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  1. walleye stocking lake ontario

    walleye stocking lake ontario I know Erie is loaded with eyes.I wondered if it would be possible to mass catch some of the eyes in Erie and use them to jump start a walleye population in Lake Ontario.One good thing about our lake is its alot deeper and colder than erie and might offer some good habitat for them.I do know bluefin tuna are caught and held in pens before they are harvested
  2. Hi I have a excellent one man ice shanty,flip over with cover.I probably used it a dozen times no mice holes or rips.Im looking to upgrade to a two man for room for my dog.Wont sell unless I find a bigger one
  3. First year browns

    Last spring after sunup we moved off deeper riggers mid size orange chartuse stingers alpeona diamonds
  4. Storing my boat outside in winter

    I built a frame over my searay simple center beam.I have 2x4 4 ftwire over that and a old pool cover.My cabin door is shut so no vermin can get in.The cover is tall so I can still get in.If it snows hard i pull off the snow with a roof rake.Ive done this since 2009 .I also take everything out except my rods.never had mice in the boat or cats.
  5. Folding deck chairs

    the older garlock's were made here ,almost impossible now to find usa made Hey Wayne county could get a lot of people good work by making our stuff again, Todd has good stuff not cheap but made in RI.
  6. First year browns

    On a nice day with a little west or north wind ginna is hot this time of year.The hot water travels east along the shore.Tons of fish mostly browns.
  8. boat trailer Hi I have a older ez loader boat trailer,good tires,walk down ramp ,inspected.Im asking $200 19 ft boat
  9. walleye stocking lake ontario

    I think we could build a great walleye fishery on south shore Sen schummer just got millions f0r fishery support Love the freigher idea Walleye better native fish I like salmon but high cost Not every man afford a salmon rig Kids our future would prefer Minus sea sickness
  10. Lots of good action left Good screen and temp last night 95 ft Bass are humgry Perch are here Water temp sirface 68 Lakes higher than last fall Going out soon
  11. The Catt - Lake Erie

    Trophy laker 24 lb gigged 450 copper on a carbon 14 ontaroo fampus for big lakers
  12. Ph ive droped a probe sad Bpught those good cable locks end of problem I also have depth raider I pnly go 8 lb ball If i drop again ill quick make a gps entry Have a diver who woll retreive if not to deep Glad your geeting kings
  13. Lake ontario smallmouth

    fish have been scattered more this year.Last night I marked many solitary fish .There has been a abundance of bait inside this year.Maybe next year will be better. last year our area was hit pretty hard
  14. Pultneyville Had a decent day once we found them Anywhere from 250 to 400 produced Copper 450 with meat did well Ff on dipseys.caught 2 ff giging them before pulling lines Big one was on copper meat Looked good also inside on way in Cold water 45 down 50 Ill be out later today
  15. Temp was below 130 marked salmon Over 85 fow 1 hit Nice sunset
  16. L.p. i noLets go fishing
  17. Try smaller j plugs hordes Lots of action
  18. 28 lber late seems best time Silver horde flasher
  19. Biggest king so far 28 lber tonight Silver horde With flasher
  20. Jigging copper dipseys The other i played my dipseys and had 2 Nice fish on fpr awhile Caught quite a few including my 24 Laker gigging my cppper rods
  21. Half hour into late troll 300 copper ftog sd 18 king solo
  22. Frog spin doctor mirage fly Pearl prochip mirage fly. Large red chrome flasher with bait on copper Good producers
  23. Dunkirk Sunday

    wE GOT A FEW NICE WALLEYE LAST NIGHT NEARBY IN SODUS BUT iM ICHING FOR Lake Erie trip. I m catching many nice kings here also but dont want to miss out on Lake Erie before it slows.Anyone from the rochester area who has tackle and know how on Erie is welcome to go with me next week good weather permiting.Id also like to go for a fewdays to take the time to catch .My fish we caught last night were on husky jerks in the shalows off drop offs
  24. Seneca fishing?

    Flea solution has been 40 big game for top 100 ft