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  1. old style cannon swivel base FREE see pic. Never used PICK UP ONLY ROCHESTER AREA
  2. Sub troll 900 with wires and probe FREE PICK UP ONLY ROCHESTER AREA see pics it was given to me but I never used it instead bought a fish hawk so I have no idea if it works.
  3. Agreed. Days like today make me think winterizing the boat would save my fishing confidence and killing large furry mammals is easier than catching kings!!
  4. Slow off the river some marks in tight but no takers moved out to 100 fow searching now
  5. We will be out off the genny at first light and will update your post with any action reports. Thinking of starting in 60 fow and searching from there good luck!
  6. Congratulations! I guess it is a checking and hanging tree stand day for me today!!
  7. Whaler i used your info from the other week about the kings out of temp! I didn’t want to try to get out any deeper with the waves so 100 fow it was. It worked out! 2 screamers in 2+ hrs makes a fun night! what is the trick with the Braddocks channel? Trim up the lower unit and pray?
  8. Hadn’t been out in a few weeks and zero recent reports made me try the closest port! After sand blasting my prop to get out of the channel into the NE rollers we figured out why all the family boats were on the inside of the bay! We pounded out to our planned starting point of 100fow where 2 other larger boats were spread out. The 3’ waves and relentless NE wind made it a little more fun than planned as we could only trolled west but the first screamer while releasing a skipper made the night interesting. Unfortunately it came unbuttoned! So we pounded back east to set up for a west troll again. Got past our mark and a bit further west when the 2nd screamer ripped! 25 minutes later my daughter had her personal best 25.2 lb king in the boat! all in 95-105 fow… skipper 90 over 105 green spin dr with meat screamer lost 80 over 105 white green spin dr with crazy **** fly 25 lb king 65 over 95 on green glow DW spoon Hope this info gives someone a starting point!
  9. Ric66 you basically recapped my trip from 8/6 out of Sandy. Some days I wonder if I should have zigged when I zagged! You are not alone!
  10. Sorry for the late report. I was thinking a Braddocks boat would give an update. we were out of sandy creek early. Cold water was in close. Probably at bottom in 60-70 fow we hit 2 kings (5# and 12”) and a few knock offs from 130-300 fow. Moved back in tight in 70-110 fow but no takers black and purple spoon and carbon 14 took fish meat rig and green spin dr took hits slow but nice to be out best of luck!!
  11. Out of sandy creek off Hamlin st park last night cold temps had moved back in shallow. But lake did not roll. Surface was 74 from near shore to 200fow 49 degrees 95 over 130 at 530pm 49 degrees 90 over 160 and 200fow 45 degree 90 over 130 at 830pm slow bite but got my dad a nice rainbow for his birthday fishing trip and my daughter lost a king in the 8-10# range (not 20 but not 2 lbs) grand prize was a nice beach ball in 110 fow!! good night for 3 generations on the water at least!
  12. Windy and rough but fishable so we had to try. Bounced west to devils nose and set up in 130. Cut out to 160 then back in a little Picked up a 6# king in spin dr and fly 90 over 150 Some marks in 130-150 range no other hits . Headed out to 200. Picked up a small king on another spin dr and fly around 160-170. Zero other hits. Trolled in to 80 fow some marks but no takers here are some temps. Surface was 74 degrees in all areas 90 over 150 fow was 49 degrees 90 over 200 fow was 50 degree 90 over 100 fow was 45 degrees 70 over 75 fow was 58 degrees good luck in the morning!
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