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  1. Have also heard that they don't check after labor day. Isle View Park is another option just down the river a bit, not too far.
  2. In mine I have the single post captain chair so I always kept the cooler on deck right behind the captain chair, doubled as a seat. Never seemed to be in the way right there, the cockpit is big enough.
  3. Drift bags, ran them for years on the same boat.
  4. Foot of Sheridan is a good location and is a nice launch
  5. Diversion

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Glad you are ok Chad!!
  6. Olcott
  7. I made a short test run and my FH now works, I changed nothing in my setup, other than sending in my probe & display for testing. So I have no idea why it stopped working for two trips and now it works again. Glad it works again but not really confident on what the issue was. Thank you everyone for all your tips and suggestions.
  8. Appreciate all the info so far, I just need some time away from work so I can figure out my setup. Whatever my outcome is I'll be sure to update so that it hopefully helps someone else too.
  9. Still waiting on follow up from Fish Hawk on why the unit won't display any probe readings when it is the only thing turned on in my boat. They tested the probe & display, said those are ok. All electronics are off in the boat besides the FH, boat sitting on trailer in my driveway, hold probe in a bucket of water right under the transducer, no probe readings. Hoping to get a response from FH before I give up and just buy a new transducer. Pretty frustrating when I spent $900 on a brand new system last Aug and it only worked four times before quitting.
  10. So I received my probe & display that both tested as good, i put the display back in the boat and put the probe in a bucket of water under the trans in the driveway, still no readings from the probe. I have temp at the surface and speed if I turn the paddle wheel on the trans. If i put the probe right under the display with a finger over both probes, still nothing. I'm thinking the trans went bad somehow. Sent from my LM-G710VM using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. The angle of the FH transducer has not changed, so no simple fix there. When I get my probe and display back the first thing I'm going to try is to leave the kicker off, see if that is the source of this new issue and go from there. Next step will be finding someone who has a FH probe I can swap with to troubleshoot. Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys! Appreciate it.
  12. Switching off the 50 khz was the first thing I tried, that had no effect unfortunately. Customer service said it was highly unlikely that the FH transducer went bad. So that leaves me with something in the wiring went bad or my kicker setup now is messing it up.
  13. So my X4D quit working after 4 uses, I still get surface readings but the down speed, temp and depth stopped working. After trouble shooting and calling customer service, they had me send in my probe & display, they said they are both fine. So now to trouble shoot the boat side of things. I have my FH transducer mounted on the port side same side as my kicker. Furuno trans is mounted on starboard side. This setup worked just fine for 4 trips then quit working on the 5th trip after an hour. I haven't changed anything with how the boat is rigged. Is it possible that I'm getting interference from something I'm not mentioning that would cause the probe signals to get lost? Looking for suggestions on what to look at next. First thing I'm going to try is to troll with the main only, leave kicker & control king turned off, see if that's suddenly my issue.
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