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  1. I'll take it. PM me with details
  2. What brand is this? Thanks
  3. Are they metal or plastic

    1. FishnChef


      Both I guess, metal spool and hardware, plasticish body

  4. Sorry but can't tell by the pics exactly what you're selling. Might want to take them out of the bags and spread them out
  5. I can use pay pal. Send me a pm with your information
  6. I'll take 4 and 5 . ship both for 8 in same package
  7. Can you shop both 4 and 5 for$8
  8. A brand new one for sale on Ohio Game Fish. Com
  9. Ready to do the pay pal for the Dodgers. All I need is the final payment total that includes shipping.
  10. Yes? I know I made a typo. Ill take all 30
  11. Ill take three Dodgers. I will IM you later. I will usepay pal?
  12. wet the net

    Tekota 300

    I don't understand why posting the price is such a mystery.