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  1. Debating on trying a last trip trolling out in front of the Genny for any stagers..... or winterizing the boat and starting to kill deer??? Any updates? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Damn wish I saw this before I wasted last night in the rain being the only boat out of the river!! It was rolling 2-4 when we headed out so we tried close 30-60 fow from 4-6pm. Zero. Not even a fish porpoising to get our hopes up! First year back fishing salmon in about 5 years. Tough season for me!! Ready to winterize and start hunting!
  3. Thanks for the inputs! This is not a serious fishing vacation so a couple of lakers during the week are fine with me. It will just be nice to be on the water in the early morning and not a work!
  4. Thanks Tom! We are going to be on the West Y just south of the Park so we can run over as needed to the College area.
  5. Renting a cottage for the week and looking for some starting advice for trolling for laker, bows or browns on Keuka..... Boat is rigged up for LO salmon with downriggers and fishhawk... I have the standard spoons, spin dr and flies arsenals. Areas of lake to focus? Do I need cowbells? color? Thanks in advance!
  6. Congratulations! I couldn’t convince my younger daughter and wife to go last night! So I am slightly jealous!! Glad you had an incredible memorable evening!!! Heading up to fish in the rain this evening with my older daughter and friends. Hope to avoid the thunderstorms! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. fished sunday afternoon out of the oak... 90-100 FOW picked up 3 coho (50 over 90 and 2 on the surface) had 2 other knock offs (80 over 90 and 30 over 100... mostly green and silver spoons and spin dr).... surface temp was 54-56 degrees... only 2 other boats in the area when we came out at 3 then had place to ourselves after 5pm.. didnt have time to drive to wilson that day
  8. Thanks Whaler1 and Sk8man! We used to run a similar rod holder set up on our uni-trolls as Whaler1's photo on our previous boats which worked good for me and how i like to rig and stack. My new boat is a 4winns 190 horizon with a little sun deck so overall installation space is limited. Once i have the boat out of storage in spring, I am planning to install the flush mount rod holders in the gunnels (if possible). I agree using the gimballs is based on if the gunnels are wide and stong enough to handle the flush mounts. Just dreaming planning and researching now the deer season is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Planning to set up a new to me boat this spring... haven't had a family fun / salmon boat in a few years! Looking to potentially install flush mount rod holders and use gimbal mount systems with Cannon Uni-trolls for easy removal for a day of skiing and tubing with the family....... Pro's/Cons of using the gimbal mount systems? Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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