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  1. How deep were you fishing? We are out in front of Sandy right now in 60 - 100fow
  2. So it wasn't just me. We started out in 80 fow and dropped the fish hawk every 25 to 50 feet out till we got to 450fow. I was convinced my fish hawk was malfunctioning. I even changed my batteries. We only got one small king all day. Our best screen was in 140 fow but the fish would not bite. I threw everything I had in the boat at them. We fished west out to the green bouy and straight out from there. It got too rough once we hit 450 fow to go out any deeper than that.
  3. Went out for a quick evening trip after waiting on the lake to settle down. Fished 80 to 210 fow. Only saw bait in 185 and 195 fow down 60 to 90. Fished 630 till dark and only ended up with one small king on a mag green glow alwive spoon. Anyone else have better luck than us today/ tonight?
  4. That was definitely a bad judgement call by that boat. Sucks that they lost gear too. I had that happen to us by a leisure boater last year. It cut right between another boat and myself.
  5. Thanks for the info as I'm going to try and get out after work tomorrow with my buddy and his son.
  6. Nice looking fish. How deep did you find good temperature?
  7. The steelhead I've caught this year were out in 220-350 fow down 60-90 depending on down temp. They were caught on flasher flies and or orange crush/ mixed veggies spoons. All between 5-9 lbs give or take.
  8. Just bought a new one so I will be ready for to try my luck in the Sandy Creek Shootout this coming weekend. Going forward I'm going to take the cap off and batteries out after each use to try and prevent any more issues with the probes. Hopefully fish hawk will stand by their product and do something as I bought the one that broke in August of last year. We shall see.
  9. Brian, where have you been typically catching your bigger lakers? Do you typically run the same 90-110 fow in front of the creek?
  10. Letsfish2day- Sorry to hear about your probe went to the bottom of the lake. I donated a probe myself to the lake last year as well. I broke a rigger cable as well about 100 feet Infront of the green bouy. No clue what it got hung up on. I emailed fishawk to see if they will replace mine that's in error mode.
  11. It was going to be one of those days as my fish hawk probe went into error mode first time in the water this morning. The down temperature showed 03.1 which acccording to their website it means the temperature probe is bad. It will still read down speed. So we decided to stick it out and fish somewhat blind. We started out in 150fow and worked our way out to deep water. We got our first strike on a meat rig on the diver rod out 220. We ended up losing that fish. The next fish didn't come for about 90 mins when we were in about 300 fow. We ran a white glow crush spin doctor with matching flie down 100feet and got a nice steel head. We then ran out to 400 fow just looking around and seeing blank screens we moved back to 250 fow. The next fish was a decent mature king on the same spin doctor set up. No clue where the scale on the boat went but guessing it was 20lbs. Ended the day 2 for 3. Beautiful weather but a slow day out there. How did everyone else do out there today?
  12. It was great to get out with my childhood buddies today. I just wish the fish would have cooperated for us. We started in 140 and ran out to 250 fow. We ended up with 2 skip Kings and one small laker. Definitely got my first fishing dose of humble pie. Just when I thought I had a fishing program figured out the lake showed me different. I stayed away from the pack today and fished east of the green bouy. There was definitely more chop on the lake than the report said for this morning. How did everyone else do???
  13. Nice job. Can't wait to get back out there this weekend.
  14. Nice job Manny. Nice looking steelhead and kings. Too bad about the Atlantic. Can't wait to get back out there on Saturday.
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