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  1. i have about twelve dozen diver coys.half redheads,g&h,herters,homemade,,bluebill,mag herters,homemade foam, decoys setup now on strings roughly 2 dozen a can. $75 .00 a dozen and up depending on brand geese field decoys shells,fullbody and silhouette thanks
  2. john1947


    we hunted the lake by pultneyville sunday.Had quite a few goldeneye come by.Lots of mergansers but let them pass.Only flocks of broadbills were hgh and distant.Might be a plan to set up a mile or so offshore.next trip will be the finger lakes. Any day we get out is a great day ,limit or not
  3. hi i bought this unit on ebay a few years ago.The unit will display sonar at the dock but it is erratic .I made all the updates .The transducer works fine on another umit so its not that. Wondered if another had a simular issue.Be wary of buying on ebay for electronics. Thanks Happy New year everyone john
  4. 2 dozen carrylite magnums shell need neck repair but work,$75 dozen as they are over 200 new 4 dozen sillioettes various manufactures.$150.00
  5. john1947

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    Last I heard fishing is still good on the north end..I have been concentrating on sodus being so good,. Last spring the perch was excellent hard to believe there all gone. Hey the weather is going to get wram again later this week again so we forget ice fishing for awhile Duck second half also opens next week,lots of divers down on the finger lakes didn't see much on sodus except old squaw friday.
  6. john1947

    sodus perch

    First time out today.caught enough for a few good meals.Fished a few hours before sunset.Many boats today and spread out.Seems deeper water was where to go.Didn't try any shallower than 40 ft. Bait shop reports and point close to deep water is producing.Launched at the coast guard which is open.Good luck.
  7. john1947

    Lake Ontario Smallmouth fishing

    the bass are on their fall feed cycle.Found a bunch of them tonight Going back in am.20 to 25 ft.
  8. The warmer water has returned close again.68 on top by shore 65 on top over 100.50 degrees down 80 over 90.Lots of hooks but only had a hour to try for them no takers. So the conditions are much better than earlier.Hope you have good luck.
  9. I fished three rods monday was plenty It was late 730 I always was a fan of circling when i had a matue on Back then in the 90 ,2 rods was plenty The old silver horde chasing dodger squid combo Setup
  10. Got set iip at700 pm.had a doible on kings first 15 min Boated both Blie dolphin was good Prism green pro trool mirage fly
  11. Nice catch.ive been catchhinh a few pumping my copper rods Caugh some gigging a flutter #88 sutton also.
  12. Hi Ill take planer reels if unsold
  13. Fished Friday lakers biggest king came green solver procjip.mirage fly 450 copper over120 fow fleas nbp lol Thanks
  14. Trolled to ginma tuesday average tempp 42 few active fish Gppd action 450 reported
  15. john1947


    Go deep warm water mpved offshpre Boats did well 450-500 today
  16. Up here west sodus we have cold water in close good fishing inside spoons riggers & boards Not sure of east conditions Looking for guide on erie for walleye Have a boat to trailer 19 gls
  17. Last night was hot.46 deg water inside 39 outside 50 ft king hit soon as rod set Going back soon Moonshine wonderbread but anything should work
  18. john1947

    Wind Forecast Saturday 7/21

    Fishing was good.temp is going up 50 ft 52 deg Riggers dipsey Fleas sparse
  19. Looking for mag10.is it avalable?
  20. Nice boat You will like it Do yoou have air yet? Water cooled units Work pretty good Had better luck on green silver pro chip mirage fly copper 300 &450 No fleas on copper Good luck proam
  21. we had them .I got rid of some by turning on my pistol water spray,shook some .Big thing is check your rods more often the longer they are set the more the fleas.Fishing has been grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.lol
  22. I left my rigger on to many rods going off Since then rigger has retrive issues Had motor checked.ok?? Wiring ok Possable switch?? Any ideas??? Thanks John
  23. john1947

    Older model cannon mag 10 question

    The motor ran on clutch was slipping some now motor is intermittent seems the strain stops motor Thanks for reply John
  24. This is the trailer. Thanks for sending it
  25. I have a 1979 ez loader trailer for sale.Good tires and fair condition.It may need a cross support in it's future.t also has a nice walk down ramp built in.Lights work and good bearings. $250.00 or b/o