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  1. Thanks Whaler1 and Sk8man! We used to run a similar rod holder set up on our uni-trolls as Whaler1's photo on our previous boats which worked good for me and how i like to rig and stack. My new boat is a 4winns 190 horizon with a little sun deck so overall installation space is limited. Once i have the boat out of storage in spring, I am planning to install the flush mount rod holders in the gunnels (if possible). I agree using the gimballs is based on if the gunnels are wide and stong enough to handle the flush mounts. Just dreaming planning and researching now the deer season is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Planning to set up a new to me boat this spring... haven't had a family fun / salmon boat in a few years! Looking to potentially install flush mount rod holders and use gimbal mount systems with Cannon Uni-trolls for easy removal for a day of skiing and tubing with the family....... Pro's/Cons of using the gimbal mount systems? Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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