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  1. Fishing was great browns sure love fat raps 3 way swivel. Kings also Lots of good lake fishing to come
  2. Took a look late .Temperature was basically unchanged 60 on top 55 at 80.Best spot seemed 45 to 55.More bait and more hooks. had a few rods set with j plugs earlier I heard fish are also being taken 15 to 20 with some in our harbor. good luck
  3. id get a second opinion before surgery.i had a bad l5 while it was a pain i did proper therapy and it did heal with no surgery Years ago I had surgery because I had no good therapy at the time and it took a lot longer to heal.
  4. Any good thermocline ?I heard surface temp was 54 ?hope to get out tomorrow>
  5. supposed to lay down later,The fish haven't moved to staging area yet and now is the time to get them. Hope to see you guys out there later. Always wanted to lasso a big salmon like they do the tuna and drag him through the back door.now that would be funny.lol
  6. . Nice report we fished Hughes west King were there temp still deep Pro chip two face took all fish Many good days left for mature s
  7. the best tackle so far for big kings has been a twoface prochip flasher.Any good fly seems to work,blue and mirage has been used,got to get new leaders the kings surechewthem up afterawhile,lol
  8. Hi My probe is missing a screw in its cone Anyone know what size screw and how to fix it Thanks John
  9. Sunday was slower for us compared to friday.We did boat three largest 22 lbs.Seemed the best bite was around 240.Temp gauge was acting up .#300 copper and prochip on dipseys took the kings,seemed the brighter the colors worked best. One good run ending in bringing in a 24 in laprey It rained early but the rest of our trip was sun and light winds,few flies and fleas to contend with, Where are the fisherman ???,first weekend and a handful of boats.
  10. Best action for us was 200 to 250.We went 9 for twelve .Big fish came on prochip black and green dot blue fly on diver set about 120.Water was colder inside a few fish taken.Spoons chicken wing yellow nbk dolphin.Went out saturday fora few hours but little going on inside 100 before rain storm came through.
  11. Hello We fished the afternoon till dark.Most fish taken 200 250 range 140 down .Didnt take temp.best bite was flashers and bait.Also NBK down 140 was hot.We were 6 for twelve . Lots of fish and bait marked.
  12. with the present lake level fluctuations the best dok would have been a floater.The dock at the coast guard remains useless much of the time due to high water.A floater would be alot safer also.If I were the town Id take the money offered and put it towards a floater replacement.Maybe a small launch fee to cover costs.
  13. figed late yesterday.Started at 60 to 100 few fish.Came in shallow first fish a nice high teen king 20 ft down ,i125 back over 30 ft.Black and orange silver NK 28.Marked lots of fish off hughes
  14. Salmon have returned like last year.Good catches reported.Fisherman report black with green or orange spoons off riggers Ramp is open waiting on fishermen,lol lots of parking Hughes is great place to come, Get out today don't delay
  15. I have used a Xintex gas fume detection for five years,It cost about $100 and still works great.If my boat stlls it would detect the flooded engine and sound alarm.They should be mandatory on all power boats. You can easily check the sending unit with a unlit cigarette lighter.
  16. Has anyone heard of a run yet this year? thanks john
  17. unfortunately even fish 307 does not carry the motors for the 10a
  18. Hi I have a mag10a with a tired motor.Ive tried having a electric motor man try and fix it.he said he could not find any issue with it. The motor definitly stalls pulling in a 12 lb weigh.I dont mind slower speed retreival.Anyone have any ideas where i could fix this problem. thanks john
  19. hopefully someone will come up with a control for gobies.I thohgt maybe we can rig up a device to elctrocute them aybe drag a cable over the bottom seeing they are shallow water fish
  20. thanks for letting me know
  21. has anyone info on whether the smelt run wasstill on at lewiston? thanks john
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