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  1. Nice fish. Boat looks like my old Monark. Is that a Monark Commander?
  2. wet the net

    Bay rat ld baits

    I can't tell by the pic what you get. Any better pics?
  3. wet the net

    Season right around the corner

    Is there good brown trout fishing on the west end near olcott , Wilson and near the niagara outflow? Or is the best fishing for browns more east toward Oswego?
  4. wet the net

    Sold / Closed 2 Okuma Convector 20s

  5. wet the net

    Sold / Closed 2 Okuma Convector 20s

    I do take paypal Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. 2 like new Convector 20s. Bought as back ups and rarely used. No boat rash. Spooled with fresh Maxima 12lb mono. Located in Cranberry Pa. $130 shipped for the pair.
  7. Spooled with fresh 12 Maxima mono
  8. I've got two like new condition convector 20s. Sell the pair for$130 plus shipping. Paypal only.
  9. How much are they asking for the 8'3"s on facebook?
  10. My experience with Big Jon reels on my manual planer mast is the plastic reels are prone to crack and break when under pressure. You have to turn into the boards and relive all the pressure before starting to crank the handle. They are cheaper but you get what you pay for. If you can afford the ciscoes you wont look back.
  11. I have two unopened LEGO sets of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Both are brand new and in perfect condition including boxes. These are no longer available and very collectible. $200 each. Text 412-951-0025
  12. I'll take it. PM me with details
  13. What brand is this? Thanks
  14. Are they metal or plastic

    1. FishnChef


      Both I guess, metal spool and hardware, plasticish body