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  1. Hopefully It's been warm like this for several years
  2. Took a ride out tonight It was rough er than forecast 2 3 nw chop Temp still 120 deep We got back Dave and sound no fish to clean lol
  3. Maybe what we need is a new invasive bait fish, one that floiroshs in clear water feeds on mussels. Lol
  4. I've had good luck frog sd either chrome or glow depending on light diver rigger copper
  5. Many end the fishing after the derby Move on to deer goose etc plenty of good quality of delicious salmon left who wants to deer hunt 70deg weather
  6. The last few days the fish have moved deeper Temp 71 110 dn.going out am to scout some Edible fish Saturday catch was good quality salmon.few dark fish Last night tried for sm fish are scattered. Good luck
  7. The temp was very deep since mon Sat up was 48 75 dn.bite was gteat
  8. We had a bad storm late 80 We were lucky we got to our dock when intense lightning hit PYC It lasted quite some time had a strong storm catch me off guard 4 yrs ago It came from the east Torrential rain and lightning A warning for small boaters This lake can be dangerous Last night storms moving 40 mph
  9. We had our best day 4 matures 14 coho big laker Green chrome s Minnon.flasjrt 85 to 110
  10. Set up around 700 PM At first it was 2 to 3 fts NW chop died down latter Best screen was 65 to 70 Looks like a good am troll It's now or never
  11. It's not so much your risking trouble but think of the firemen who may have risk their lives rescuing you. I've been on this lake 40 years and know you can never be sure on wind and weather. Buy yourself a safe boat
  12. Fished sunday afternoon till dark.temp was down deep again Stayed in 120 to 160 saw few fish I'm going scouting today for better results Pic of hurricane
  13. Nice.i often fish solo.it can be busy 1 time i had 3 rods going.1 mature.teenager and a steele Never heard of that spoon Nice job
  14. Today had to be one of the hottest days i ever fished.spent only a few hours and did k.temp was down over 100 never got below 54.took out a rookie 11 yrs p Old never caught a big fish is Lakers are a great kid fish 00]
  15. Thats what keeps me Fishing .no complaints even skunks Wish I had more to share the experience
  16. Silver hoard were lura Jenson j plug. I've had good luck with them especially with small flashers & a squid.
  17. Seems the fish are picky longer leads helps.our 29 king came on a bloody nose jplug 100 back 80 down Helps I use a spin doctor with a silver hoard stacked above it Nice report
  18. This week salmon have been hitting well Any where from 80 to 200 .now is the time
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