a 19 gls also.The floor under the seats is a little weak but seat is solid still.If I repair Ill use a sheet of coosa board over the old metal floor.No way would i tear up the old floor.Last year I put in a gator floor for duck hunting.
  8. nice report.good year ahead.last years mid size stinger yellow orange was hot
  9. I have a 1979 ez loader trailer for sale.Good tires and fair condition.It may need a cross support in it's future.t also has a nice walk down ramp built in.Lights work and good bearings. $250.00 or b/o
  10. 3500,itsa heavy duty trailer used it since 1985 short hauls to lake
  11. Hi I live in marion in wayne county
  12. john1947

    2 electric mag 10 hs $525

    hi are they still for sale
  13. john1947

    Lake level news.

    Great time to start selling some of our water to the dry west
  14. john1947

    Worm Harness Poll

    I dont get bait any closer than 2ft when gobies are around,have you had any luck with plastic on harneses?
  15. john1947

    My Old Boat

    There is a product caused coosa board I have a 19 gls which has some weak spots up front by the seats.You could lay it right over the old floor and screw it in comes in 1/2,3/4 and 1 in thickness.needs no prep very strong and durable. thanks john
  16. john1947

    Launches plowed?

    sodus coast guard is open also the ramp on rt.14 in sodus point
  17. john1947

    24 lb.laker caught on Lake ontario

    He hit on a carbon 14 spoon on a 450 copper just north of Ginna.last year I caught 2 big lakers 18 and 19 in about the same area.
  18. john1947

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    walleye stocking lake ontario I know Erie is loaded with eyes.I wondered if it would be possible to mass catch some of the eyes in Erie and use them to jump start a walleye population in Lake Ontario.One good thing about our lake is its alot deeper and colder than erie and might offer some good habitat for them.I do know bluefin tuna are caught and held in pens before they are harvested
  19. Hi I have a excellent one man ice shanty,flip over with cover.I probably used it a dozen times no mice holes or rips.Im looking to upgrade to a two man for room for my dog.Wont sell unless I find a bigger one
  20. john1947

    First year browns

    Last spring after sunup we moved off deeper riggers mid size orange chartuse stingers alpeona diamonds
  21. john1947

    Storing my boat outside in winter

    I built a frame over my searay simple center beam.I have 2x4 4 ftwire over that and a old pool cover.My cabin door is shut so no vermin can get in.The cover is tall so I can still get in.If it snows hard i pull off the snow with a roof rake.Ive done this since 2009 .I also take everything out except my rods.never had mice in the boat or cats.
  22. john1947

    Folding deck chairs

    the older garlock's were made here ,almost impossible now to find usa made Hey Wayne county could get a lot of people good work by making our stuff again, Todd has good stuff not cheap but made in RI.
  23. john1947

    First year browns

    On a nice day with a little west or north wind ginna is hot this time of year.The hot water travels east along the shore.Tons of fish mostly browns.