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  1. Nice catch Hope to get out later I've always had best action inside where the cold water meets the bottom I just keep moving parallel till action starts
  2. Try prochip 2 face,green dot black dot mirage fly 22 in leader ,it's been. Best producer 5 yrs now
  3. In my 40 yrs of this sport I can always tell by the hum of the cables
  4. Good action last few hours best 120 140.2 face prochip ruled best 250 wire Best king on a nbk parked 80 down cheater line The boy in pic first king
  5. Took a ride tonight Most fish 85 75 down Flies are hungry be prepared It was a pleasant ride Went out to 160 blank screen
  6. Been busy with sick wife. Little time I fish smbass. Found them12 to 20ftw.
  7. Took a solo trip last night.best screen 75 90.took a teenager king on a watermelon spoon down 55. Missed a nice fish on dipsey 2 face
  8. went out last night 2 riggers 1 dipsey.Dipsey 2face white flytook a 22 plus laker,95 fow west of port.marked lots of action in same depth on the way back in.
  9. marked some fish 80 to 105 area.I didnt get any action.went out to 150 and turned around didnt mark much.lakers were pleniful in 100 ft area
  10. Salmon fishing started early here.last Friday's trip we were 5 for7.mostly spoons nbk has been hot for me My solo late trips had some fish nice sunsets and promise of better days ahead.
  11. Hi I have a 91 19 ft seanymph gls I need a new cover for the boat.I still have a good set of side curtains and bow cover along with aft .If you have a used one please let me know. Thanks john hoefen
  12. I have a 1991 GLS.It has a 1988 120 evinrude and a 79 9.9 johnson.It also has a electric bow mount. I painted it camo for ducks A great around lake boat,very stable ,no broaching like my 268 searay.My 268 searay is a great boat just not good for small mouth .I also dont have many companions left who will stay out on long trips. My wife also is sick ,it was a bad winter.My brother is also in decline. Both of the suffer from dementia and try and find a doctor. Todays healthcare is not up to taking care of older people. I know now why some of my friends moved away. Florida has lousy care our son died there from neglect following a head injury.NYS does not disIpline healthcare providers. LOTS OF STATE AGENCIES BUT TRY AND FIND A ANSWER. I'm still contemplating whether to fish this year, Taking care of people with dementia is something I never even thought would happen to someone.
  13. Last trip.water temp 52 Clear water saw quite browns jumping
  14. Browns were ready to spawn Lots of action chartreuse gig
  15. Lots of trout some coho in harbor.offshore bass has slowed water temp 52 Good bt action in side
  16. I bought this boat in 09.it has lots of room for tackle bathroom even ac st dock.gets about 5 mpg trolling.i put in bucket helm(tood usa)todd fighting chair lots of these boats around for good prices have had few problems,it has a single 260 merc
  17. Browns and some steelhead are active in harbor and in lake shallow 15 ft Gig & bobber cleos
  18. Clear water 54 deg on top Lots of browns in harbor On and off action Great weather time 4 perch At sodus
  19. Lots of action tonight Browns and salmon Small spinners jig bobberhad a nice buck cross on the way home
  20. Late run Got some good action smallmouth glow green cleo One more summer day tomorrow
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