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  1. Anyone have any of these they would like to part with?
  2. Your not considering the demand side of the equation.
  3. It's time for a basic business lesson on "the law of supply and demand" In essence, the Law of Supply and Demand describes a phenomenon familiar to all of us from our daily lives. It describes how, all else being equal, the price of a good tends to increase when the supply of that good decreases (making it rarer) or when the demand for that good increases (making the good more sought after). Conversely, it describes how goods will decline in price when they become more widely available (less rare) or less popular among consumers. This fundamental concept plays a vital role throughout modern economics.
  4. I currently have two 300 copper set ups. I am adding two more 400s. My question is when running two per side is it best to keep the 400s on one side and the 300s on the other. Or is it best to run both 300s on the outside boards and the 400 s on the inside boards.
  5. Nice job. sounds like you guys had a really nice day
  6. Maybe someday the lib Trudeau will figure out how to vaccinate and open the border
  7. Dive chart from Blood Run
  8. There is a sand bar that formed on the down river side of the south launch. Keep to the left side going out and the right side coming in. Trim your motor for sure.
  9. can anyone tell me if the launch at the mouth of the river is open? Thank you
  10. They have all been out of stock
  11. I appreciate the report. I don't expect any guide or charter guy to spoon feed every detail. Seeing that fish are being caught and things are heating up is enough for me.
  12. I see four in the photo? Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. $165 for the pair plus shipping or Pick up in Cranberry PA. Cash or Paypal
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